IBM ranks as top dog in software-defined storage platforms niche

Mike Wheatley | September 16th

IDC has just published its second quarter 2014 Worldwide Storage Software Qview survey, ranking IBM Corp., as the world's top supplier of Software-defined Storage Platforms (SDS-P). According to the analysts, SDS-P is...»

EMC will “wipe user data” with XtremIO firmware 3.0 upgrade

Mike Wheatley | September 16th

EMC has apparently made a bit of a balls up with its XtremIO firmware. There's a rumor going around that upgrading to XtremIO v3.0 will delete all of the data from the flash array, and...»

Comcast: “We haven’t banned Tor, in fact we use it too”

Mike Wheatley | September 16th

Comcast yesterday denied allegations it's threatening to cut off customers who use the anonymous Tor web browser. Jason Livingood, VP of internet & communications engineering at Comcast, penned a blog post which insisted,...»

iPhone 6 smashes pre-order records, which means delayed shipments for you

Winston Edmondson | September 15th

Pre-orders for Apple Inc.'s latest handsets, the iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, started at 3am ET on Friday, September 12th. By the same time the following day, over four million iPhones had been sold. Apple announced the...»

Google courts developer community with $100,000 cloud credit and analytics package

Maria Deutscher | September 15th

Google Inc. hopes to increase its standing among developers with new contributions that take aim at two of the hottest trends in the industry.  The gesture that should make the search giant the most fans in the community...»

Preorder the Moto X, and Motorola’s non-douchey bluetooth headset this Tuesday

Winston Edmondson | September 15th

If you're excited about any of Motorola Mobility's new product announcements, Tuesday, September 16, is the day you can put your money where your mouth is. Motorola will begin accepting pre-orders for the all new Moto X, and...»

Can Tableau scale that “startup” feeling? | #data14

Rachel Schramm | September 15th

Tableau Software, Inc. is well-equipped to navigate the tech marketplace in the coming years, said John Furrier and Jeff Kelly, reflecting on their learnings from the first day of the Tableau Data 14 conference. Tableau has experienced rapid...»

HGST takes aim at Server SAN with Flash Fabric | #LongLiveData

Maria Deutscher | September 15th

With the rise of the client-server model, storage was separated from the compute layer and consolidated into a distinct part of the corporate network to accommodate the rapid growth of digital content. Now, an exceptionally sharper increase in...»

What you missed in the Smart World: Anti-glasshole gadgets, all-seeing robot vacuums

Mellisa Tolentino | September 15th

The past week in the Smart World saw the launch of an all-seeing robot vacuum, several new health gadgets including the Apple Watch, and a Wi-Fi guard against glassholes. For those who missed last week’s Smart World Series, here’s a...»

Apple Watch: 3 key points of interest for developers

Rachel Schramm | September 15th

Developers, start your engines. The announcement of Apple, Inc.'s first smartwatch this week opens up a whole new avenues of application development. Dubbed the Apple Watch, this new device has unique features, functions, and a compact interface that...»