Scary stuff: Drones, robots and wearable tech

Mike Wheatley | April 21st

The world of tech has advanced enormously in just a few short years – we've got smartphones, smart homes, 3D printers, hell we've even got drones and self-driving cars! It's as if we're living in...»

Nike’s Fuelband runs out of steam: What next for Nike?

Mike Wheatley | April 21st

Last Friday a number of conflicting reports emerged about Nike, claiming that it's going to give up on its high-profile Fuelband fitness products, or else make some big changes to the...»

Weekly Big Data Review : Twitter cannibalizes ecosystem + hyperconvergence meets analytics

Maria Deutscher | April 19th

With the analytics revolution now in full swing, companies everywhere are coming under increased pressure to monetize their data, perhaps none more than Twitter. The social networking giant announced this week that it...»

LIX Pen: The world’s smallest 3D Pen that lets you draw in the air

Saroj Kar | April 18th

3Doodler was the first 3D printing pen, which attracted international attention. The project raised over $2.3 million on Kickstarter from backers. But its bulky shape made it difficult for users to use it...»

Telerik open sources largest library of JavaScript UI tools Kendo UI Core to developers

Saroj Kar | April 18th

Telerik has announced the release of Telerik Kendo UI Core, a package of free and open industry-leading UI tools and JavaScript framework features, including Telerik Kendo UI Mobile. The sophisticated...»

Michaels breach – a sign of the times?

John Casaretto | April 18th

Tango down!  Michaels has confirmed the latest in credit card breaches as many as 3 million credit and debit cards were potentially stolen in yet another retail malware attack.  Michaels officially reports that the situation has been...»

Google enhances cloud analytics offerings with Hadoop connectors for GCE

Maria Deutscher | April 18th

Despite playing an instrumental role in the development of Hadoop and making numerous other major contributions to the validation of the broader Big Data movement, Google has fallen behind in the cloud analytics race, allowing arch-nemesis AWS to...»

Red Hat and Dell join forces again, this time for OpenStack solutions

Maria Deutscher | April 18th

Red Hat and Dell are joining forces once again to realize the promise of the open hybrid cloud, which the Linux distributor has been touting for the last couple of years and already made quite a bit of...»

Jaspersoft brings enterprise BI to Cloudera’s Enterprise Data Hub

Maria Deutscher | April 18th

Jaspersoft is bringing advanced analytics and reporting to more parts of the Hadoop ecosystem through support for the latest release of Cloudera’s flagship distribution. The integration comes a month after the embedded business intelligence (BI) provider added...»

Smart World Weekly: Data centers to feel the brunt of IoT + more

Mellisa Tolentino | April 18th

This week’s Smart World Series delivers a renewed focus for the Internet of Things (IoT).  To kick things off, this week’s roundup features how IoT is transforming cities and impacting data centers.

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