Cyberwar: Obama calls out Sony as FBI confirms North Korea was behind hack

Duncan Riley | December 19th

President Obama has called out Sony for craven censorship on a day the Federal Bureau of Investigation formally announced that North Korea was behind the hacking of Sony Corp. In a statement the FBI said that it has enough information to...»

Exact Labs lands $13 million to bring voice recognition to the enterprise

Maria Deutscher | December 19th

Between Siri on iOS and Google's rivaling artificial intelligence for Android, voice recognition software has become practically ubiquitous in the consumer world. But corporate applications beyond the call center are still rare. A new startup called Expect...»

GitHub urges developers to patch critical Git client bug

Mike Wheatley | December 19th

GitHub has revealed the existence of a flaw in its client software, and is recommending users upgrade to a new version as soon as possible. The vulnerability first announced at GMANE, and...»

The physical web gains support with IoT grants, new SDKs

Mellisa Tolentino | December 19th

This week’s Smart DevOps roundup features new grants to promote the development of  the Internet of Things (IoT), an initiative to interact with the Physical Web, and Near Field Communications for IoT.

Google’s Open Web of Things

  Search giant Google...»

How to create your own Google Cardboard

Mellisa Tolentino | December 19th

Virtual reality may be the next frontier in technology as more organizations show interest and find applicable use cases. For instance, travel promotions company Destination BC is utilizing Oculus Rift, the fancy heads-up display...»

Winning the West: LINE buys Microsoft’s MixRadio, competes with WhatsApp

James Farrell | December 19th

Japan’s super-cute and massively popular messaging service LINE recently announced the acquisition of Microsoft’s MixRadio for an undisclosed price. This move comes just a week after Line Corp. ...»

TripGo offers smart calendar-integrated, multi-modal trip planning

Duncan Riley | December 19th

TripGo from SkedGo Pty. Ltd. is a smart calendar-integrated, multi-modal transport trip planning app that's starting to see some impressive user numbers. The app helps you plan how to get from point A to point B, providing all your...»

Aerospike beefs up NoSQL database with enterprise- and Hadoop-friendly features

Maria Deutscher | December 19th

Aerospike, Inc. unleashed a broad set of new features for its flagship in-memory database that provides developers with more flexibility in how they build their applications and addresses several key enterprise requirements. The launch marks the...»

Should social media ban offensive comments?

Eric David | December 19th

British MP Luciana Berger is calling for Twitter Inc. to block anti-Semitic language from the site after she received thousands of hateful messages. Berger, the shadow Minister for Public Health, has been the target of online abuse...»

Google opens cloud-based Hadoop alternative to developers with free SDK

Maria Deutscher | December 19th

Google on Thursday released a software development kit (SDK) for its cloud-based data crunching engine in an effort to the development of analytic applications against the service. The launch comes seven months after the search giant...»