Your guide to international Big Data universities: IBM edition

Suzanne Kattau | July 24th

The Big Data market is expected to grow to $28.5 billion by the end of 2014 and to top $50 billion by 2017, according to a recent Wikibon report. ...»

The extinction of the CIO | #MITIQ

Alan McStravick | July 24th

The takeaway from Day 1 of MIT's CDOIQ Symposium seemed to focus on the redefinition of the CDO in the corporate structure and the expected dissolution of the position of CIO in many organizations. Commenting on this fact,...»

Can ‘laser air waveguides’ replace fiber-optics?

Mike Wheatley | July 24th

The Internet is delivered to your home, place of work or favorite coffee shop by fiber-optic cables. Lying just underneath our feet, these cables carry data that travels as fast as the speed of light. But...»

You may not need big data after all | #MITIQ

Alan McStravick | July 23rd

The business buzzword over the past few years has been “Big Data”. Companies are trying to figure our how they can leverage their collected data and translate it into a competitive advantage. However, according to the Director...»

How a CDO impacts business decisions: Understand the problem first| #MITIQ

Alina Popescu | July 23rd

Data is a key enabler in enterprise IT, but there are more aspects to consider before deciding what solutions or systems to implement. Deborah Nightingale, Professor of the Practice of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Engineering Systems and Co-Director,...»

The confusing case of email court rulings: Complexity in the cloud

Mellisa Tolentino | July 23rd

Can an entire Gmail account become evidence in a court case, or should access to personal data be limited to relevant content only? The question is one of privacy rights, and has garnered contracting rulings in several


Bitcoin Weekly 2014 July 23: Bitcoin Girl, Winklevoss Bitcoin Index API, NYC Yellow Taxi and Bitcoin, Newegg 10% promotion, and more

Kyt Dotson | July 23rd

Recent weeks have seen some fairly good adoption news for Bitcoin with new businesses climbing on board—most important computer giant Dell—and the market price has stayed relatively stable, residing within the $610 to $630 band. The last...»

Inside Nimble’s cloud analytics op | #CubeConversations

Maria Deutscher | July 23rd

Solid-state memory offers a number of compelling  advantages over traditional disk, but when there are dozens of different vendors all touting the same value proposition, it becomes much more difficult for CIOs to cut through the jargon. It’s...»

Docker ships virtual container DevOps and orchestration with Orchard acquisition

Kyt Dotson | July 23rd

Docker, Inc., the commercial sponsor for the Docker open source project, just announced the acquisition of Orchard Laboratories, Ltd. For an undisclosed amount. Orchard has a long history with Docker as a creator of...»

How you can save the gov’t time and money: Share “life event” data | #MITIQ

Alina Popescu | July 23rd

A strong focus on interoperability, data standardization and sharing, disciplines around IT architecture and frameworks pave the way to a portfolio of common good for government organizations. Pamela Wise-Martinez, Senior Strategic Enterprise Architect, Office of the Director of...»