Future role of the CIO will focus on business optimization | #MITCDOIQ

Rose Meadows | August 1st

The CIO of a major health care firm speculated last week that the CIO job itself could disappear over the next 10 years, with responsibility accruing to the emerging role of Chief Data Officer. James, Noga, VP and CIO...»

Software that keeps employees happy, automates deployments faster

Mellisa Tolentino | August 1st

This week’s Smart IT roundup features a new program to keep employees in the loop, a virtual machine that reduces automated deployment time, and the state of software-defined data centers.

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The ‘father of data warehousing’ moves on to bigger things | #MITCDOIQ

Maria Deutscher | August 1st

The "father of the data warehouse" hasn't talked data warehousing in a decade. Instead, Bill Inmon is tackling the thorny problem of making the 80 percent of corporate data that's in unstructured form easily available for analysis. Inmon, who is...»

Report: SDN landscape divided among fast-moving majority and cautious pragmatics

Maria Deutscher | August 1st

The ability to provision network resources  at the push of a bottom and upgrade the underlying infrastructure without worrying about compatibility issues may seem like a distant dream for practitioners today, but a new report suggests that programmable...»

Twitter notes sharp rise in government requests for user data

Mike Wheatley | August 1st

Twitter has just released its latest transparency report, revealing a 50 percent rise in the number of user data requests over the last six months. A total of 54 governments made requests...»

Stellar debuts with a bang, gives away digital currency for free

Mellisa Tolentino | August 1st

There’s a new kind of cryptocash in town going by the name of "Stellar", but unlike other digital monies, it plays well with both existing ones and regular fiat currencies. What's more, it’s


Microsoft ordered to let Feds snoop inside its overseas servers

Mike Wheatley | August 1st

Microsoft has just lost a key court case that could result in it being forced to give U.S. authorities access to its overseas data centers. On Thursday, District Judge Loretta Preska of the US District Court...»

BadUSB exploit can hack any device, and there’s no cure in sight

Mike Wheatley | August 1st

Ready for another security scare? Good, because every single USB device that you plug into your computer could pose a threat that's worse than any malware. It really is as bad as it sounds. Security researchers...»

XpoLog hopes search makes the difference in log management

Tavis J. Hampton | July 31st

The larger a computing infrastructure gets, the more difficult it becomes to pore through server logs to track down anomalies or errors. XpoLog Ltd. has introduced log management tools...»

Report: Amazon feeling the competitive heat in cloud services

Bert Latamore | July 31st

Microsoft Corp. and IBM Corp. have made significant gains in the fast growing markets for platform-as-a-service (PaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), and related businesses, according to a new report from market watcher Synergy Research...»