Space programs join open source community, NASA releases source code catalogue

Saroj Kar | April 16th

One small step for NASA, a great gift for the open source community. The National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) plans to release the source code of some 1,000 software projects this week. The U.S. space agency wants...»

Day 1 wrap-up | #RHSummit

Alan McStravick | April 16th

As Day 2 begins, I wanted to take the time to remember all the way back to yesterday on theCUBE. It may have been only 24 short hours ago, but the conversations had with some of the...»

Bitcoin Weekly 2014 April 16: Upgrade to fix Heartbleed bug, Bitcoin value exceeds $500, Amazon not interested in BTC, Reddit’s /r/technology rejecting ‘Bitcoin’ headlines

Kyt Dotson | April 16th

With last week’s Heartbleed bug still bright in the minds of Internet users, if you run a Bitcoin client it is a good time for you to immediately upgrade to 0.9.1 if you have not already. As fears...»

Innovation happens out in the open for modern IT | #RHSummit

Valentina Craft | April 16th

Webcasting live in San Francisco from the Red Hat Summit 2014, John Furrier and Stu Miniman welcomed to theCUBE Ashesh Badani, Vice President and General Manager of OpenShift at Red Hat. Furrier started by asking Badani for a...»

Dell pushes performance envelope with flash cache + HANA integration

Maria Deutscher | April 16th

Dell is addressing the ever-increasing performance requirements of modern workloads with a new flash-based caching solution designed to speed data access in large-scale enterprise environments where application response times are directly tied to the bottom line. Announced on Tuesday...»

Red Hat unveils ‘Project Atomic’ to rule container-loaded servers #RHSummit

Mike Wheatley | April 16th

This week saw Red Hat showing off its newest enterprise Linux technologies, and it's betting big on virtualization containers. At its annual Red Hat Summit yesterday, it showed off a new virtualization initiative...»

Red Hat is really becoming cloud, says CEO | #RHSummit exclusive

Alina Popescu | April 16th

Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO, discussed open source evolution and its role in driving innovation with theCUBE co-hosts John Furrier and Stu Miniman in a live interview yesterday at Red Hat Summit 2014. The birth and growth of...»

Time to update Windows 8.1, it’s just about to be made obsolete

Mike Wheatley | April 16th

So you've only just updated to Windows 8.1, now what? Well, Microsoft wants you to update again, and do it pretty damn quickly, because its about to stop providing support for earlier versions of its...»

OpenStack takes backseat to container tech, DevOps | #RHSummit

Maria Deutscher | April 16th

OpenStack is major theme of this week’s Red Hat Summit in San Francisco, with the open source stalwart revealing that several dozen organizations - including Harvard, MIT and...»

Twitter gets serious with Big Data, acquires data seller Gnip

Mellisa Tolentino | April 16th

Twitter has announced the acquisition of Gnip, one of the world’s largest and most trusted providers of social data.

In a statement, the microblogging site said it's plan was to make its data