In a backflip worthy of a gold medal, Google abandons plans to ban nudity, sex on Blogger

Duncan Riley | February 27th

Google Inc. has backflipped on its decision to ban publicly viewable sexually explicit material and graphic nudity on its blogging service Blogger. The decision to implement the ban, despite sexually explicit material and graphic nudity being on Blogger going back to before...»

Silent Circle targets the enterprise with super-secure Blackphone

Mike Wheatley | February 27th

Remember the Blackphone? Developed in response to concerns over the US government's surveillance programs and concerns over web security, the $600+ handset is designed to keep your communications private and your essential data...»

Scandal at Microsoft: a $22,000 expenses bill in South Korean Hostess Bars and the now former managers who questioned it

James Farrell | February 27th

Two managers say they were forced out of their jobs at Microsoft after they questioned a $22,000 expenses claim that they believed could have partly been to pay for sexual services at a hostess bars in South...»

Deep-linking startup Branch Metrics takes $15 million Series A

Duncan Riley | February 26th

Deep-linking startup Branch Metrics Inc. has raised $15 million Series A in a round co-led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Ben Narasin, that included Pejman Mar Ventures, Zach Coelius, Cowboy Ventures and TriplePoint Capital. The company offers a...»

Box debuts new features and integrations for the financial services sector

Maria Deutscher | February 26th

Box Inc. is moving another notch down its checklist for industry-specific functionality with the introduction of new capabilities aimed at addressing the strict data management requirements of financial institutions. The launch marks the latest milestone in a...»

Big Data winners using inline analytics to derive large ROIs from their investment

Bert Latamore | February 26th

A recent poll of Wikibon community members revealed that many are implementing initial Big Data systems. The vast majority of these, however, focus on an IT operational expense reduction in which large amounts of older company data is...»

What Morgan Spurlock left out of his Bitcoin documentary: How to steal bitcoins

Mellisa Tolentino | February 26th

Morgan Spurlock, the documentarist who brought us the award-winning film “Super Size Me,” now has an investigative show on CNN called Inside Man. His recent episode dealt with living only on the cryptocurrency...» hijack raises Lizard Squad’s cybercriminal cred slightly

Kyt Dotson | February 26th

At approximately 4pm EST yesterday the website took a turn for the strange: visitors were treated to a video slideshow of a random teens set to the tune of “Breaking Free” from High...»

Flexible electronics make cities smarter

Mellisa Tolentino | February 26th

This week’s Smart City roundup features how flexible sensors can help the Internet of Things gain momentum, why Singapore doesn’t use the term ‘smart city’ and a different kind of power grid in Germany.  . Flexible sensors help...»

IBM, ARM announce IoT Starter Kit based on Freescale board but not the price

Saroj Kar | February 26th

The IoT Ethernet Starter Kit is a new hardware development kit dedicated to the world of connected objects. This solution, proposed by ARM Holdings plc (ARM), was created with the support of IBM. The only...»