Purse.io: Bitcoins for Amazon products outfit plans next move to airline miles

Kyt Dotson | April 28th

Bitcoin is a born-digital currency, a method for exchanging value without ever leaving a computer or a mobile device. This puts bitcoins into an interesting position when it comes to other currencies, such as gift cards and corporate...»

“Emergent behavior” and the second machine age | #MITIDE

Elizabeth Kays | April 28th

  As we enter the second machine age — nearly 300 years after the first began with Europe’s industrial revolution — there are lots of questions to answer about the future of society, politics and economics. But in...»

Education and innovation in Europe | #MITIDE

Elizabeth Kays | April 28th

  As an MIT alumnus, Jean-Jacques Degroof is passionate about education and the potential of new technology to improve the world for our children. Degroof sat down to talk to theCUBE during the MIT IDE 2015 Conference in...»

Business users rejoice! Salesforce hooks up Excel to its analytics cloud

Maria Deutscher | April 28th

For a company that until not long ago used “the end of software” as its mission statement, Salesforce.com Inc. is taking great efforts to accommodate users of traditional on-premise applications on its cloud platform. The latest milestone...»

Fostering growth and preparing for disruption in London | #MITIDE

Elizabeth Kays | April 28th

  Hasan Bakhshi, director of Creative Economy Policy & Research at London-based innovation agency Nesta, is optimistic about the UK’s future growth. Despite the disruption caused by new technology over the past few decades, he believes that good...»

IoT security gets tough with new initiatives, team ups

Mellisa Tolentino | April 28th

This week’s Smart DevOps roundup features developments that aims to intensify the security of the Internet of Things. BlackBerry’s CHACE security initiative BlackBerry Ltd. has introduced BlackBerry Center for High Assurance Computing Excellence (CHACE), which is an initiative that aims...»

Rapid growth for ServiceNow and ITOM | #know15

Heather Johnson | April 28th

Sri Chandrashekar, VP and general manager of the ITOM business unit of ServiceNow, spoke with theCUBE at ServiceNow’s Knowledge15 event in Las Vegas, about the rising role of IT Operations Management and the meteoric rise of ServiceNow.  



Pinterest launches new API tools to help marketers

Eric David | April 28th

Pinterest has announced a new program called Marketing Developer Partners (MDP), which will provide new tools to allow businesses to better utilize Pinterest as a platform to advertise their goods and services. "People use Pinterest to plan...»

ServiceNow’s exploding business | #know15

Heather Johnson | April 28th

  Since July 2013, when ServiceNow acquired Mirror42 and rebranded its product as ServiceNow Performance Analytics, business has exploded for ServiceNow. While the acquisition proved a huge asset, the transition didn’t come without challenges.

Rebuilding product in platform

  “We didn’t know...»

Declining Windows sales likely to erode Microsoft’s bottom line

Mike Wheatley | April 28th

Microsoft will face a tough challenge to maintain its revenues in the face of declining Windows license sales, which dropped by 22 percent in its most recent earnings report, analysts believe. The company was forced to...»