What you missed in Big Data: another spike the analytics investment chart

Maria Deutscher | July 25th

It’s been a historic week for the analytics market,  with Hortonworks Inc. bagging $50 million in equity from Hewlett-Packard Co. as part of a broad strategic alliance that will focus on integrating the...»

No more ‘army of one’ with Big Data accountability revolution | #MITIQ

Alan McStravick | July 25th

At this week's MIT CDOIQ Symposium, held in Cambridge, Massachusetts, you wouldn't have been faulted for recognizing that two industries that have embraced the Big Data revolution are healthcare and the financial sector. The benefits of


IoT upgrades for better translations and security : Software-led trends

Mellisa Tolentino | July 25th

This week’s Smart IT roundup features an Internet of Things (IoT) translator emerging from stealth, improved security for OpenStack, and an updated Spend Automation software release from SciQuest Inc.

Octoblu emerges from stealth


Octoblu,  a real-time


How Prodea is piecing together tomorrow’s smart home one service at a time | #CubeConversations

Maria Deutscher | July 25th

Although the smart home market already holds tremendous potential in its current fragmented form, Prodea Systems argues that the connected whole can be worth even more than the sum of its devices given the right...»

StorPool splashes its flash into Virtual SAN

Mike Wheatley | July 25th

Bulgarian startup StorPool is hoping to expand its reach with the launch of a new private beta test of its virtual SAN technology. StorPool builds a virtual SAN using aggregated storage in...»

Oracle’s in-memory tech switched on by default in latest patch

Mike Wheatley | July 25th

Oracle database users will be interested to know that the company has just pushed out “the most comprehensive patch set” it's ever released, and it comes with some eye-wateringly expensive add-ons. Oracle...»

Big, bad data: What’s the big deal over data quality?

Mike Wheatley | July 25th

Big Data is rapidly expanding, and the nature of this data is more complex and varied than ever before. The concept brings with it a new world of insights and possibilities for organizations, but it...»

BitHalo: The decentralized escrow service

Mellisa Tolentino | July 25th

Some people say that Bitcoin is risky to use, because there’s no way to reverse payment if the other party decides to scam you. If you're worried about this, it might be better to


Hortonworks receives $50M from HP to push Apache Hadoop in latest Big Data partnership

Suzanne Kattau | July 24th

Open-source Apache Hadoop provider Hortonworks Inc. and Hewlett-Packard today announced a partnership to accelerate the adoption of Apache Hadoop in the enterprise....»

At 6 billion clicks a month, Bitly has a distributed analytics system DevOps plan

Saroj Kar | July 24th

Marketing folks love click stats, and tiny URLs spread clicks across numerous spaces in social media. Google, Facebook, Twitter and others already have their respective shortening service. URL shorteners give them even more data and makes them even...»