Never lose your umbrella again with Blunt + Tile integration

Mellisa Tolentino | October 21st

This week’s Smart Living roundup features the world’s first traceable umbrella, a smart way to accept packages, and a retail giant’s new focus on smart, connected products.


Blunt + Tile = first traceable umbrella

  For Londoners and Seattleites,...»

Landmark ruling blocks counterfeit e-tailers, and freedom of speech?

James Farrell | October 21st

The UK high Court has made a first of its kind ruling in determining that internet service providers must crack down on websites selling fake goods. Five of the U.K.’s ISP providers, BT, EE, Sky, TalkTalk and...»

Big Data applications demand agile infrastructure | #BigDataNYC

Alina Popescu | October 21st

The Big Data transformation headed for the enterprise will be driven by the nature of applications and the new data repository. That means agile applications scaling horizontally will challenge the vertically-scaled notions of infrastructure, said former EMC...»

Amazon deal means cheaper e-books, but not everyone is happy

Eric David | October 21st

Readers craving cheaper e-books have a reason to celebrate today, as»

Your filthy phone is making you sick: Here are 3 cures

Winston Edmondson | October 21st

You can't watch the news these days without hearing about the threat of infectious diseases in America. The Ebola virus has claimed the life of the individual who brought it to our shores, and two of his...»

Oracle takes aim at Hadoop governance with Metadata Management suite

Maria Deutscher | October 21st

Amid exploding demand for data integration software in the Hadoop community, Oracle Corp. is rolling out a new way for organizations to track their information as it progresses through the analytics lifecycle. The launch completes the...»

IBM unloads money-losing chip business, shocks investors with Q3 earnings surprise

Maria Deutscher | October 21st

After many months of wrangling, IBM  finally managed to convince Globalfoundries Inc. to take over its unprofitable chip-making operations in a deal that will see Big Blue pay its long-time semiconductor supplier for the trouble rather...»

Selfie distraction claims another victim

Eric David | October 21st

Digital distraction has been known to pose a serious health risk for less cautious pedestrians, and today it took another victim when a man fell...»

OpenStack landmark: Mirantis closes record-breaking $100 million funding round

Maria Deutscher | October 21st

Mirantis Inc. has snagged $100 million in funding to step up its campaign for OpenStack dominance amid increasing competition from both fellow startups and larger incumbent vendors vying for a slice of the hottest trend in the...»

Gmail 5.0 is coming and it’s all good news for Android users

Collen Kriel | October 21st

It looks like Lollipop is not the only treat users can expect from Google Inc.'s mobile operating system, Android. The search...»