The end of an era: EA shuts down Maxis Emeryville, the studio behind The Sims and Simcity

Duncan Riley | March 5th

Eletronic Arts Inc. (EA) has closed Maxis Emeryville, the studio behind games including The Sims and Simcity. The news first came via Twitter when game designer Guillaume Pierre tweeted "Well it was a fun 12 years, but it's...»

 Xbox One games coming to Microsoft’s augmented reality headset HoloLens

James Farrell | March 5th

At the Games Developer Conference this week Xbox Chief Phil Spencer revealed Microsoft’s plans to bring Xbox One games to the AR headset that was talk of the town at the Windows 10 event in...»

Rumor: Apple to delay 12.9-inch iPad Pro

Collen Kriel | March 5th

Originally rumored to go on sale in April 2015, production of Apple Inc.’s eagerly anticipated 12.9-inch iPad has seemingly been delayed until September. An anonymous source, said to be familiar with Apple’s plans, told Bloomberg that the delay in...»

IBM acquires deep learning startup AlchemyAPI to boost human-like computing services

Duncan Riley | March 4th

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) has acquired deep learning startup AlchemyAPI Inc. According to Reuters, the purchase is designed to boost IBM's push into more human-like computing services, based around its Watson technology. Founded in...»

Etsy files for IPO, looks to raise $100 million

Duncan Riley | March 4th

Etsy Inc. is going public with the online goods marketplace filing its initial public offering (IPO) documentation with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC.) According to the filing, Etsy is seeking to raise $100 million from...»

Bitcoin Weekly 2015 March 4: BIT gets FINRA approval, Electrum Wallet 2.0, Bitcoin legislation ahoy, Coinbase updates

Kyt Dotson | March 4th

This week (or month at least) more U.S. states are noticing Bitcoin with proposed bills in Utah and New Hampshire appearing to look into allowing government taxes and fees paid in bitcoins, with New York State also appears...»

Nvidia announces Shield streaming set-top device for TV | #GDC2015

Eric David | March 4th

The Shield portable game streaming device by Nvidia Corp has been called "impractical" by some critics, but now Nvidia is taking its Android powered device into the living room with a new...»

Ask Dr. Bitcoin: What happens to stolen Bitcoins?

Mellisa Tolentino | March 4th

Perhaps the most confusing mystery of cryptocurrency bitcoin is how a market designed for science-backed security methods can be victim to heists. Bitcoin theft was one of the many talking point covered in a recent piece by documentarist...»

Ditch the clipboard: RentEval is the app every property manager needs

Winston Edmondson | March 4th

Rapoport Investments, LP, a Dallas, Texas-based investment company headed by Angel Investor Neal Rapoport, has completed the acquisition of a majority stake in RentEval, a real estate services smartphone app. Founded by serial entrepreneur Cheri Garcia,...»