Qlik takes its data visualization platform to the cloud

Maria Deutscher | April 27th

Qlik Technologies Inc. is following the competition into the public cloud with a new managed implementation of its widely-used visual analytics platform that promises to make data insights more accessible. The service is designed to complement, rather...»

Facebook Messenger takes on Skype with free VOIP video calls

Eric David | April 27th

In a move that pretty much everyone expected, Facebook Inc has announced that its standalone Messenger app will now support free video chat. Facebook originally turned a lot of people off of Messenger when...»

AAA Allied overhauls IT with ServiceNow | #know15

Heather Johnson | April 27th

The CIO of AAA Allied Group, Rob Pickering, said that the company—the 12th largest AAA club in the United States—went through three different ITSM platforms before it arrived at ServiceNow. “We wanted a project management tool,” Pickering...»

Sprint touts single-SIM strategy for global Internet of Things service

Paul Gillin | April 27th

In a bid to take advantage of the feeding frenzy over the Internet of Things (IoT) and to gain ground against market leader AT&T, Inc. , Sprint Corp. is expanding its Command Center device monitoring and...»

Jackalope Jobs combines your social network with smart job searches

Eric David | April 27th

Job hunting is the worst. After you spend hours navigating hundreds of job boards and company career sites, you send out a few dozen resumes and hope that at least a handful will make it into...»

How an SRA International app is making cancer research easier | #know15

Rachel Schramm | April 27th

SRA International, Inc. is building an app designed to make it easier for cancer researchers to do their jobs. It supports the technical staff at the National Cancer Institute using QR codes to offer the tech support staff...»

Tesla Motors website, Twitter account and Elon Musk pwned by hacker prank

Kyt Dotson | April 27th

Over the weekend, Tesla Motors, Inc. had its website hacked and replaced with an odd collage of images in what is common for the cyberspace version of graffiti. Near the same time the hackers also hijacked Tesla’s Twitter account,...»

Konami has canceled ‘Silent Hills’ made by Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima

Eric David | April 27th

For the last few months, Konami Corp has been a stone wall when it comes to rumors about game legend Hideo Kojima's exit from the studio, but now the Japanese game developer has announced that...»

The focus on exploring the ITSM marketplace is growing larger everyday | #know15

Heather Johnson | April 27th

  Robert Young, research manager for endpoint device and ITSM at International Data Corporation (IDC), believes that IT departments need a laser-like focus on service awareness. Young analyzes how the cloud, mobile, social and Big Data impact IT...»

ServiceNow’s moves are “damn good” says analyst: ecosystem will explode | #know15

Rachel Schramm | April 27th

Bolstered by consistent messaging and a platform play instead of a product, ServiceNow has continued to evolve and inspire confidence. TheCUBE hosts John Furrier and Dave Vellante shared their predictions for ServiceNow's future as they wrapped up...»