StackEngine wants to help organize your Docker containers

Mike Wheatley | October 2nd

Docker containers are one of the most hyped-up technologies of the last few years, yet there's still a long way to go if it's to fulfill its...»

The problems with Open Data: Big, bad and wide open to abuse

Mike Wheatley | October 2nd

This week the government released data on more than 4.4 million medical payment records in line with its Open Payments initiative, and it's already come in for some strong criticism from...»

Beyond the reach of OEMs, QLogic shares strategy to target new customers| #OOW14

Alina Popescu | October 1st

Focused on meeting evolving buying needs of customers looking to avoid OEMs, QLogic Corp. has its own appeal to those seeking an IO solution. With their latest launch of a 10 Gb Ethernet Adapter made available through their...»

Why science geeks need storage scaling, too | #OOW14

Rose Meadows | October 1st

The ability to scale storage in the scientific realm is essential. As the instrumentation and technology used to capture data increases in megapixel resolution, that drastically implies an increase in the amount of storage required to archive all...»

Why Cisco focuses on cloud consumption models and cloud-stye computing | #OOW14

Alina Popescu | October 1st

With close to 40,000 customers worldwide, Cisco Systems Inc.’s Unified Computing System (USC) put the company at the lead as North America’s top blade server vendor. Focusing on pushing fabric-based computing to the industry, Cisco is now bringing more...»

DevOps Weekly Round-Up: Automation and the journey to open standards

Saroj Kar | October 1st

DevOps and continuous delivery of services and applications is changing the way that businesses and enterprise address critical IT operations. Focused on customized innovation, HP announced the general availability of the SDN App Store to develop and sell their...»

Bitcoin Weekly 2014 October 1: Circle exits beta, Square plans POS system for BTC, Reddit alt-coin IPO, OpenBazaar 2.0

Kyt Dotson | October 1st

This week Circle gets the center ring after coming out of its lengthy closed beta to throw open its doors to the unwashed masses. The company hopes to provide another portal for consumers to enter into the bitcoin...»

Analysts break down Oracle’s new cloud business model | #OOW14

Alina Popescu | October 1st

There's a new business model in town for technology stalwart Oracle Corp., now based on the three layers of cloud: infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, and the company’s enormous portfolio, led by applications. In this...»

After a year of incubation, Apache welcomes Storm into the Hadoop family

Maria Deutscher | October 1st

Real-time analysis in Hadoop moved a step closer to enterprise reality on Monday after the Apache Software Foundation promoted Storm to a top-level project. The status upgrade charts a future for the continued...»

Oracle makes a splash in the all-flash party with its FS1-2 arrays

Mike Wheatley | October 1st

Oracle Corp. has burst back into the SAN storage scene with the launch of its new Oracle FS1-2 Flash Storage System, which is “like no other array on the market”, writes Wikibon analyst David Floyer...»