What you missed in the Smart World: Smart hats and dog collars

Mellisa Tolentino | December 22nd

This week’s Smart World Series delivers updates on the technological innovations that harnesses the power of the sun, a hat that has the potential to replace the fitness tracker, and an initiative to help developers launch Internet of Things projects. ...»

Nintendo is working on its next console, says Miyamoto

Eric David | December 22nd

Super Mario Bros. creator Shigeru Miyamoto says that Nintendo Co., Ltd. is already working on its next home game console. But the creator of gaming's most iconic character says Nintendo is far from abandoning its current console,...»

Microsoft axes free website service from SharePoint Online as part of Office 365 ‘evolution’

James Farrell | December 22nd

As was expected, but not officially confirmed until now, Microsoft Corp. is discontinuing the SharePoint Online Public Website service, a feature enabling users to create public-facing websites in SharePoint. The discontinuation...»

Why rapid tech change demands better internal consensus-building | #HPDiscover

Maria Deutscher | December 22nd

When an enterprise sets out to streamline operations or pursue new business opportunities, technology considerations often jump to the top of the agenda, edging out the important organizational challenges that need to be addressed, said Hewlett-Packard Co.'s Chris...»

What you missed in Cloud: Microsoft ups the ante against competitors

Maria Deutscher | December 22nd

Microsoft pulled the curtains back on a landmark update for Azure that takes direct aim at the workloads organizations keep behind the firewall. Coming just over a month after “human error” took down the infrastructure-as-a-service...»

Uber faces more woe in Taiwan, Chinese city of Chongqing

Duncan Riley | December 22nd

Another day, another woeful tale for Uber Inc., with news out of Taiwan and China that the rideshare service is once again in trouble with authorities. The Taiwan Government said Monday that Uber is not licensed to provide transport...»

What you missed in Big Data: Google prospects for cloud analytics gold

Maria Deutscher | December 22nd

It was an unusual week in the analytics ecosystem as Hadoop monetarily stepped aside to let Google occupy the spotlight when it opened its cloud-based alternative to developers with the release of an open-source SDK designed...»

Facebook blocks anti-Putin page in Russia

Eric David | December 22nd

Facebook Inc. has seemingly complied with an order from the Russian government demanding that the social network block access to a page supporting one of President Vladimir Putin's most vocal critics. The page in question calls for demonstrations to...»

BlackBerry confirms ‘self-destructing’ smartphone in Boeing team up

Collen Kriel | December 22nd

BlackBerry Ltd. announced on Friday that it is working with Boeing Co. on a high-security Android-based smartphone which can self-destruct if meddled with. “We're pleased to announce that Boeing is collaborating with BlackBerry...»

Report: Apple Pay claimed 1% of all digital payment dollars in November

Collen Kriel | December 22nd

Apple Pay, a mobile payments service in relative infancy, is showing impressive early adoption numbers according to a new ITG Investment Research Report on Mobile Payments. The report indicates that Apple Pay...»