Biz Stone: “We’re not for sale.”

image Twitter has been officially declared “off the market” today by Biz Stone during today’s appearance on what has been loosely termed “daytime talk show,” The View.

This follows a trail of red-hot rumors that all manner of large tech companies were in line to buy the company, ranging from Google to Microsoft, and most recently Apple.

Adam Ostrow at Mashable claimed to not be surprised by the decree, but we are here at SiliconANGLE. It isn’t that we thought Apple and Twitter would be a great fit – that sort of acquisition makes little sense at all.  That Twitter is taking itself off the market seems foolish for a number of reasons.

Most importantly, Twitter needs the buzz. Aside from the hunt for the missing business model, one of the most enjoyable dances for the blogosphere is to matchmaker them up with a buyer.

Even more importantly, though, is that their star can only rise so much further before it starts to fall. Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook crew has seen a rapid decline in the public’s willingness to believe that the company is still worth upwards of $2 billion, let alone the $15 billion valuation they want us to believe.


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Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins

Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins was the Founding Editor of SiliconANGLE, as well as the creator of and Executive Producer for theCUBE. He has since left the company to found the digital agency Roger Wilco and take a partnership with Barista Ventures.

He’s a Bitcoin early adopter, as well as a blogging, podcasting and social media pioneer. Prior the founding of SiliconANGLE, Hopkins worked as Associate Editor at Mashable during its formative years. Prior to his career in startups and media, he worked as a developer for large corporations like Nokia, IBM, Apple and Cox Communications. Hopkins lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and two children.
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  1. It's called “playing hard to get”

  2. Those guys at twitter – Biz and Ev – are playing “smoke and mirrors” and a good game of it at that. No one that really studies the money they have, the money they are making, and the money they are worth really believe any of the daytime talk drama tour they are on. It's good for the “mirror” part of the game, but when the smoke clears – someone will buy them, and for a lot of money (since they owe a lot of money that has been invested in them!).

    The nice thing also, is that twitter no matter how trivial they may appear, we'll look back in about 10 years or more and say “Wow, they really changed the entire game!” – Just the same way the blip went in 1999'ish with Napster – the music biz hasn't been the same, though Napster sort of just did the fade away part, and I'm all good with that – they played their role in what is forever known as the music biz and an iconic one at that!

  3. There's no doubt that they've changed several games. I love the heck out of Twitter, but I sometimes wonder what's going on in the heads of Biz and Ev – they've passed up a great deal of opportunity over the years and made a ton of puzzling moves in their treatment of the developer community that made the company.

  4. I think they are being advised to stick the course – that's why all the weird moves of theirs. Not only that, you only get to do something like twitter once – might as well enjoy the ride for as long as you can! :)

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