FTC Blogola Roundup: The Jury Is Out

image Despite the fact that it’s a somewhat dry and slightly esoteric topic, the subject we’ve covered here fairly extensively over the last several weeks regarding the FTC’s rules for bloggers, or as BusinessWeek is dubbing it: ‘blogola,’ is getting a fair amount of disparate discussion across various silos in the blogosphere.

It’s a topic that still holds interest for me and quite a few of the rest of you, since it’s applicable to a wide swath of Internet users, not just professional bloggers.

We at the SiliconANGLE are definitely against the new proposed guidelines, as they represent a serious threat to the liberty of speech bloggers currently enjoy. Here’s our few takes on the topic here at SiliconANGLE:

- FTC New Disclosure Guidelines, a Third Examination [Bloggers, Marketers and PR]
- FTC Social Media PR Regulation Update: Blogger Catch-22 or Loophole?
- Social Media Marketing is (Mostly) Legal. Is Modern PR Legal, Though?
- It’s Not About Best Practices, It’s About the Constitution [Blogola]

Here’s a sampling of the crème of the crop that’s come across my radar from around the blogosphere.

Pro-FTC: Either moderately in favor of the guidelines, or leaning that way.
- FTC moves to require disclosure of ‘blogola’
- What to Make of FTC Paid Post Regulations
- On the Horizon: New FTC Disclosure Regulations For Mommybloggers?
- Three Views of the Proposed FTC Rule Changes

FTC-Neutral: Not sure yet, or presenting multiple viewpoints.
imageThis is Not a Sponsored Post: Paid Conversations, Credibility
- When & How To Pay A Blogger
- The FTC And Mommy Bloggers
- Blog Council – Big Business Blogging | FTC to take on paid posts
- FTC Looks To Regulate Blogger Credibility
- Bloggers, Brands & the New Publishing Paradigm
- FTC: What is the Federal Trade Commission Doing to Internet Marketing?
- Three Views of the Proposed FTC Rule Changes

Anti-FTC: Would rather have a root canal than the new guidelines.
- Disclosure – another set of old media rules that don’t apply
- Three Views of the Proposed FTC Rule Changes
- Conflict of interest doesn’t apply to blogs (another reason newspapers are dying)
- FTC targets bloggers, ignores newspapers
- The FTC and Sponsored Conversation
- Blogola: The FTC Takes On Paid Posts
- FTC to Regulate Blog Posts?

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