OpenBSD wants to mop up ‘Heartbleed’ with LibreSSL fork

Mike Wheatley | April 23rd

There's been a lot of talk about fixing OpenSSL to prevent a Heartbleed-like situation from ever arising again, and now a bunch of developers are intent on taking matters into their own hands. One question that's...»

A look at Cisco’s new Managed Threat Defense Service

John Casaretto | April 22nd

Cisco today announced its new Managed Threat Defense Service, a managed security solution that is designed to help customers defend themselves from the modern threat landscape.  The new service was designed in response to the many...»

Open source productivity suite OpenOffice reaches 100 million downloads in less than two years

Saroj Kar | April 22nd

Apache Software Foundation has announced that OpenOffice has passed the milestone of 100 million downloads in less than two years since it became one of the main projects...»

Spotify abandoning P2P in favor of a more traditional dedicated architecture

Saroj Kar | April 22nd

When the music service Spotify debuted in 2008 it made use of peer-to-peer (P2P) technology to deliver songs and since then it has been technological workhorse for millions of subscribers; however, the company will soon be phasing out...»

Wearable tech market gets patents, funding as Nike shies away

Mellisa Tolentino | April 22nd

A new category comes to SiliconANGLE’s Smart World Series - Smart Health.  This issue will focus on how the Internet of Things is reshaping people’s health with innovative wearable devices and applications, as well as its impact


Hortonworks boosts Concurrent team up for Big Data applications  

Maria Deutscher | April 22nd

The elusive promise of the Big Data app economy has inched a little closer to reality on Monday after Hortonworks expanded its partnership with Concurrent to package the startup’s Cascading development framework into...»

Americans don’t trust marketers to guard their private data

Paul Gillin | April 22nd

Amid all the excitement about the revolutionary potential of Big Data, it’s worth remembering that not everyone agrees that micro segmentation and one-to-one marketing are such great things. A pair of new research studies should serve as a warning....»

Key to Red Hat’s business is ambition for OpenShift, OpenStack| #RHSummit

Maria Deutscher | April 22nd

Red Hat is not just a Linux company anymore. In the last few years the vendor has managed to extend its reach to every corner of the enterprise, from the network through the virtualization layer to the public...»

Dark days ahead for Big Data? Depends what you use it for…

Mike Wheatley | April 22nd

According to Gartner’s famed hype cycle, technologies typically follow a similar pattern, in which they're first discovered and immediately over-hyped, causing users to quickly become disillusioned, before finally finding...»

Software-Defined Storage: Flash still plays a minor role

Mike Wheatley | April 22nd

Storage virtualization provider DataCore Software has just published the findings of its latest survey of Software-defined storage (SDS) users, revealing a surprisingly slow rate of adoption for flash-based devices like solid-state drives. This marks the fourth...»