Ever wondered why iCloud sucks? It’s an organizational thing

Mike Wheatley | November 25th

The development of Apple Inc's iCloud is being hampered by “deep organizational issues” within the company, according to a new report. Even the most ardent of fanbois will admit that as far as cloud services go,...»

We failed: Security should not be a user’s problem

David Coursey | November 25th

There are all sorts of excuses to be made, but as someone who joined personal computing in 1980, I need to tell my fellow users that we've failed you. The goal of personal  computing was to make you...»

Don’t buy TVs or smartphones on Black Friday: 5 myths debunked

Mellisa Tolentino | November 25th

Black Friday is upon us, and already the lines have begun forming at popular retailers like Best Buy Co., Inc. But is the Black Friday madness worth the trouble? As it turns out, not all discounts are created...»

IBM targets enterprise developers with latest public cloud updates

Maria Deutscher | November 25th

IBM is rolling out new enhancements to its emerging public cloud that take direct aim at developers, who are a key focus of mainstream competitors like Amazon Web Services. The highlight of the launch is a dedicated...»

High School students demo trustless Bitcoin exchange Pavillion.io

Mellisa Tolentino | November 25th

Did you know what you wanted to do when you were just 17-years old? Most people at that age don't really have a clue what they want to do in the future, but there are...»

FAA shoots down commercial drone use with tough rule proposals

Mike Wheatley | November 25th

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is expected to announce rules governing commerical drone use in the near future, but it's unlikely enthusiasts are going to welcome them. That's because the FAA's rules are going to be...»

Rumor: Apple set to enter virtual reality, hiring app engineers with VR experience

Collen Kriel | November 25th

While it’s no secret that Apple Inc. is interested in virtual reality and augmented reality –as shown by this patent filing from last year for a “head-mounted display” or “goggle system” –this...»

Docker discovers critical flaws: Users urged to upgrade

Mike Wheatley | November 25th

As the Docker container craze continues to gather pace, it's a foregone conclusion that vulnerabilities in the technology will emerge. Docker containers sprung their first major leak back in June when a...»

Security pros optimistic that defenses are getting better

Maria Deutscher | November 25th

A new study suggests that most security professionals are as confident as ever in their ability to protect their organizations even as breaches continue to proliferate, with the Breach Level Index recording more than 180 million incidents...»