What you missed in the Smart World: Intelligent glamping and gardens

Mellisa Tolentino | March 30th

This week’s Smart World Series features a smart battery's integration with Facebook Inc.’s new Internet of Things (IoT) platform, new smart garden lights that are powered by the sun, tiny smart homes and more. For those who missed last...»

HP revamps Haven Big Data platform with IDOL & Vertica integration

Mike Wheatley | March 30th

Hewlett-Packard Co. has rolled out a host of new upgrades to its HP Haven Big Data Enterprise and OnDemand platforms in order to better integrate the two elements. The biggest update looks to be the launch...»

Facebook chases Chinese ad revenue despite being blocked in the country

Eric David | March 30th

While its social network might still be banned in China, Facebook Inc is chasing revenue within the country that houses a population roughly equivalent in size to its own user base. The...»

The latest in Japanese smart homes: Why this market is central to R&D

Cynthia Kuzela | March 30th

The smart home is a trend expected to grow worldwide, but the reasons for implementation vary by region. Japan is a particularly interesting case due to the country's advanced technological communities and dense population. The following is a snapshot of recent...»

Opportunity rover’s flash memory flops again

Mike Wheatley | March 30th

NASA's long-lived Mars rover Opportunity was left reeling by another flash memory failure that caused it to suffer a case of “amnesia”, although it didn't lose any scientific data. The weary and battered Martian explorer's flash...»

ClearStory Data beefs up Apache Spark-based analytics solution

Mike Wheatley | March 30th

Big Data intelligence firm ClearStory Data has just launched a new version of its Apache Spark based analytics software that speeds up the time it takes to analyze data from disparate sources. In addition, it's...»

British principals threaten parents with police for letting kids play violent games

Eric David | March 30th

Video games have taken the blame for any number of degenerate behavior in youths ever since the industry was created, and violent game series like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty have given opponents even more...»

What you missed in Big Data: Tapping the connected universe

Maria Deutscher | March 30th

The analytics discussion shifted from the data coming off connected devices to the data stored inside those devices last week after Realm Inc. raised $20 million in a second round of funding for its embedded object...»

Wikibon sees flash storage driving revolutionary business change

Bert Latamore | March 30th

Moving to an all-flash data center, in conjunction with a cloud-enabled converged architecture, can cut the typical large data center’s operations budget by one-third over the next five years (see graph at right), creating resources for new...»

Survey says Hadoop isn’t replacing data warehouses

Maria Deutscher | March 30th

There is a reason why Hadoop has become the center of the analytics discussion. The framework can process more kinds of information and faster than traditional data warehouses at a fraction of the cost, yet a new...»