LG G4 launching April 28? New rumor roundup

Mellisa Tolentino | March 31st

Many had hoped to see LG Electronics, Inc.’s flagship smartphone at this year’s Mobile World Congress, but an executive of the company stated that the device would make an appearance no sooner than a...»

Teddy Ruxpin’s new contender: How does the talking Barbie compare to an 80s classic?

Mellisa Tolentino | March 31st

The Internet of Things has delivered us many interesting innovations, from refrigerators that tweet, home appliances you can control with a smartphone, and driverless cars. Now, even toys are getting more connected! Have you heard about Hello Barbie? ...»

Sensai launches new platform that lets companies leverage their unstructured data

Eric David | March 31st

Nearly every established company has a pile of unstructured data that is just waiting to be used, but taking the eclectic mountains of old reports, call transcripts, emails and other files and turning them into something usable often...»

IPO-bound Apigee extends its programmatic reach into the connected universe

Maria Deutscher | March 31st

Apigee Inc. is making a detour to the connected universe on its way to the stock exchange with the launch of a new service called LINK that promises to help hook up emerging categories of devices to...»

Cloudyn adds Azure to growing roster of supported public cloud services

Paul Gillin | March 31st

With researchers predicting growth in the hybrid cloud market of as much as 50% this year alone, it’s no surprise that an aftermarket has emerged for technology that helps businesses optimize the multitude of cloud...»

Annual mobile app sales to top $99B by 2019, says report

Collen Kriel | March 31st

In January, Apple revealed that iOS developers had earned $10 billion in revenue for 2014. Now a new report suggests that mobile app development will continue to be a lucrative endeavor. Annual revenue from mobile...»

Coho Data & Intel team up to turbo charge Docker containers

Mike Wheatley | March 31st

Software-defined storage (SDN) startup Coho Data has hit the headlines again, teaming up with chip making giant Intel Corp. to search for a way to redefine how data center I/O can be managed in the...»

Ponemon security survey finds threat intelligence is woefully underused

Maria Deutscher | March 31st

Knowing the enemy has always been important to winning battles, but gaining the right insight at the right time is much easier said than done in the fight against hackers. A new survey of the organizations on...»

IBM throws $3B into the Internet of Things

Mike Wheatley | March 31st

IBM has announced plans to create a dedicated business unit for Internet of Things (IoT), and will fund it to the tune of $3 billion over the next four years. Big Blue is a keen adherent...»

What you missed in Cloud: Developers, developers, developers

Maria Deutscher | March 31st

The cloud spotlight returned to the development community last week as the major providers expanded their coding arsenals. Pivotal Software Inc. fired the opening round with the introduction of a landmark update to its middleware stack...»