Bitcoin hackers wanted dead or alive

Mellisa Tolentino | September 19th

Roger Ver, also known as Bitcoin Jesus due to his early work and support of the cryptocurrency, says he's fed up with hackers. Seriously fed up. So fed up in...»

No change at Oracle: Ellison still holds an iron grip over HIS company

Mike Wheatley | September 19th

Larry Ellison may have stepped down as CEO of Oracle Corp., but he's still running things from behind the scenes. Ellison, officially the third-richest man in the US after Bill Gates and...»

SAP suddenly becomes a ‘cloud giant’ with $8bn Concur acquisition

Mike Wheatley | September 19th

Enterprise software giant SAP SE has just grown new legs following the acquisition of enterprise travel and business expense management software maker Concur Technologies in a massive $8.3 billion deal. The Germany-based firm ...»

Larry Ellison steps down at the top of his game, leaves “top lieutenants to mind the store”

Kristen Nicole | September 18th

After 35 years heading Oracle Corp., Larry Ellison is stepping down as CEO of the software company he founded. Splitting the newly opened CEO position are Mark Hurd and Safra Catz, current co-presidents...»

Innovators know every business is a digital one: Report shows true impact of IoT

Mellisa Tolentino | September 18th

This week’s Smart City roundup features a report on how the Industrial Internet of Things impacts digital services, how workplaces can be made safer with a new emergency app, and a bag that lets you bring your office...»

Mesosphere cofounder envisions future data center as ‘one big computer’ | #OpenStackSV

Paul Gillin | September 18th

The data center of the future will be fully virtualized, with everything from power supplies to storage devices consolidated into a single pool and managed by software, according to an executive whose company intends to lead the...»

PagerDuty serves as an DevOps aggregator with new Advanced Analytics tools

Saroj Kar | September 18th

For a company that has a technology-owned data center infrastructure itself or stored in the cloud and has a mission to always-on, especially infrastructure consisting of hundreds to thousands of applications and servers, it takes a variety of...»

Digital disruptor with application focus: Infor’s perks over SAP | #Inforum2014

Rachel Schramm | September 18th

Under the leadership of CEO Charles Phillips, Infor Global Systems "has delivered." That's according to Ray Wang, Principal Analyst, Founder & Chairman of Constellation Research. Many in the industry weren't sure whether Phillips would utilize a "buy, slash, and...»

Live: The Open Social Enterprise #TEDatIBM CrowdChat

John Furrier | September 18th

IBM is having a live crowd conversation 10am PST today. Come join the crowd from Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook users for a unified conversation on the hashtag #TEDatIBM as pre-event conversation about the open social enterprise....»

Top 8 upgrades with iOS 8: A new experience without a new phone

Mellisa Tolentino | September 18th

By tomorrow, September 19, Apple, Inc. retail stores will be swamped with fanboys wanting to upgrade to a new iPhone, but purchasing a brand new device isn't the only way to get a brand new iPhone experience....»