Cisco inflates hybrid ‘Intercloud’ with 30 new partners

Mike Wheatley | September 30th

With the cloud wars heating up, Cisco Systems has just announced a signifcant expansion of its Intercloud ecosystem, with 30 new global partners and a $1 billion injection of cash from Cisco Capital. Cisco is hoping...»

Here’s why the intelligence community bought a stake in MemSQL

Maria Deutscher | September 29th

You probably haven't heard of the newest database startup in In-Q-Tel's investment portfolio, but if history is anything to go by, there's more than a good chance you will. Consisting almost solely of big names such as Cloudera...»

Facebook knows why you just bought that sex toy

Winston Edmondson | September 29th

Facebook, Inc. is relaunching Atlas, the ad service it purchased from Microsoft Corp. at the beginning of the year, and its new and improved capabilities could prove to be a threat to Google Inc.'s online ad market...»

3 years and 180-degrees later, Oracle turns to cloud | #OOW14

Rachel Schramm | September 29th

Oracle Corp. has made some big transformations in the three years since it decided to focus on cloud offerings. theCUBE co-hosts Jeff Frick and John Furrier discussed the changes on which Oracle has been focused in their kickoff...»

Rackspace boasts 99.99% uptime and adds containers to OpenStack with private cloud upgrade

Maria Deutscher | September 29th

Rackspace Inc. is upping the ante in the race to bring OpenStack into the enterprise mainstream with a new version of its private cloud offering that implements the latest release of the project...»

Oracle extends its single pane of glass to the database with Enterprise Manager for MySQL

Maria Deutscher | September 29th

Oracle Corp. is bringing the capabilities of its unified management and monitoring system to MySQL environments as part of an update meant to make the open-source database more competitive against non-relational alternatives that...»

What you missed in the Smart World: TV that tracks health, battery-free chips

Mellisa Tolentino | September 29th

Today's Smart World recap features a miniscule battery-free chip, a TV that tracks your health, expectations for Big Data powering the erection of smart buildings, and upgraded platforms for the Internet of Things developers. For those who missed last week’s...»

With iOS 8, Apple is bringing sexy back to app development

Saroj Kar | September 29th

Unveiled at the opening of the Apple 2014 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, iOS 8 is launched in parallel with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The big story is that iOS8 makes the...»

Opinion: theCUBE covers Oracle OpenWorld at critical time

Bert Latamore | September 29th

Today theCUBE kicks off three days of coverage of Oracle OpenWorld 2014 at a critical time in Oracle Corp.'s history. Like many of the old-line vendors, Oracle is seeing its markets shift radically beneath it. Once-stable business...»

Circle out of beta, opens up to international audience

Kyt Dotson | September 29th

Circle, a Bitcoin wallet and payment service, has been a very long time in coming and has carried with it a great deal of hype. The seemingly secretive service went through a recent closed-beta round where invites where...»