Diddums: Jay Z defends Tidal on Twitter as service sinks like a brick

Duncan Riley | April 26th

Jay Z took to Twitter over the weekend to defend his streaming music company Tidal, despite the fact that all public indicators would suggest that a month after its relaunch it's sinking like a brick. Tidal, originally launched in...»

Wolfpack Cloud Services excited about ServiceNow’s app store | #know15

Heather Johnson | April 26th

Robert Fedoruk, CEO and cofounder of Wolfpack Cloud Services LLC, says he’s waited for the ServiceNow Store for years. As Wolfpack moves into development, it has one app available already—FocalPoint—through ServiceNow’s app store. “It’s about rapid deployment...»

Ashley Furniture maintains global presence with ServiceNow | #know15

Heather Johnson | April 26th

As the largest furniture manufacturer in the world, Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. has a massive global infrastructure. Ashley Furniture has IT staff in the US, Asia, China, and India, with the non-U.S. employees comprising 50 percent of...»

Xiaomi picks up India’s Ratan Tata as its latest investor

Duncan Riley | April 26th

Ratan Tata, the chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons, has become the first Indian investor in leading Unicorn Xiaomi Inc. The size of the investment was not disclosed. Tata Sons might not be a well-known name outside of sub-continent, but if you...»

At Accenture, ServiceNow improves business solutions | #know15

Elizabeth Kays | April 26th

Sales Director Justin Bean and Solutions Architect Michael Lutz from Accenture were full of praise for ServiceNow and the impact it’s having on enterprise around the world. “ServiceNow as a platform brings a great opportunity for organizations...»

How ServiceNow uses their product in-house | #know15

Rachel Schramm | April 26th

Jay Anderson, the CIO of ServiceNow was brought in to make sure that ServiceNow was able to maintain its internal business during a period of rapid growth. "We had to become more efficient," Anderson told TheCUBE co-hosts...»

Cloud is the platform of opportunity for business transformation| #know15

Heather Johnson | April 26th

Jason Wojahn, President of the ServiceNow business unit for Cloud Sherpas, points to the ubiquity of the cloud platform during his conversation with theCUBE. “There are very few things you can do in technology that give you...»

Big data leads to big changes in pharmaceutical company procedure | #know15

Heather Johnson | April 26th

Pharmaceutical companies face enormous pressure to cut costs due to pressure from the government around America’s soaring healthcare costs and patent expirations. Needless to say, Dave Smoley, CIO of AstraZeneca, keeps his eyes on the prize. “There are a...»

Enterprise solutions bring productivity, compliance to onboarding | #know15

Heather Johnson | April 26th

David Costar, Director of People and Change for KPMG, sees onboarding as a universal challenge, and an ideal entry point for KPMG’s technical advisory solutions. He and Mark Shank, Managing Director for KPMG, joined Dave Vellante on...»

Higher Education Learns to Embrace the Cloud | #know15

Heather Johnson | April 26th

Lone Star College maintains a focus on technology both on the educational programs it offers and in its infrastructure. A ServiceNow customer since 2009, the college has systematically extended the platform to human resources, finance, and other...»