What you missed in Big Data: Scaling up and out

Maria Deutscher | April 27th

Scalability emerged as the main theme of the analytics world last week as key vendors upped the ante on the capacity of their respective platforms in the fight over enterprise spending. Teradata Corp. went down the density route...»

HP aims beefy new OpenFlow-enabled switch at campus netwoks

Maria Deutscher | April 27th

Hot on the heels of entering the commodity networking business to go after hyperscale data centers, Hewlett-Packard Co. is returning to the proprietary world with a new campus switch that uses the latest iteration of its homegrown...»

IT as a service business model heats up the healthcare industry | #know15

Heather Johnson | April 27th

The digital transformation is underway, and, surprisingly, the healthcare industry is leading the charge. With recent government mandates and incentives in place that center on the digitization of health records, among other issues, healthcare is taking advantage...»

Control your world from your wrist with these Apple Watch apps

Collen Kriel | April 27th

The ability to control your physical aspects of your life from a mobile device is convenient. Whether it is keeping an eye on what your children are up to at home, changing channels on your TV or the...»

The enterprise and cloud: Changing the face of IT as we know it | #know15

Heather Johnson | April 27th

Mike Zill, SVP of Global Shared Services for Becton, Dickinson and Company, believes that enterprise is warming up to the cloud and that IT as we know it will vanish in the next decade. Although historically slow to...»

The important things you should know about Windows 10

James Farrell | April 27th

What’s in a name? There has been a lot of speculation as to why Microsoft jumped straight to Windows 10 and leap-frogged the number 9, but Terry Myerson, Microsoft's Executive Vice President of Operating Systems, at a...»

Photo app maker VSCO raises $30 million Series B

Duncan Riley | April 27th

Photo app and photo plugin software maker Visual Supply Co. (VSCO) has raised $30 million Series B in a round led by Glynn Capital Management that included existing investors Accel Partners and Goldcrest Investments. Founded in 2011, VSCO makes...»

Global tech business management helps businesses capitalize on digital transformation | #know15

Rachel Schramm | April 27th

Digital transformation goes beyond any single service, said Steve Bates, Principal CIO advisory KPMG LLP, runs the Global Technology Business Management Practice. Technology has been "democratized," he said, "and is accessible to everyone." It this type of...»

Diddums: Jay Z defends Tidal on Twitter as service sinks like a brick

Duncan Riley | April 26th

Jay Z took to Twitter over the weekend to defend his streaming music company Tidal, despite the fact that all public indicators would suggest that a month after its relaunch it's sinking like a brick. Tidal, originally launched in...»

Wolfpack Cloud Services excited about ServiceNow’s app store | #know15

Heather Johnson | April 26th

Robert Fedoruk, CEO and cofounder of Wolfpack Cloud Services LLC, says he’s waited for the ServiceNow Store for years. As Wolfpack moves into development, it has one app available already—FocalPoint—through ServiceNow’s app store. “It’s about rapid deployment...»