Experts Vindicate Cell Phones of Cancer Risk

A group of international experts have reviewed the body of scientific research regarding the safety of cell phone radio signals and concluded that the evidence is increasingly vindicating cell phones.  This study is in line with my rational discussion of cell phones article where I discussed sensible precautions that not only reduce radio exposure to the head by 99% but also promote vehicular safety and ergonomic health.

Cell phones have been in use for over 20 years and have been popular for 10 years.  Radios that are thousands and even a million times stronger have been by humans for 80 years.  If there was any danger in radio technology, it’s so small that we’ve never measured any significant increase risk of cancer.


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George Ou

George Ou was a network engineer who built and designed wired network, wireless network, Internet, storage, security, and server infrastructure for various fortune 100 companies. He is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP #109250). He was Technical Director and Editor at Large at and wrote one of their most popular blogs “Real World IT.” In 2008, he became a Senior Analyst at, and he currently writes for High Tech Forum


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