MIT researchers use Big Data to predict Bitcoin’s value

Mellisa Tolentino | October 22nd

Big Data can be useful for predicting all kinds of stuff, like natural disasters, upcoming trends, the spread of diseases and more. Now, researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and the Laboratory...»

Microsoft rebrand: A sad farewell to the Nokia Lumia

James Farrell | October 22nd

Rumors that Microsoft Corp. was to ditch their Nokia brand have finally come true. This was confirmed by the Verge yesterday, and it was also stated on the ...»

A new messaging app called “Gems” wants to pay its users in Bitcoin

Mellisa Tolentino | October 22nd

A new social messaging platform aims to reward users with Bitcoin for spending time on it. Most social networks and messaging platforms make money from selling information about their users to advertisers. That's what ...»

Role reversal for custom furniture software births Things of the Internet

Kristen Nicole | October 22nd

Things of the Internet. That’s a new phrase coined by Jeff Wilson, the man behind the custom furniture startup Massuni, a branch of Verso Furniture, Inc. Looking at the flipside...»

Microsoft endorses value of the app economy | #BigDataNYC

Maria Deutscher | October 22nd

The rise of the app economy has created a unique opportunity for developers to pursue their ambitions, producing multi-billion dollar success stories such as Instagram and WhatsApp, but the data science community does not yet have a...»

Teradata pivots up the analytics food chain with data relationships mapper

Maria Deutscher | October 22nd

Teradata Corp. is rolling out a new solution for identifying relationships across different kinds of information that aims to take the data scientist out of the analytics equation and hurry business insights along. The launch comes...»

Apple iCloud ‘hacked’ in China –allegations fly

Collen Kriel | October 22nd

Great Fire, a reputed non-profit organization that monitors Internet censorship in China, has claimed that Chinese authorities are staging a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack on Apple Inc’s iCloud, saying “This is clearly a malicious...»

Yahoo! finally achieves “material” growth in mobile

Mike Wheatley | October 22nd

Yahoo! Inc. is quietly hopeful of reviving its fortunes after posting a rare increase in revenues for the last quarter, partly drive by its emerging mobile business. The news isn't much to write home about though...»

Google’s Switch tells you exactly how to move from iOS to Android

Collen Kriel | October 22nd

Google has launched Switch, a website that tells you everything you need to know about switching from Apple Inc’s iPhone and iPad to an Android-based device. The site is basically a manual that...»

SAP updates HANA platform with new features, licensing + APIs

Mike Wheatley | October 22nd

SAP SE is hoping to ramp up sales of its flagship HANA in-memory database platform with a raft of new features, including a new application programming interface and improvements to the way it handles Big...»