Get Your Shopping Apps and Beat the Holiday Rush

Get Your Shopping Apps and Beat the Holiday Rush

Just in time for holiday shopping, Billeo, Inc., creator of apps that help consumers save time and money while shopping or paying bills online, announces that its new ShopSmart App for iPad is now available on the iTunes App Store.  ShopSmart instantly alerts users about deals from their loyalty and rewards programs, favorite merchants and daily deal services, delivering an average of 10 percent savings on each purchase.

Billeo’s unique technology combs through the countless, and often complicated, discounts and deals offered by a shopper’s loyalty and reward programs and then displays relevant offers that can be applied to a sought-after item–instantly delivering savings. Overlaid on top of existing sales and deals from top merchants, shoppers can often take advantage of double-or triple-dip savings–including cash back, additional points and other rewards. ShopSmart also helps shopper’s manage their accounts from popular daily deal services, like Groupon, and allows them to share offers and get friends’ feedback via Facebook on purchasing decisions.

“We’re entering another holiday season where saving as much money as possible will shape people’s shopping habits,” said Murali Subbarao, CEO of Billeo, Inc. “ShopSmart was created to help simplify the process of saving money by doing the hard work of tracking and presenting deals and offers across various merchant offerings, daily deal sites and loyalty and rewards programs.”

How it Works

ShopSmart users select the debit and credit cards they have and the loyalty programs they use. From then on, when someone’s shopping in the app, ShopSmart automatically checks against Billeo’s network of deals and the shopper’s loyalty and reward programs–instantly alerting the shopper to relevant offers. It also safely saves and auto fills payment and shipping information in the app’s eWallet, helping save time at checkout, and connects users to Facebook friends so they can get friends’ opinions on an item before purchasing, without leaving the app.

Just last week, Google Offers, Google’s daily deal offering, launched their app for Android devices.  The app allows you to discover, buy and redeem your favorite deals on the go.  It notifies users about all the great Offers that match their interests. The app let users purchase offers in just a few clicks and even redeem paperlessly with select merchants.

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Here are other shopping apps that would surely help you out when you’re doing your holiday shopping: CompareMe on iTunes for $1.99 lets you compare the cost of products from different sellers; Google Shopper on iTunes and Android Market for free; Amazon Mobile on iTunes for free and on Android Market also for free; and Groupon for Apple, Android and BlackBerry devices is free.

There are lots of shopping apps that would help you save some bucks while shopping for the holidays.  It’s great to get gifts but sometimes, it’s so fulfilling when you’re able to make people happy by giving them even just a small trinket.

Mellisa Tolentino

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