Sharing (data) is caring: IBM launches Watson Cloud services for healthcare

Mike Wheatley | April 25th

Enterprise giant IBM has announced a fresh wave of investment in its US Federal Healthcare Practice in order to address the technology needs of public sector health institutions. Big Blue will add Big Data...»

The FCC, OpenSSL and the worst month in Internet history

David Coursey | April 24th

I had understood that appointing the former head of the cable television industry and wireless lobbies as chairman of the FCC was not a good thing. I did not, however, understand how bad it would actually be until...»

Apple and Google tussle for exclusive mobile games

Saroj Kar | April 24th

The competition for best video game platform has extended into the mobile games category and the players are none other than two heavyweights in the mobile space: Google and Apple. According to ...»

Heartbleed is a Walletbleed, too

David Coursey | April 24th

How much has Heartbleed cost us? CloudFlare has posted a blog talking about the costs -- laughably small in my view -- of revoking and reissuing security certificates. This will be expensive, extrapolating into the...»

Chasing unicorns : Analyzing talent at the fastest growing companies

Guest Author | April 24th

In “Welcome To The Unicorn Club: Learning From Billion-Dollar Startups,” Aileen Lee suggested that only .07 percent of venture-backed consumer and enterprise software startups ever achieve billion-dollar valuations. That’s one in every 1,538 companies that have taken seed...»

Bitcoin heads to space in hopes of becoming more secure

Mellisa Tolentino | April 24th

One of the biggest hindrances Bitcoin faces is convincing people that it is secure and safe to use. Another issue is accessibility. But these hurdles may soon be addressed, if Jeff Garzik, a core bitcoin developer, succeeds


Brown University’s data protection journey: from one-size-fits-all to DR-as-a-service | #CUBEConversations

Maria Deutscher | April 24th

The disaster recovery landscape has changed considerably over the last few years as disk-based backup appliances slowly but surely displaced legacy tape in enterprise environments, a transition that Brown University's Nancy Magers says has enabled her team to...»

The Data Economy: Data standards needed to enable Industrial Internet

Jeffrey Kelly | April 24th

At its core, the idea behind the  Industrial Internet (II) is to bring all the world’s industrial equipment online to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of industrial processes through large-scale data analytics and automation. For example, wind turbines outfitted with...»

We’re a partner in the industrialization of IT, says Red Hat CEO | #RHSummit

Maria Deutscher | April 24th

The Red Hat Summit is different than most other vendor shows in the sense that, although it naturally centers on the company and its particular vision for technology, it also places a large emphasis on the ecosystem. And...»

Apple issues Heartbleed patch for AirPort hardware

Mike Wheatley | April 24th

Apple has been left feeling ever-so-slightly red faced after posting a security update to address the Heartbleed vulnerability in its AirPort router hardware. This comes after the company previously stated that all of...»