Uber worth fighting for: Here’s 3 reasons for the protest

Eric David | October 23rd

Uber Inc. may be pushing its way into new markets every day with its popular ride-sharing mobile app, but many of its drivers are not happy with the direction in which the San Francisco-based company is heading. ...»

Google boosts passwords with USB security key, no good for mobile

Eric David | October 23rd

Google Inc. announced a new 2-step verification USB key yesterday that eliminates the need to memorize long, complicated passwords for Google services, while providing better security at the same time. Google had already offered a...»

Microsoft/IBM alliance targets Amazon’s cloud dominance

Maria Deutscher | October 23rd

Mutual self-interest can drive even rivals to embrace each other, as IBM and Microsoft have done with a new alliance  that's aimed at leveling the playing field against infrastructure-as-a-service kingpin Amazon.com Inc. and, to a lesser extent, each...»

These Kinect apps now available for Windows 8 and 8.1

James Farrell | October 23rd

Microsoft Corp. has just come up with a new fixture for Windows 8 and 8.1, reiterating the software giant's desire to unify its platforms. Xbox One owners with a Kinect will now be able to connect to their PC...»

Ubuntu Server 14.10 adds new features for OpenStack & containers

Mike Wheatley | October 23rd

Canonical has just shipped Utopic Unicorn, the latest version of its Ubuntu Server operating system. And while it isn't quite the Promised Land of operating systems that the name suggests (there...»

With Fabric, Twitter wants to be developers’ new best friend

Collen Kriel | October 23rd

At Flight on October 22, their first developer conference in four years, Twitter announced an app development platform called Fabric. Twitter is aiming to become the first stop...»

Microsoft promises enterprise-grade security features for Windows 10

Mike Wheatley | October 23rd

Microsoft is stepping up its efforts to entice enterprises to adopt its up-and-coming Windows 10 operating system with a range of new security features that will be built into the final release. The...»

Skyscanner buys Distinction, says the future of travel booking is in mobile

Collen Kriel | October 23rd

Skyscanner, a veteran in the travel search market, has acquired Distinction a mobile app development company based in Budapest. The 30-strong team of web developers and designers will continue to be based in Budapest and will form Skyscanner’s...»

Google launches ‘Inbox’ –and it looks like the future of email

Collen Kriel | October 23rd

This could be the future of email. Google Inc. have announced on their official Gmail Blog the launch of a new email app called ‘Inbox’. The search giant invigorated webmail with the launch of...»

Lufthansa quits computers, outsources IT operations to IBM

Mike Wheatley | October 23rd

Who says IT outsourcing is dead? IBM just bagged its biggest new customer of the year in the form of German flagship air carrier Lufthansa AG. The airline agreed to sell...»