Study says “Facebook envy” can lead to depression in college students

Eric David | March 2nd

A recent study published by researchers at the University of Missouri claims to have found link between "Facebook envy" and depression in college students. According to the study, many of the students surveyed showed symptoms of depression...»

What you missed in Big Data: Variety or redundancy?

Maria Deutscher | March 2nd

The analytics ecosystem got bigger last week with the addition of yet more options for processing the new kinds of unstructured data flowing into the enterprise. Hewlett-Packard Co. made the loudest splash after launching a cloud-base...»

IBM to leverage analytics and partnerships to drive business forward| #IBMInterconnect

Rachel Schramm | March 2nd

The IBM Corporation's announcements around cloud services and cloud capabilities at the IBM Interconnect conference last week are in-line with flattening and accelerating the organization. "It's about speed," said Inhi Cho Suh, VP/GM of Big Data,...»

Google open sources homegrown HTTP/2 framework to speed up the Web

Maria Deutscher | March 2nd

Google has released the source code for a communications framework that implements HTTP/2 to handle the flow of data among servers and applications. The launch comes as an official endorsement of the standard from the world's most influential...»

What you missed in Cloud: Boxes and containers

Maria Deutscher | March 2nd

The past week saw the biggest names in the cloud return to the headlines with a series of landmark developments extending the reach of the on-demand model to new frontiers. Box Inc. led the charge with the...»

BlackBerry reveals cross-platform ‘BlackBerry Experience Suite’, expands Samsung partnership

Collen Kriel | March 2nd

BlackBerry Ltd. announced yesterday that it is expanding its cross-platform software strategy. Scheduled for availability later this year, the “BlackBerry Experience Suite” will deliver the company’s security, productivity and communication tools to smartphones and tablets running iOS, Android...»

Report: Microsoft in talks to acquire social news reader Prismatic for $30 million

Duncan Riley | March 2nd

Microsoft Corp. is said to be in talks to acquire social news reader Prismatic (Woven Inc.) for a figure said to be $30 million. According to the report, Microsoft may not be alone in taking...»

The Samsung Galaxy S6 offers a killer mobile payments service, leaves Apple for dead

Duncan Riley | March 2nd

Samsung Co. Ltd's launch of the Galaxy S6 Sunday shipped with one feature that is a killer in the mobile payments spaces and leaves Apple Inc. for dead, and that's a service Samsung has simply...»

Bye bye plastic, hello Gorilla Glass: Samsung launches its new flagship Galaxy S6

Duncan Riley | March 1st

Samsung Co. Ltd. launched its new flagship smart phone the Galaxy S6 Sunday and as rumored the phone comes in two versions: a standard S6 and the S6 Edge, with the Edge supporting edges on both sides of...»

HTC joins Valve to make leap from smartphones into virtual reality with ‘Vive’

Kyt Dotson | March 1st

The mobile phone company HTC Corporation just announced a partnership with video game distribution company Valve Corporation to create a virtual reality headset called the “Vive.” Consumer information for the device is available at the HTC Vive...»