Riot Games, Valve, and Blizzard make up 77% of Twitch streams

Eric David | April 17th

Popular esports titles continue to dominate the livestreaming site, with a vast majority of users continuing to watch only a handful of games. The real winners in the battle for Twitch domination...»

Koalah lets you place bets on your gaming skills

Eric David | April 17th

If you have ever wished someone would just pay you to play video games all day, you may get your chance with a recently launched web game platform called Koalah, which allows players...»

User exposes Minecraft exploit after he said Mojang failed to act

Eric David | April 17th

About two years ago, a Pakistan-based developer named Ammar Askar discovered a vulnerability in Minecraft while he was working on mods for the block-building game. Askar says he informed Mojang AB of the problem, but after the...»

Instagram clarifies rules to allow photos of breastfeeding, other nudity still banned

Eric David | April 17th

Instagram has updated its community guidelines to explicitly allow photos showing breastfeeding or post-mastectomy scars, but other forms of nudity are still forbidden. "We're not changing any of the policies," Instagram’s director of public policy ...»

Google brings Big Data to the masses with Cloud Dataflow beta

Mike Wheatley | April 17th

Google has finally taken the wraps off its Cloud Dataflow offering, which is designed to allow developers lacking in Hadoop skills to build sophisticated analytic “pipelines” capable of processing extremely large datasets. Cloud Dataflow...»

Pepperdata grabs $15M to help make Hadoop act smarter

Mike Wheatley | April 17th

A little known company called Pepperdata Inc. that specializes in managing and fine-tuning Hadoop clusters to deliver better performance, has just grabbed $15 million in a series B round to fire up its...»

IBM launches a cloud-based security command center to monitor global hacking

Maria Deutscher | April 17th

In the latest expansion of its burgeoning cloud arsenal, IBM has launched a new service that provides detailed information on malicious activity from around the world  for free with the goal of fostering more effective coordination...»

Microsoft bites at the heels of Google with a deal to bundle apps on Cyanogen OS

James Farrell | April 17th

In yet another move in which Microsoft is attempting to bundle its apps on more Android devices, including yesterday's news (albeit a setback) concerning Redomond’s apps being pre-installed on Samsung’s S6 phones, a new deal...»

Co-creator of iOS now an advisor for Snapchat, received 0.11% in stock

Collen Kriel | April 17th

Former Apple Senior Vice President of iOS Software, Scott Forstall (pictured right) was forced to leave the iPhone maker in 2012 as a result of failed Apple Maps launch. Forstall never officially signed on...»

Microsoft loses desktop search ad exclusivity with new Yahoo search partnership

Duncan Riley | April 17th

Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp have agreed to a new search partnership deal that will see Yahoo being able to display and sell its own ads on desktop search results, but only 49 percent of them. Under the previous deal...»