Who Keeps the ZooKeeper? Netflix Open Sources Apache ZooKeeper Tools

Who Keeps the ZooKeeper? Netflix Open Sources Apache ZooKeeper Tools

Dell’s Crowbar plugin for Apache Hadoop wasn’t the only new Hadoop tool open sourced by a major company yesterday. Netflix released Curator, a set of libraries for working with Apache ZooKeeper. Zookeeper is a coordinator for distributed applications such as Hadoop. It’s part of BigTop, the Hadoop distribution that includes the “extended family” of Hadoop tools.

Netflix describes Curator as a “ZooKeeper keeper.” Its features include:

curator-client – A replacement for the bundled ZooKeeper class that takes care of some low-level housekeeping and provides some useful utilities
curator-framework – The Curator Framework is a high-level API that greatly simplifies using ZooKeeper. It adds many features that build on ZooKeeper and handles the complexity of managing connections to the ZooKeeper cluster and retrying operations.
curator-recipes – Implementations of some of the common ZooKeeper “recipes”. The implementations are built on top of the Curator Framework.

A new version of ZooKeeper was just released last week.

Netflix is a big user and supporter of open source technology such as Apache Cassandra and Hadoop. The company has a few more open source tools in the pipeline:

  • Astyanax – The Netflix Cassandra Client
  • Priam – Co-Process for backup/recovery, Token Management, and Centralized Configuration management for Cassandra
  • CassJMeter – JMeter plugin to run cassandra tests

Keep an eye on the Netflix GitHub.

Now if only Netflix would make its Chrome extension available to non-ChromeOS users so that Linux users can watch its streaming service…

(Hat tip: MyNoSQL)

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