BlackBerry’s Passport is a bargain-priced, square phablet for the enterprise

Winston Edmondson | September 23rd

There's fantastic news out of Waterloo, Ontario, for those of you feeling nostalgic for physical keyboards on mobile phones. BlackBerry Ltd. will begin selling the uniquely shaped Passport smartphone on Wednesday. Originally announced during BlackBerry's quarterly earnings call in...»

Database snapshots can cut backup costs, improve recovery points

Bert Latamore | September 23rd

Data backup costs can be decreased and recovery-time objectives (RTOs) improved by leveraging space-efficient database snapshots and a general-purpose catalog, writes Wikibon CEO and Co-founder David Vellante in his latest Professional Alert....»

Rackspace takes another scalp in its crusade against patent trolls

Mike Wheatley | September 23rd

Rackspace, which has taken on the mantle of 'crusader' against patent trolls, has just scored another crucial victory. But rather than just challenging the validity of the troll's claims, this time round it's actually managed...»

Red Hat: We want to be “undisputed leader” in the cloud

Mike Wheatley | September 23rd

Red Hat isn't content with merely being the world's largest enterprise Linux vendor. Now, it wants to become the industry's leading enterprise cloud vendor as well, and Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst says he's going...»

Cloud Foundry mastermind on where PaaS fits in hybrid cloud stacks | #OpenStackSV

Maria Deutscher | September 22nd

The cloud way of doing things doesn't come naturally for traditional enterprises. Processes must be reviewed, infrastructure replaced and workflows modernized before any tangible change can occur, making the transition a painful process all around that many CIOs...»

What investors can expect from Tableau’s 2-year R&D push

Bert Latamore | September 22nd

Tableau, Inc. users can expect major advances in data visualization on mobile devices and tools to prepare data for analysis as a result of company CEO Christian Chabot’s pledge at the company's annual conference that Tableau will spend more...»

Brocade follows up latest SDN buyout with programmable OpenDaylight controller

Maria Deutscher | September 22nd

Another piece has fallen into place in Brocade Communications Systems Inc.'s software-defined networking plans with today's introduction of a virtual controller that bundles the latest release of the OpenDaylight Project as a fully supported product ready for...»

Embarcadero makes it easy for developers to build IoT apps

Saroj Kar | September 22nd

Embarcadero Technologies, the leading provider of developers tools for application and database professionals, announced the latest release of their Appmethod for developers. Appmethod enables developers to build highly connected apps for the...»

What you missed in the Smart World: Siri clones for a myriad of devices, and more

Mellisa Tolentino | September 22nd

This past week’s Smart World Series features a GPS tracker in your home, a pain-free way to monitor blood glucose levels, how the Internet of Things (IoT) is drastically shaking up today’s reality, and a platform that allows...»

DevOps Weekly Round Up: Extending DevOps to benefit operational excellence

Saroj Kar | September 22nd

This week in DevOps hightlights how the integration of development and operations can attain improved agility and operational excellence while also speeding deployment of new capabilities. This week PagerDuty delivered new analytics tools to better improve team and system performance and...»