PayPal’s independence will bring the fight to competitors

Collen Kriel | October 1st

eBay Inc.’s announcement yesterday that it will spin off PayPal into a separate business in 2015 may position PayPal to more effectively respond to growing competition in the online payments market. PayPal faces rivals from the...»

Reddit gets $50m funding, plans new cryptocurrency to share the wealth

Mike Wheatley | October 1st

Self-styled 'front page of the Internet' site is flush with case all of a sudden, after confirimg a new $50 million funding round. It's a bucket-load of cash to be...»

FTC claims Butterfly Labs shipped USED mining rigs

Mellisa Tolentino | October 1st

A federal judge recently granted the Federal Trade Commission’s request to shut down the operations of Butterfly Labs, Inc., a company that makes ASIC Bitcoin mining gear, over suspicions of...»

AMD shows off Hadoop running on an ARM-based server

Mike Wheatley | October 1st

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) believes that ARM processor architecture will be the future of the data center, and says that servers running on 64-bit ARMv8 chips could be here sooner than you think. Putting its...»

Ebola is in Dallas, and the contact trace race is on

Winston Edmondson | October 1st

The patient who was quarantined at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas has now tested positive for Ebola, making Dallas, Texas the first city in the nation to have uncontrolled exposure to the deadly virus. It's now...»

The state of OpenStack’s community, according to the Foundation’s head | #OpenStackSV

Maria Deutscher | September 30th

Four years after launch, OpenStack is finally starting to see the first user communities forming, according to the head of the industry consortium that oversees the development of the fast-emerging cloud framework. In his latest ...»

Onboard for Oracle’s cloud push, Intel and Cisco share values | #OOW14

Rachel Schramm | September 30th

As Oracle Corp. shifts its focus to the cloud, its partners Cisco Systems Inc. and Intel Corp. provide invaluable support: Oracle runs on Cisco's Unified Computing System (UCS), which is powered by Intel's Xeon processor. Jim McHugh,


Microsoft teleports straight to Windows 10: Here’s 5 things to know

Winston Edmondson | September 30th

Pulling back the curtains today, Microsoft Corp. revealed its next operating system. Much of what was shown was expected, but the software giant did have a few surprises up its sleeve. Here are the top things you...»

Value engineering explained | #Inforum14

Rose Meadows | September 30th

According to one executive, most people don't quite understand value engineering. In an interview for theCUBE at the recently concluded Inforum conference, Infor, Inc. Chief Solutions Officer & SVP of Value Engineering Riaz Raihan explained the concepts behind value...»

Enlightenment through benchmarking, the Cisco way|#oow14

Rachel Schramm | September 30th

With more apps moving to the cloud, Cisco Systems Inc.'s Raghunath Nambiar, Distinguished Engineer with the company's Data Center Business Group, thinks that Oracle Corp.'s commitment to cloud makes sense. So while Oracle has been touting it benchmark leadership,...»