Epic Games reveals three more Unreal dev grant winners

Eric David | March 27th

Earlier this year, Epic Games announced that it would be giving out grants to worthy developers using Unreal Engine 4 for...»

Roost smart battery integrates with Facebook’s Parse IoT

Mellisa Tolentino | March 27th

This week’s Smart DevOps roundup features the integration between a smart battery and an Internet of Things (IoT) platform, the acquisition of an open source project to help developers create IoT solutions and a new OpenJDK-based Java platform...»

Facebook helping iOS devs by open-sourcing its React Native framework

Eric David | March 27th

Developers looking to make the leap from web to mobile apps often have a tough road ahead of them, as the two formats can have very different requirements and code structures. Facebook Inc is looking to make...»

Report: Slack raises up to $160 million Series E on a $2.76 billion valuation

Duncan Riley | March 27th

Enterprise messaging platform provider Slack Technologies Inc. is said to have raised up to $160 million Series E on a $2.76 billion valuation. The round hasn't been officially confirmed by the company, however The Wall Street Journal...»

Microsoft rolls out new Azure Site Recovery and Backup tools

Mike Wheatley | March 27th

Microsoft has launched a couple of new features for its Azure Site Recovery and Backup services. First up is Azure Site Recovery, which has been given the ability to enable “protection and...»

Google makes Cloud Platform installs easy with Cloud Launcher

Duncan Riley | March 27th

Google Inc. announced a handy new feature for its Cloud Platform Thursday that will make life a lot easier for first timers or those looking to save time: the Cloud Launcher. The launcher offers easy installation of over 120...»

Intel, Micron & Toshiba tout faster, cheaper Flash

Mike Wheatley | March 27th

Chip makers usually try to add extra storage capacity by packing greater numbers of transistors onto their flat checkerboard-style circuitry grids. But now they're getting smarter – they're stacking transistors in three dimensions, and that...»

One cloud storage provider to rule them all? Amazon Cloud Drive now offers unlimited storage

Collen Kriel | March 27th

On Thursday, Amazon.com announced that it will now offer unlimited cloud storage on its Amazon Cloud Drive platform. As of the announcement, unlimited cloud storage is available on two new...»

Microsoft acquires another app-making start-up: PowerPoint plug-in LiveLoop

James Farrell | March 27th

The acquisition of LiveLoop by Microsoft has been confirmed for an undisclosed amount, making it the third notable app-specific start-up, after the popular email app Accompli and Android calender app...»

Apple to launch popular iPhone trade-in program in China

Collen Kriel | March 27th

Following the U.S. success of its iPhone trade-in program, Apple Inc. intends to expand the program to China. Sources familiar with the iPhone maker’s plans told Bloomberg that the program is set to launch...»