Hadoop, NoSQL and Big Data Job Trends

Hadoop, NoSQL and Big Data Job Trends

Apple is looking for a Hadoop administrator to help “redefine” adverting on mobile devices. TripAdvisor needs a software engineer to build out its bigger than 25 terabyte database. Nokia seeks an engineer to help analyze unlimited data points. And EMC wants a software engineer to build its Hadoop ecosytem and work closely with the Apache community.

At both Oracle OpenWorld and the Teradata Partner conference this week, the conversation will center on issues surrounding big data. The demand for people who can do this work is illustrated in the job postings.

It’s a great time to be a data architect; have the know how to administer a Hadoop cluster; understand the complexities of the R statistical programming language or expertise in NoSQL. The list goes on with the growing list of skills needed to manage data. For example, employers want people who know Cassandra, HBase and Pig.

Really, the job market for people with big data skills is better than ever. Here’s some proof:


Big Data:

Services Angle

Traditional solutions integrators are starting to hire people with big data skills. That is prompted by customers who are responding to new pressures that come with scaling amounts of unstructured data. And it’s a testament to the new developments by vendors, which create new needs for people with big data skills.

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