Esports events drive players to “feel more enthusiasm” and spend more money, says study

Eric David | February 27th

Esports events might not be big earners in and of themselves – quite the opposite, actually – but the buzz surrounding the tournaments and the player engagement they generate has enormous benefits for game makers, according to...»

Leonard Nimoy, influencer of the Star Trek generation as Spock, dies at 83

Kyt Dotson | February 27th

Today Leonard Nimoy, the actor best known for his portrayal of Spock on Star Trek, died at age 83. He leaves behind a legacy of a science fiction generation and a swell of fans sad at his passing...»

The cheat sheet to following Big Data’s money trail | #BigDataSV

Suzanne Kattau | February 27th

The Big Data market is dynamic, with companies going public, others like Hadapt and Revelytix, Inc. being acquired by Teradata Corp, and a lot of technology innovation happening. Large amounts of money...»

Tim Cook clears up rumors about the Apple Watch

Mellisa Tolentino | February 27th

While many techies anticipate a barrage of products to be launched at next week’s Mobile World Congress, fanboys may be more excited about what’s happening later in the month on March 9, 2015. Apple, the company behind the bar-setting iPhone device, has...»

New starter kits for IoT developers

Mellisa Tolentino | February 27th

This week’s Smart DevOps roundup features a starter kit to jumpstart developers building hardware for the Internet of Things, a mobile-ready developer kit to connect things to the Internet and a chip that simplifies app creation. . ARM and IBM...»

Future Assassin’s Creed games will focus on the modern story more, says Ubisoft

Eric David | February 27th

Ubisoft Montreal's most recent Assassin's Creed game, Assassin's Creed: Unity, shied away from the series' modern day storyline, which made up a significant portion of the story and gameplay elements of earlier titles, but the Canadian studio has suggested...»

Facebook adds “fill in the blank” gender option for users

Eric David | February 27th

Facebook Inc had already expanded the gender options on its social network to 58 different choices, and now it has expanded that number even further by adding a "fill in the blank" option...»

3D Robotics raises $50M to build better drones with mobile chips

Mike Wheatley | February 27th

Drone and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology startup 3D Robotics Inc. has just raked in a massive $50 million in a Series C funding round led by Qualcomm Ventures, the latest in a...»

Apple’s iOS dominated enterprise space and smartphone profits for Q4 2014

Collen Kriel | February 27th

Looking at overall smartphone market share for 2014, you’d be forgiven for thinking Google Inc.’s Android operating system is winning the race. Android took 81.5 percent market share compared to its nearest competitor Apple Inc.’s...»