Amazon books $214 million Q4 profit as Prime memberships surge

Duncan Riley | January 30th

Amazon reported a profit of $214 million for Q4 2014 off the back of a big increase in Prime membership sales. Net sales increased 15 percent to $29.33 billion in quarter, up from $25.59 billion Q4 2013. The figures would...»

Google falls short of expectations despite record Q4 results

Duncan Riley | January 29th

Google Inc.'s Q4 earnings missed market expectations Thursday with the tech giant posting Q4 revenue of $18.1 billion ($14.48 billion minus traffic acquisitions costs,) or $6.88 per share, against a prediction of $7.08 per share. Despite missing Wall Street predictions the...»

Jack Dorsey goes crowd storming with epic tweet stream #Twitter #CrowdChat

John Furrier | January 29th

Jack Dorsey, one of the founders of Twitter, went on an awesome Twitter broadcast today to the crowd. He was making a statement on status of Twitter as a company.  More impressive was his conviction...»

Qantas and Samsung want to help airline passengers escape from reality

Winston Edmondson | January 29th

Flying on a commercial airline is awful. Or it can be, depending on who you’re sitting next to. Awful might not be a strong enough word, actually. Take a look at some Passenger Shaming images, if...»

VMware Google Partner in Hybrid Cloud Deal

John Furrier | January 29th

VMware announced a new partnership with Google that will allow Google Cloud Platform services to run on VMware’s vCloud Air. This means that existing vCloud Air customers will now have access to the Google Cloud...»

Where to stream the Super Bowl XLIX online

Mellisa Tolentino | January 29th

Super Bowl XLIX, one of the biggest sports events in the world, will kick off on Sunday, February 1, 2015, at the University of Phoenix Stadium with a game between the Seattle Seahawks and...»

Goodbye Flash? HTML5 now the default video platform for YouTube

Saroj Kar | January 29th

HTML5 has now become the standard technology used by YouTube for viewing streaming media--a step that marks the end of the Flash. Starting Wednesday, after years of testing, HTML5 replaces Flash as the default platform for movie playback...»

EMC Earnings Beat Analyst Estimates Revenue Down Slightly

John Furrier | January 29th

EMC (NYSE: EMC) reported Q4 EPS of $0.69, beating analyst estimates of $0.68. Revenue for the quarter came in at $7.05 billion versus the consensus estimate of $7.1 billion. Industry executives all agree that lots of...»

Best Twitch alternative live streaming platforms for gamers

Saroj Kar | January 29th is a live streaming platform, owned by, Inc., on which players from around the world gather to showcase their achievements and successes and communicate with each other. Through Twitch gamers can broadcast their own screens and...»

Mourn Google Glass no more: 3 other smartglass alternatives

Mellisa Tolentino | January 29th

After Google stopped selling Glass on January 19, 2015, some wondered if Google Glass was officially dead. Google’s Explorer program will also phase out, with no additional software updates planned. So is Google Glass completely dead?...»