Microsoft Picks Up 7 IDEA Awards for Design Excellence

As you are undoubtedly picking yourself up from the floor from laughing so hard at the thought that Microsoft would get any kind of award for design excellence, let me fill you in with the details of this momentous occasion.

The annual International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) are handed out each year around this time by The Industrial Designers Society of America.  Past winners of their awards include such luminaries as Apple, IDEO, Herman Miller, and Frog Design. In terms of design, the IDEA program is considered by those in the industry to be their version of the “Oscars”, and winners are judged by their peers.

So what products did Microsoft win awards for?

Nice going, Microsoft.


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Steven Hodson

Steven Hodson is the Media Editor for SiliconANGLE, and is a long time computer and Internet watcher having seen both develop for the cutting edge days of the XT right through to the mobile revolution. He has also spent many years writing about our world's fascination with technology and social media often with a critical eye, both on his own for sites like Mashable and The Inquistr. He currently spends his time recovering from tech and social media overload by hanging out with, and writing about, geeks and the things they love.


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