AWS gets the thumbs up from European data privacy watchdog

Mike Wheatley | April 2nd

An assortment of European Union data protection groups, collectively known as the Article 29 Working Party has given its biggest thumbs up so far to Amazon Web Services (AWS), saying its standard contractual...»

Reddit’s April Fools offering is…a button

Kyt Dotson | April 1st

Social media news aggregation site has an interesting relationship with April Fools day. So when today the site posted to its blog announcing of all things a button, it caught the Internet’s attention. The button—an interchanging graphic with...»

Playism wants to make the Japanese indie game market grow

Eric David | April 1st

While the indie game market has exploded in the West thanks to digital distribution platforms like Steam and crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, the genre has not really caught on in Japan, a country that has long been one...»

Newest Apple iPhone rumor roundup

Mellisa Tolentino | April 1st

The Apple Watch will hit Apple Stores in certain countries on April 24, and fanboys will surely be lining up come release day. Well, at least that’s what Apple is hoping for. But even...»

Bitcoin Weekly 2015 April 1: Rakuten week long $30 discount for BTC purchases, invests in PeerNova, Bitcoin blockchain could house malware says INTERPOL

Kyt Dotson | April 1st

This Bitcoin Weekly may have fallen on April 1st, but it’s not the April Fools edition for the Weekly. This week, Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten is bringing bitcoin payments to the United States and to sweeten the pot has...»

Is our privacy worth what AT&T Gigapower will pay for it?

David Coursey | April 1st

If the Internet is going to claim my privacy anyway, why not take the discount and pretend I'm happy? I'm talking about AT&T's pricing for its 1Gbps Uverse Gigapower broadband. So named, I suspect because AT&T gigs you since...»

Nintendo shuts down Super Mario 64 HD fan remake, surprising no one

Eric David | April 1st

Nintendo Co Ltd is not exactly known for being very lenient when it comes to fans using its IPs to make their own content, not even in the form of ...»

Edible capsule monitors stomach health

Mellisa Tolentino | April 1st

This week’s Smart Health roundup features a gas-sensing capsule to monitor stomach health, a necklace that monitors food and liquid intake, and a wearable temperature monitor. High-tech gas sensing capsule to monitor stomach health A team of researchers from the...»

Unicorns are real in open source | #OCPSummit15 recap

Rachel Schramm | April 1st

Open Compute might not be "a sexy topic," said but it represents the best of "off the charts innovation," said John Furrier during a live wrap-up segment with Jeff Frick on theCUBE at OCP Summit 2015. Furrier and...»

Microsoft’s new Surface 3, you’re the one that I want

David Coursey | April 1st

Microsoft is out with its newest Surface tablet, a machine that is a touch slower and a tad smaller than its current Surface Pro 3. The new Surface 3, announced Tuesday, is also less...»