Ello raises $5.5 Million and becomes a public benefit corporation

Collen Kriel | October 24th

Ello has received $5.5 million in new venture capital, which ironically coincides with them legally ensuring that they will never take money from the sale of user data or ads and that goes for any acquirer. Paul Budnitz,...»

Russia & China to cooperate on cybersecurity amid tensions with U.S.

Mike Wheatley | October 24th

Russia and China are on the verge of signing a unique cybersecurity cooperation agreement that would allow the two states to conduct “joint cybersecurity operations”, according to reports in Russian media. The Russian-language site Kommersant, which...»

Apple Pay is one week old and it’s been a week of highs and lows

Collen Kriel | October 24th

Since launching to the public on October 20, Apple Pay hasn’t been as smooth a ride as Apple Inc. would have hoped. Apple Pay seems to be catching on with consumers and retailers;...»

Microsoft’s cloud-first, mobile-first vision starts paying off

Mike Wheatley | October 24th

These might be transitional times at Microsoft Corp., but that hasn't stopped it from showing some pretty strong momentum – once again, it's reported growth in its cloud services, software and Surface tablet divisions -...»

eBay joins open-source community with ultra-fast OLAP engine for Hadoop

Maria Deutscher | October 23rd

Like arch-rival Amazon.com, the soon-to-split eBay Inc. is something of an oddity in that it hasn't historically been a big contributor to the open-source community. But the e-commerce pioneer hopes to change that with the release...»

Use Hadoop to create value, not push reduction on investment | #BigDataNYC

Rachel Schramm | October 23rd

Moving from proof-of-concept to deployment, Hadoop is ready for business according to Lawrence Schwartz, VP of marketing at Attunity Ltd. His company works with customers from a range of verticals, including energy, healthcare, and finance, to lower barriers


Bitcoin pegged sidechains whitepaper reveals new horizons for cryptocurrency

Kyt Dotson | October 23rd

This last summer Adam Back, developer of the Bitcoin algorithm HashCash, and Austin Hill, founder anonymous networking and privacy technology company Zero-Knowledge Systems, teased the idea of Bitcoin sidechains: a mechanism for transferring Bitcoins to a separate-but-connected...»

GIFs are about to change social media like you never imagined

Saroj Kar | October 23rd

Introduced in 1987 by CompuServe, the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is still alive, because it allows users to create animated images. GIF became part of the Internet culture and is now widely available, some might say ubiquitous, even on...»

Sumo Logic unveils Transaction Analysis component for its analytics platform

Kyt Dotson | October 23rd

Sumo Logic, a machine data intelligence company based in California, today announced the general availability of Transaction Analytics as part of its analytics platform. This technology applies the concept of mining connections between transactions to take complex...»

The 9 best female-friendly tech companies

Mellisa Tolentino | October 23rd

In an effort to help women achieve a work-life balance in favor of the enterprise, Facebook Inc. has started offering the option to cover the costs of freezing their female employees' eggs. Following suit,...»