Stolen iPad Found in Pants of TSA Agent. Passengers Enraged!

TSAThe TSA is readily known for groping and fondling one’s personal “assets” as a procedure for travel security.  As uncomfortable as this topic is,  it reveals the things you try to hide.  What does it mean for the agent?  It looks like they can hide things too.  Like an Apple iPad.

A Continental Airlines employee was on his game when he observed a TSA agent confiscating an Apple iPad and shoving it in his pants.  As uncomfortable as it might be for both parties,  the TSA agent had admitted to stealing frequently.

Stealing was a secondary income, admitted Nelson Santiago.  eBay is still an outlet to monazite stolen goods in reference to the Nigeria scams from years ago.

I really have a hard time comprehending how someone would have the urgency to shove an iPad in their pants.  Regardless of being stolen goods or not.  Apple is renowned for their extravagant design in products,  so putting it anywhere else but a human hand is a destructive thought pattern.

The TSA probably won’t get my “Likes” on their Facebook page.   In fact, I wasn’t even able to find a TSA fan page on Facebook after doing a search.  However, this situation won’t encourage people to fly, regardless of their own “Likes” for the TSA.

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