Prominent figures set up Bitcoin ALS funding campaign

Mellisa Tolentino | September 1st

Most readers are probably well aware of the Ice Bucket Challenge by now. But if you're still in the dark about why so many celebrities, everyday people, and even big technology company CEOs are


Smart Living: Samsung’s vibrating necklace + connected devices

Mellisa Tolentino | September 1st

This week’s Smart Living roundup features a vibrating notification headset, funding for a smart home startup, and a tracking device that has no monthly fee.

Samsung Gear Circle


Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. recently unveiled


China turns up the heat in Microsoft antitrust probe

Mike Wheatley | September 1st

China's anti-trust regulator has deepened its probe into Microsoft Corp., giving the company twenty days to reply to queries regarding the compatibility of its Windows and Office software products Reuters is ...»

Android breaks free: One step closer to world domination

Mike Wheatley | September 1st

Google's pursuit of mobile world domination is coming along nicely, with the latest data from UK-based tech analyst Kantar Group showing that Android has made even more inroads into the US and other markets. Apple's...»

Amazon’s enterprise cloud locker comes online

Maria Deutscher | August 29th Inc. officially entered the enterprise file syncronization race on Wednesday with the launch of Zocalo, the homegrown cloud locker it unveiled in July as a response to fast-growing corporate adoption of existing...»

Teaching established industries new cloud tricks | #vmworld

Rachel Schramm | August 29th

Capgemini S.A. is focused on helping customers transition into a new age of technology tools. In combination with VMware, Inc., Capgemini is seeking to help customers enhance their businesses through social, mobile, analytics, or the cloud. These services,...»

Smart World Weekly: Safer roads, smarter robots and tiny modems

Mellisa Tolentino | August 29th

This week’s Smart World Series features smarter roads and homes, fresh funding for wearable health devices, smarter office robots, and new tools for developers.

For those who missed this week’s Smart World Series, here’s a chance


Citrix CTO looks to destroy VDI’s dam of cost | #vmworld

Rose Meadows | August 29th

If you ask them, Citrix Systems, Inc. dominates the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) market because it understood the polar differences of server and desktop virtualization early on. The company reached a point where the virtualized desktop was equivalent...»

The truth behind VMware’s acquisition of AirWatch, and other mobile efforts | #vmworld

Rachel Schramm | August 29th

Customers want mobile of all sorts, according to Sanjay Poonen, EVP and GM of End-User Computing at VMware, Inc. The virtualization service provider is constantly seeking out the tools to meet mobile demand. Whether it's integrating with other...»

Server sales rising: HP leads the way

Mike Wheatley | August 29th

It's anything but doom and gloom for the server industry, despite claims to the contrary. As IDC's latest Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker reveals, sales are actually on the rise, and it all points...»