GigaSpaces converges DevOps and monitoring with Cloudify 3.0

Maria Deutscher | July 29th

The host of new platforms and services that have made their way onto the CIO radar screen in recent years provide organizations with more freedom than ever in how they operate their environments, but that variety translates into...»

How Big Data is helping the Navy’s 12-year journey to efficiency | #MITIQ

Alina Popescu | July 29th

The US Navy has been undergoing a long process of IT infrastructure and resource centralization, an initiative started over 12 years ago. Detailing their progress along this journey to add efficiency and effectiveness is James Meng, Deputy Assistant...»

ThetaRay raises $10M to expand data-driven threat detection

Tavis J. Hampton | July 29th

ThetaRay announced today that it has completed its Series B funding round, having raised $10 million from investors. The Israeli company, which offers on-premise and cloud Hyper-dimensional Big Data Analytics solutions, plans...»

The Internet of deadly things: IoT security almost non-existent

Mike Wheatley | July 29th

The Internet of Things has the potential to transform our lives, but it seems that a complete and utter disdain for security means that it has lots of potential to derail our lives too. According to...»

Lightweight Linux distro CoreOS gets production-ready

Mike Wheatley | July 29th

Developers of the stripped-down CoreOS Linux distro have delivered its first ever production-ready release with version 367.1.0 of the platform. CoreOS is quite a radical departure from other popular Linux distributions. Designed...»

VMware patents virtual disk swap to update cloud-based apps

Mike Wheatley | July 29th

The rapid rise of Docker and its containerization technology has proponents of virtualization technology quaking in their boots now, and for a damn good reason too. While no one is denying that...»

MIT professor shares his take on the CDO | #MITIQ

Maria Deutscher | July 28th

About 25 years ago, a study was conducted at MIT to assess the impact of the education provided by the university on the overall academic performance of students. The results set off a series of probes into the...»

3 options to build private clouds with public cloud perks

Rachel Schramm | July 28th

At the OpenStack Enterprise forum, Wikibon founder Dave Vellante proclaimed 2014 "the year of the cloud." Now that they hype has died down, he said, true change is beginning to occur in large-scale businesses. Many of those businesses...»

Smart kitchens get wave of new tools and funding

Mellisa Tolentino | July 28th

This week’s Smart Living roundup features a smart baking companion, an immersive movie and lighting experience for home entertainment, and more star power behind smart home products.

PantryChic's smart baking tool


Nicole Sollazzo Lee, inventor, Founder and


Big Data needs drive R as a powerful enterprise ready language

Kyt Dotson | July 28th

As Big Data continues to reach larger enterprise adoption, the programming languages that support writing schema and producing Big Data analysis algorithms will rush to keep up. As a result, the open source statistical language R...»