Attivio Taps CSC for European Consulting Partnership

Attivio Taps CSC for European Consulting Partnership

Attivio announced earlier this week that it has partnered with IT services provider CSC to expand its presence in Europe.

CSC will distribute and provide support services for Attivio’s unified information access platform in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and throughout Central Europe. The platform, called Attivio Active Intelligence Engine, enables developers to build analytic end-user applications that draw on varying data types stored in multiple databases and systems.

CSC has an established business analytics consulting practice that includes partnerships with a number of name-brand business intelligence vendors, including SAP BusinessObjects. The new deal with Attivio should not conflict those relationships, as Attivio’s platform is meant to compliment existing BI deployments. Developers can deliver applications via traditional BI tools with Attivio’s AIE serving as the foundation.

“CSC has 50 years of experience delivering successful BI and data warehousing solutions using leading tools such as IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects, SAS, Informatica, QlikView and Oracle,” said Gerhard Fercho, president of CSC’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Central Region. “We view Attivio’s Active Intelligence Engine as a strategic complement to these technologies for our customers.”


Consulting services are likely to play an increasingly important role in business analytic deployments. The advent of Big Data gives provides new opportunities to derive business value from structured and unstructured data, but most organizations lack the internal staff/skills to implement and managing the infrastructure needed to support Big Data practices. Organizations can also benefit from the experience of analytic consultant like CSC in determining which questions to ask of Big Data and how best to visualize the answers. 

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Jeffrey Kelly

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