The green side of the software-defined data center

Maria Deutscher | January 28th

Born-on-the-Web companies have already initiated a massive industry-wide shift toward virtualization and highly scalable open source platforms, but they're also have an impact in a less-noticed area: power efficiency. Data centers are among the biggest electricity consumers on...»

Oracle seeks to streamline datacenter, foster innovation and lower prices

Rachel Schramm | January 28th

Oracle Corporation wants to offer a low-cost, highly streamlined platform upon which companies can spark innovation, said Neil Mendelson, Vice President of Big Data at Oracle. His company plans to leverage the combination of Big Data


Forrester: HP a top supplier for private clouds in China

Maria Deutscher | January 28th

While it hasn't made too big of a name for itself in the public cloud, the soon-to-split HP is a force to be reckoned with on the global map when it comes to private implementations, according to...»

Dragon Age: Inquisition is Bioware’s most successful launch ever

Eric David | January 28th

At Electronic Arts Inc.'s Q3 earnings call, the company claimed that the November release of Dragon Age: Inquisition was the most successful game launch in Bioware's history, topping other hit games by the developer such as Mass EffectKnights of the...»

Move over, Storm! LinkedIn’s Samza becomes full-fledged member of the Hadoop ecosystem

Maria Deutscher | January 28th

Four months after Storm, the first true stream processing engine for Hadoop, graduated from incubation at the Apache Software Foundation, Samza has followed suit to become a top-level project. The technology provides a potentially much more...»

Facebook censors Mohammed pages despite “Je suis Charlie” support

Eric David | January 28th

Facebook Inc. has reportedly blocked numerous pages in Turkey after a Turkish court declared the pages to be insulting to the Prophet Mohammed. The removal of the pages comes just over two weeks after ...»

CloudBees bags $23.5 million to monetize continuous integration buzz

Maria Deutscher | January 28th

CloudBees Inc. snagged $23.5 million in a fourth round of funding on Tuesday to fuel its newly-found focus on continuous integration, which has become one of the hottest movements in the development community with the rise of...»

What you missed in Big Data: Moving beyond science project

Maria Deutscher | January 28th

The analytics ecosystem marked several major milestones along the journey to turn data insights into enterprise reality last week as vendors tore down more of the barriers holding back organizations from unlocking the value of their growing...»

Gem deploys Thales e-Security hardware security modules for more secure Bitcoin wallets

Duncan Riley | January 28th

Bitcoin security platform provider Gem has announced the deployment of custom Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from Thales e-Security that will now be offered as part of Gem’s Bitcoin wallet product. The HSM devices are used in 80...»

Microsoft reveals plan to release new, free version of Business Intelligence service in U.S.

James Farrell | January 28th

In a Microsoft blog yesterday the Redmond company revealed it's planning to release a preview of its improved Power BI service, at first to U.S. customers, but the company...»