Nutanix could’ve gotten more than $140M in fresh funding round, says analyst

Kristen Nicole | August 27th

The big news being discussed at VMworld 2014 this morning is the Nutanix, Inc. Series E funding round, which generated $140 million in financing. Nutanix, which provides a cost-effective method to move data around in the enterprise, is...»

Flash matures, becomes best storage option for many | #vmworld

Rachel Schramm | August 27th

Flash is at it's economic tipping point, said Violin Memory, Inc. CMO Eric Herzog. It's reached the financial sweet spot that makes it the most viable option for many companies. Herzog sat down with theCUBE hosts Dave Vellante and...»

Splunk rival gains ground with fresh funding

Maria Deutscher | August 27th

There’s a new kid in machine data town, and it just closed another funding round to go after the biggest name on the block. The Santa Clara, CA-based GlassBeam Inc. said this week that the latest $2 million...»

Dropbox needs more than price cuts to keep Pro users

Suzanne Kattau | August 27th

Another price drop seen in the cloud storage wars as cloud storage provider Dropbox, Inc. today announced that new Dropbox Pro customers will now...»

A $10B goal for VMware: Here’s the plan to scale | #vmworld

Rachel Schramm | August 27th

VMware, Inc. is revving its engines, hoping to scale from a $6 billion company to a $10 billion company, said VMware President and COO Carl Eschenbach. Whether it's through new products like Airwatch or accessing new markets at...»

Cisco teams with SimpliVity as pile-on continues in red-hot hyper-convergence market

Maria Deutscher | August 27th

VMware Inc.’s newly confirmed foray into the burgeoning hyper-convergence space positions it to tap one of the fastest-growing segments of the data center market, but the move has not come without a price. The long-coming ...»

Old iPhones worth $280 on average: Here’s where to sell

Mellisa Tolentino | August 27th

With Apple Inc.'s iPhone 6 is expected to drop on September 9, it's the prime opportunity to get rid of your old iPhone. Last year, we featured the best places to trade your old iPhone


VMware partners blitz VMworld 2014 with barrage of announcements

Maria Deutscher | August 27th

Once VMware Inc. finished unloading the major updates and new products it had saved for its annual customer conference this week, other companies took over with a steady stream of product reveals that persisted well into the latter...»

Report says NSA built Google clone to share private data

Maria Deutscher | August 27th

While companies like Hewlett-Packard Co.’s Autonomy unit struggle to sell CIOs on the virtues of using a single platform to search all of their data silos, a new report suggests the U.S. National...»

Software-led business cases for the virtualized data center |#vmworld

Rachel Schramm | August 27th

In the past year, software defined data center has become a reality, said John Gilmartin, GM and VP or the Software Defined Data Center Suite Business Unit at VMware, Inc. Now, VMware can provide its customers with what...»