Enlightenment through benchmarking, the Cisco way|#oow14

Rachel Schramm | September 30th

With more apps moving to the cloud, Cisco Systems Inc.'s Raghunath Nambiar, Distinguished Engineer with the company's Data Center Business Group, thinks that Oracle Corp.'s commitment to cloud makes sense. So while Oracle has been touting it benchmark leadership,...»

What’s Amazon want from the smart home market?

Mellisa Tolentino | September 30th

This week’s Smart Living roundup features the latest rumors of new connected hardware coming from a well-known, online retail giant; smart homes being equipped with voice assistants; and a switch that’s actually a smart home hub.


Amazon to make


3 ways Ello could top Facebook

Tavis J. Hampton | September 30th

Time at the top is usually limited. In the case of social media, the stay at the top may be even shorter for businesses trying to capitalize on trends. Facebook, Inc. rose to prominence in the previous...»

Three months late and $200M short, IBM-Lenovo server deal finally looks to be closing

Maria Deutscher | September 30th

Lenovo Group Ltd. is on course to becoming the world's third largest supplier of commodity servers after regulators signed off on a multi-billion dollar deal that will see it take over IBM's x86 business. The acquisition is expected...»

Oracle completes cloud pivot by releasing flagship products as services | #OOW14

Maria Deutscher | September 30th

After years of trying to ignore the trend into non-existence, Oracle Corp is finally giving up on swimming against the cloud computing current and following arch-rivals SAP SE and IBM in making its ...»

NetApp and Oracle: Slow-dancing customers toward cloud | #OOW14

Rachel Schramm | September 30th

Looking to help customers move to the cloud at their own comfortable pace is Oracle Corp. and storage partner NetApp, Inc. A business outcome-focused approach has helped NetApp maintain it's vendor-agnostic policies while encouraging the company to work with...»

GoPro’s new ‘Hero’ is a game changer

Collen Kriel | September 30th

GoPro, Inc. is releasing its new Hero line of cameras on October 5th. The range includes the Hero, the Hero4 Silver and the Hero4 Black. While the three new models vary in price and specifications, it is the GoPro...»

OpenDaylight gets a lot more open – and functional – with second “Helium” release

Maria Deutscher | September 30th

Just short of eight months after launch, the OpenDaylight Project is already marking its second lap towards unifying the software-defined networking (SDN) ecosystem with a new major release that fully lives up to...»

Slim, colorful and cheap – HP’s new Stream series of Windows tablets

Collen Kriel | September 30th

Announced September 29th, Hewlett-Packard Co.’s new colorful and thin HP Stream series of Windows laptops and tablets are machines looking to combine work and play. The range consists of two new laptops and two tablets. HP’s announcement of...»

Xbox One at last on sale in China, without Halo

Collen Kriel | September 30th

On Monday, September 29, Xbox One went on sale in more than 4,000 retail outlets in 37 cities across mainland China. The country recently ended a 14-year ban on the sale of foreign-made game consoles, making Microsoft, Corp.'s Xbox...»