Millions stolen: Inside the elaborate Bitcoin scams of Tadas Kasputis, EgoPay, & Paymentbase

Duncan Riley | January 23rd

Mt Gox has become the ongoing meme for any negative story in the Bitcoin space. It is, and remains to date the largest loss by any Bitcoin exchange, but unlike what we are about to describe to you,...»

Acquisition of Revolution Analytics is a double win for Microsoft

Maria Deutscher | January 23rd

[caption id="attachment_215713" align="alignright" width="300"] David Smith, Revolution Analytics interviewed on theCUBE[/caption] Microsoft followed up its hologram-studded Windows 10 launch event on Friday with the equally significant acquisition of Revolution Analytics Inc. for an undisclosed amount. The landmark...»

Microsoft buys Revolution Analytics and popular R programming language

John Furrier | January 23rd

Microsoft has reached an agreement to acquire Revolution Analytics, the leading commercial provider of software and services for R, the world’s most widely used programming language for statistical computing and predictive analytics. R has been popularized...»

These familiar brands are geekifying your cities

Mellisa Tolentino | January 23rd

This week’s Smart City roundup features a list of smart city big players and a partnership between countries to countries further smart city efforts.


Top smart city suppliers

  Navigant Research predicts that global smart city technology market is...»

Goldman Sachs bets $56 million on Antuit to tap Asia’s appetite for analytics

Maria Deutscher | January 23rd

The analytics craze is under way in Asia, with help from one of the most powerful names in Wall Street. Goldman Sachs Group Inc. led a hefty $56 million funding round in a low-key number crunching...»

Metamarkets aims to ease marketing analytics with visualization engine

Maria Deutscher | January 23rd

Metamarkets Inc. is attempting to solve one of the biggest challenges facing marketers who are actively incorporating data into their work with a new visualization engine for dissecting multi-dimensional information. The company, which specializes in building real-time analytics...»

Dota banned in a district in the Philippines due to violent fans

Eric David | January 23rd

Of all the games that people might expect be banned for inciting violent behavior in players, Defense of the Ancients (Dota) would be pretty far down the list, but that is exactly what has happened in a small...»

Winklevoss twins to launch NASDAQ for Bitcoin

Mellisa Tolentino | January 23rd

Winklevoss twins Tyler and Camero, are looking to launch the first regulated Bitcoin exchange for American customers. Reports state the twins have hired engineers from top hedge funds, enlisted a bank and engaged regulators to aid...»

2.5 hours. That’s how long the Apple Watch battery will last with ‘heavy’ use

Collen Kriel | January 23rd

With Apple Inc. still on track to ship their watch by the end of March, questions and rumors continue to crop up. The latest rumor about the Apple Watch to emerge is regarding the...»

What we know about Office for Windows 10, and what we don’t know about Office 2016

James Farrell | January 23rd

Following Microsoft’s Windows preview event for consumers Julia White, general manager for the Office Product Management team, gave a little bit more away in an Office blog post on Thursday as to what we can...»