Quick Guide to the OpenStack Silicon Valley 2014 conference

Kyt Dotson | September 14th

The OpenStack Silicon Valley conference will be bringing numerous presenters to a sold-out venue on Tuesday, September 16th in Mountain View, CA. The event will bring together numerous OpenStack luminaries under one roof for a single day...»

Windows 9 lifts features from Ubuntu and Windows Phone

Winston Edmondson | September 12th

Leaked photos of the Windows Technical Preview are shedding light on what the next version of Windows will look like. The Start Menu, which was killed off by Microsoft Corp. after Windows 7 in favor...»

How Google shifted Big Data from internal uses to enterprise services | #data14

Rachel Schramm | September 12th

The industry as a whole has recognized the value of data-driven business, according to Google Inc.'s, Vishwas Agashe. The search giant's Global Product Lead of Big Data Technologies visited theCUBE's roving news desk at the Tableau Software, Inc.'s Data...»

The incentives and selection processes behind Tableau’s partner channel | #data14

Rachel Schramm | September 12th

With 53 partners and counting, Tableau Software, Inc. is in the process of constructing an ecosystem to help them integrate, innovate, and better meet customer needs. Among other undertakings, Tableau and its strategic partner MarkLogic Corp. are currently...»

Piston Cloud plays catch-up with OpenStack, touts resource management features

Maria Deutscher | September 12th

Nearly half a year after the Icehouse release of the OpenStack cloud computing platform hit general availability, Piston Cloud Computing Inc. has finally incorporated its improvements into the commercial distribution of its software for building...»

Red Hat extends its management reach to OpenStack and AWS

Maria Deutscher | September 12th

Red Hat Inc. is bringing the centralized management and reporting capabilities of its Satellite platform to the hybrid cloud in a continuation of its efforts to expand beyond the operating system. The move marks the company’s first...»

Why outsiders and non-BI experts are invited to Tableau’s team | #data

Rachel Schramm | September 12th

Tableau would like to be known for it's customer-first attitude and easy-to-use set of products. Dan Jewett, VP of Product Management at Tableau Software, Inc., helps the company keep its eye on the ball when it comes to creating...»

Apple Watch vs Galaxy Gear S and other top smartwatches of 2014

Mellisa Tolentino | September 12th

There are high hopes for the wearable tech market, despite the design shortcomings that have yet to keep consumers interested in current connected devices. A natural evolution of smartphones and fitness trackers, the smartwatch has become a frontrunner to catalyze the would-be...»

BlackBerry buys Movirtu to take the pain out of business phone bills

Maria Deutscher | September 12th

BlackBerry Ltd. is now officially on an acquisition streak after the Thursday purchase of a London-based startup called Movirtu Ltd., that tackles one of the more subtle challenges to have emerged from the proliferation of...»

The exClone Project: Now even you can become immortal

Mike Wheatley | September 12th

“There is no such thing as death. People die only if we forget." Immortality has long been a dream of humankind; even since before Juan Ponce de Leon sought the legendary "Fountain of Youth," the ancients pondered...»