Twitter ads will target U.K. voters by postcode

Eric David | January 27th

The days of automated phone calls by political campaigns are numbered as Twitter begins showing targeted ads to voters in the United Kingdom. The new ads will use Twitter's location data to specifically target voters not only by GPS...»

CIO Angle: Oracle declares war on EMC, VCE

Bert Latamore | January 27th

Oracle Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison turned what was expected to be a routine announcement of the latest generation of Oracle/Sun Microsystems X5 Engineered System last Wednesday into a declaration of war on EMC and its converged...»

Report: Microsoft to revive Hadoop killer in cloud form

Maria Deutscher | January 27th

Microsoft's long-discontinued efforts to kill Hadoop have not been in vain after all, according to a new report from veteran Redmond watcher Mary Jo Foley. The homegrown alternative to the batch processing platform that the software...»

MapR to give away Hadoop training to the tune of $50M

Paul Gillin | January 27th

In a move that should put a dent in the global shortage of trained Hadoop professionals while boosting its own corporate citizenship image, MapR Technologies, Inc. today announced that it is giving away $50 million in in-kind...»

Valve permanently bans pro Counter Strike players for match fixing

Eric David | January 27th

In another blow to the credibility of e-sports, Valve Corporation has banned a number of Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) players for allegedly fixing matches to earn money from gambling. A CS:GO match was held in August between iBUYPOWER...»

Oculus to produce virtual-reality films, creates in-house film studio

Collen Kriel | January 27th

Facebook Inc.’s Oculus Rift is exploring the movie space with the launch of a new entertainment in-house studio called Oculus Story Studio. The studio’s focus will be on making virtual-reality films. Their debut piece premiered yesterday, Monday December...»

ANX acquires Bitcoin exchange CoinMKT for U.S. expansion

Duncan Riley | January 27th

Bitcoin services company  ANXBTC.COM (ANX) has acquired Santa Monica-based cryptocurrency exchange West Orange Labs, Inc (CoinMKT) for an undisclosed amount. CoinMKT opened its doors in 2013 and bills itself as being "positioned to...»

Microsoft’s Surface Hub to change the landscape of the traditional office

James Farrell | January 27th

It seems that Microsoft is hoping that soon it will be hanging on the wall (or mounted on a stand) of every company conference room, or rather companies with quite a lot of...»

Facebook and Instagram are down (UPDATE: now back up, Lizard Squad takes credit)

Duncan Riley | January 27th

Update: services are back up after a one hour outage, and hacker group Lizard Squad has claimed responsibility, see updates further down. It's not just you: Facebook Inc. and Instagram services are down early Tuesday morning U.S. EST, and were inaccessible from...»

Police accuse Google’s Waze of stalking them, want the tracking feature gone

Duncan Riley | January 27th

Police are demanding that Google Inc. turn off the police tracking feature in its Waze app as they believe it could be used for stalking them. Waze, acquired by Google for 1 billion in 2013, offers...»