Edible capsule monitors stomach health

Mellisa Tolentino | April 1st

This week’s Smart Health roundup features a gas-sensing capsule to monitor stomach health, a necklace that monitors food and liquid intake, and a wearable temperature monitor. High-tech gas sensing capsule to monitor stomach health A team of researchers from the...»

Unicorns are real in open source | #OCPSummit15 recap

Rachel Schramm | April 1st

Open Compute might not be "a sexy topic," said but it represents the best of "off the charts innovation," said John Furrier during a live wrap-up segment with Jeff Frick on theCUBE at OCP Summit 2015. Furrier and...»

Microsoft’s new Surface 3, you’re the one that I want

David Coursey | April 1st

Microsoft is out with its newest Surface tablet, a machine that is a touch slower and a tad smaller than its current Surface Pro 3. The new Surface 3, announced Tuesday, is also less...»

Twitter publicly launches free Storify-like filtering platform called Curator

Eric David | April 1st

Twitter Inc continues its trend of making its own alternatives to third party tools by announcing the release of Curator, which it says "enables media publishers to discover, curate and display the...»

Top HP exec Donatelli jumps ship to Oracle

Mike Wheatley | April 1st

Multiple sources have told Business Insider that Hewlett-Packard Co. executive David Donatelli has jumped ship to one of the company's biggest rivals – Oracle Corp. - where he's taken up an executive vice president position within the...»

How Bloodborne creator Hidetaka Miyazaki went from a nobody to company president in 10 years

Eric David | April 1st

Despite having an annoying name to say out loud, From Software has become one of the most respected game developers over the last few years thanks to its harsh, unforgiving games like Dark Souls, which stands...»

Amazon’s new data-hungry D2 instances target Hadoop workloads

Maria Deutscher | April 1st

Amazon has added a new kind of instance to its public cloud that is specially optimized to handle the massive amounts of data stored and processed in the distributed analytic clusters powering modern decision-making like Hadoop. The...»

Wikibon urges enterprise CIOs to adopt a hybrid cloud manifesto

Bert Latamore | April 1st

Enterprises are turning to hybrid cloud strategies in response to often-fragmented cloud efforts that have seen one group in the IT organization build private clouds on top of virtualized environments while others move existing applications or write...»

Running a Google Cloud Platform deployment? There’s an app for that

Maria Deutscher | April 1st

Google is opening a new front in the competition over the public cloud with the introduction of a mobile monitoring app to complement its infrastructure-as-a-service platform. Google is playing catch-up in this area with Amazon, however,...»

Alation exits stealth aiming to liberate enterprise data from silos

Maria Deutscher | April 1st

While some propose radical centralization as the answer to the inaccessibility of disparate information sources in the enterprise, Alation Inc. is offering a much simpler – and practical – approach to the challenge. The startup exited stealth...»