Is Cisco Setting Up Their Own CDN?

image According to Dan Rayburn at StreamingMedia, there is growing evidence that Cisco might be creating their very own CDN. In a post today, he cited a couple colocation company’s reports that Cisco had acquired space in their facilities.

Within the past week, two colocation companies have contacted me to say that Cisco is acquiring colocation space in various third party data centers in the U.S. for what Cisco is calling a new Cisco based content delivery network. While Cisco has operated a CDN of their own for over ten years, it’s never been an external facing offering for other companies outside of Cisco’s own personal use.

As Dan said, the signs seem to indicate that there’s a content delivery network in the works, even though it might not make good business sense for them to enter into competition with their clients.

What’s more, if it’s a externally facing CDN, it would on the face of it seem to be a more economical idea to acquire one of the smaller players in that industry.

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