Mark Hurd’s $14,000 Woman Is Jodie Fisher – The Woman Who Took Down Hurd Is Revealed

image The Mark Hurd scandal which we were one of the first to report is taking another turn.  The women who took down the Mark Hurd, the largest CEO of the computer company HP, is now known.  Her name is Jodie Fisher.  According to San Jose Mercury News, it’s Jodie Fisher.

Jodie Fisher was at the center of the scandal that brought down the biggest CEO of the computer industry – yes that would be former Hewlett-Packard CEO Mark Hurd.  According to the Mercury News, Foster came forward today, saying she was “surprised and saddened” that Hurd had lost his job as head of the world’s largest technology company.

Jodie Fisher, a 50-year-old former salesperson and sometime actress who has appeared in little-known films and a short-lived reality TV series, said in a statement from Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred that she has resolved her claim against Hurd privately, and reiterated that she and Hurd did not have a sexual relationship.

“I was surprised and saddened that Mark Hurd lost his job over this. That was never my intention,” the woman said in her statement.

Although Hurd didn’t have a sexual relationship with Fisher, she caused Hurd to “pad” expense reports which according to HP employees was well known among the staff.  A tipster told me the amount was $14,000.

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  1. omg.  this is STUPID.  clinton did more and was still able to be the leader of the fress world.  show cares?

  2. I think it has to do with the corporate culture at HP and the standards they set for their management.
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    903-253-0143 . . @rizzn

  3. As an ex-HP employee, I know Mark Hurd has been a cancer to HP for as long as he’s been there.  Sure performance is up, but he crippled the company long term.  

    His employees left in droves (including me.  The rest would have left when the economy got better.  Managers at HP wonder how they can keep the people they have, because no sane person wanted to come work there anymore.  College hires?  They see HP as a also-ran with bad benefits.  

    You can see more on what Hurd did at my website <a href=””>FU-Mark Hurd</a>, and take the poll on what you think of him.

  4. According to the Mercury News, Foster came forward today


  5. Lets put it this way, no one knows the whole story behind their relationship, however i am sure it wil come out eventually. In my opinion Jodie is a fame whore who was just looking for her next victim that would rise her celebrity stock. The girl will do anything to ge famous. She has a been in reality tv shows, infomercials, playboy, and lets not forget her dabble in the porn industry! Haha thats right, Jodie is also a porn star. Check out her movie at:

  6. wow.. while they may go down as the dumbest corporate snafu in the world.. you’ll go down as the dumbest journalist in the world.. grammar and spell check would be good..  but that a side.. you make more accusations that can’t be substantiated here than a commentator with an axe to grind..

  7. For someone griping about grammar, you seem to have a “piss poor” grasp of it.
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    903-253-0143 . . @rizzn

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