Patent trolls, open source and building trust | #HPdiscover

Cheryl Knight | July 22nd

Launched in May 2014, Hewlett-Packard Helion is a part of the company's OpenStack offering. A free and open-source cloud platform, OpenStack is derived from a series of similar projects, including processing, storage, and networking applications. Lisa-Marie M. Namphy and...»

Cisco rolls out another developer program: “Same same” but different

Mike Wheatley | July 22nd

Cisco has taken another shot at attracting third-party coders into its embrace with the relaunch of a rebranded developer program. Keen followers will remember this isn't the first time Cisco has tried to encourage others to...»

AppDynamics lands $120 million to ignite Application Intelligence market

Kyt Dotson | July 22nd

Application intelligence leader AppDynamics just finished a massive round of funding securing $120 million in growth financing. This new financing raises the total capital gathered by AppDynamics to over $200 million and will fund the expansion of...»

VMware offers safe passage from lock-in with low-risk migration path

Maria Deutscher | July 22nd

VMware is making it easier for organizations to migrate to its software with a new initiative that aims to address both the technical and financial barriers to moving off rivaling offerings. Safe Passage, as the program is known,...»

New Alpine Chorus 4.0 simplifies analytics, boosts ROI

Kathryn Buford | July 22nd

Today Alpine unveiled Alpine Chorus 4.0, with claims to be the first platform enabling access to all enterprise data, which Alpine Data Labs CMO, Bruno Aziza, explains is no small feat. Other noteworthy Alpine Chorus 4.0 advantages include...»

Microsoft cuts continue: Less IT conferences, limits on contractors

Mike Wheatley | July 22nd

Microsoft is to introduce a couple of new policies limiting the number of contracted workers and corporate conventions, according to reports. In an email sent to partner firms that was first obtained by ...»

4 top cloud storage services for managing files

Mike Wheatley | July 22nd

Convenience is the most often-cited benefit of the cloud, and for good reason. Few things are easier than syncing files and accessing them on multiple devices, be it a PC, smartphone or tablet device. But what...»

Contradictory ruling in Gmail case leaves questions of privacy

Tavis J. Hampton | July 21st

A judge in a United States District Court ruled that federal law enforcement agencies are allowed to search the entire contents of a Gmail user's account to find...»

BlackBerry CEO recruits another Sybase colleague to drive enterprise growth

Maria Deutscher | July 21st

If there’s a tech firm that has taken the old saying “change comes from the top” to the heart, it’s BlackBerry. Thankfully for the firm, the call had been heeded by CEO John Chen.  Since tapping the software...»

Naomi Brockwell is the Bitcoin Girl (Video)

Kyt Dotson | July 21st

There’s a new celebrity in Bitcoin town and it’s Naomi Brockwell, the star of Moving Picture Institute’s new music video “Bitcoin Girl,” which parodies the Billy Joel song “Uptown Girl.” Bitcoin Girl is an interesting composition of Bitcoin culture...»