Bitcoin Weekly 2014 December 17: Time and Microsoft embrace Bitcoin, favorable mention by Ford Motor Company, ‘hacker’ returns BTC

Kyt Dotson | December 17th

It’s the end of the year and Christmas is coming early: Microsoft and Time Inc. have both started accepting bitcoins. This continues a strong trend over 2014 of businesses adopting the digital currency. Although right now there’s a...»

2014 camping holiday gift guide: 5 high-tech gadgets for campers

Suzanne Kattau | December 17th

Welcome to the tenth installment of SiliconANGLE Media’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide series. In this series of gift guides, we’ve suggested some of the best high-tech gift ideas for your friends and loved ones this holiday...»

Smart projects bring home the sun, train dogs

Mellisa Tolentino | December 17th

This week’s Smart Living roundup features a dog collar that lets you train your dog even when you are away, a home built entirely out of smart glass and a photon-centric initiative to help users realize the benefits...»

Two years late, Instagram adds new filters and hides the ones you never use

Mellisa Tolentino | December 17th

Instagram has recently hit a new milestone, surpassing Twitter, Inc.’s 284 million users. The photo editing and sharing service has reached 300 million users, taking the opportunity to announce five new filters and a slew of other filter updates. New...»

The censorship-resistant messaging service based on Bitcoin

Mellisa Tolentino | December 17th

While most Bitcoin fans are enthusiastic about how digital money can change the financial system, others are looking at how its Blockchain technology can change the world. One of the ways it the Blockchain could do...»

Breakthrough or big flop? Arcadia is Microsoft’s secret weapon in game-streaming

James Farrell | December 17th

Recent reports suggest that Microsoft’s ‘next big thing’, a game and app-streaming service codenamed Arcadia, is moving along. The service will allow Windows devices to stream games from the Azure cloud platform. The rumors surfaced following a...»

Controversial mass-shooting game “Hatred” back on Steam Greenlight

Eric David | December 17th

Hatred, a game its creators at Polish game company Destructive Creations describe as "an isometric shooter with [a] disturbing atmosphere of mass killing," is back on Steam Greenlight after being briefly removed yesterday. Hatred has been surrounded with controversy from...»