Is the Alibaba IPO why Bitcoin’s market price is dropping?

Kyt Dotson | September 19th

Today Alibaba Group Holding Limited went public with an IPO in the United States priced at $68, raising $21.8 billion for the company and investors. According to The Wall Street Journal, this makes Alibaba the biggest U.S....»

New platforms, upgrades simplify life for IoT developers

Mellisa Tolentino | September 19th

This week’s Smart DevOps roundup features an update to an Internet of Things (IoT) software development platform, another platform looking to give apps and devices a voice, and a new product to help the development of enterprise apps.  

Embarcadero launches


Cloud vendors inject more security into their networks

Maria Deutscher | September 19th

In an effort to address one of customers' most persistent worries  about using public cloud infrastructure, IBM has teamed up with AT&T Corp. to provide private connections to its Softlayer data centers. The partnership will give organizations...»

Big Data “ups the pressure” on pro journalists: Inside Edition’s Deborah Norville shares her story | #Inforum14

Rachel Schramm | September 19th

 . Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville is a devout believer in Big Data. It "ups the pressure" on professional journalists, she said, when anybody can verify and broadcast data from...»

Red Hat shores up mobile strategy with FeedHenry acquisition

Maria Deutscher | September 19th

Red Hat Inc. has put hybrid computing at the center of its long-term growth strategy, but while the company's on-premise software portfolio may be second to none in the open-source world, its public cloud lineup lags behind the...»

Slow iOS 8 update? Why you should wait, and how to upgrade without deleting photos

Mellisa Tolentino | September 19th

With the newest iPhone 6 already on sale and the iOS 8 software update available for owners of older iPhone models, many of you may be antsy to upgrade. For good reason, too. iOS 8 features a new...»

What’s next for Infor after the cloud? You guessed it – Big Data | #Inforum2014

Mike Wheatley | September 19th

Infor Global Systems has achieved something that the likes of Oracle Corp. and SAP could only dream of. That is, it's successfully transformed itself into a fully-fledged cloud-based software solutions company that, according to Constellation...»

If Infor has its way, tomorrow’s enterprise systems will run entirely in the cloud

Maria Deutscher | September 19th

Infor Global Solutions, Inc., the privately-held enterprise juggernaut with a knack for flying under the industry's radar, is following in the footsteps of its better-known competitors to the public cloud. But while SAP SE and Oracle Corp. are...»

The State of Hadoop 2014: Who’s using it and why

Mike Wheatley | September 19th

Now more than eight years old, the Apache Hadoop platform for processing and storing Big Data is on the verge of hitting the big time. Or at least that's what the...»

Sony eyes developers with sensor-filled Google Glass alternative

Winston Edmondson | September 19th

Sony has a message for mobile app developers: Wearable technology isn't exclusively for wrists. It can also work pretty well when worn on the face. The Japanese electronics giant is releasing the software development kit (SDK) for...»