Video: Kanban and DevOps Roundtable

Video: Kanban and DevOps Roundtable

I mentioned the Kanban for workshop last week. If you couldn’t make it, check out this video debriefing on Kanban. It’s not a replacement for the workshop, but it gives some insight into Kanban and why it works for some organizations.

On the round table are:

  • Damon Edwards (DTO Solutions)
  • Luke Kanies (Puppet Labs)
  • John Willis (Enstratus)
  • Gene Kim (Author of Visible Ops)
  • Dominica DeGrandis (Kanban consultant, David J. Anderson & Associates)
  • Some interesting points from the discussion:

  • Kanban is good for remote teams, not just those that work in the same physical place.
  • Kanban isn’t a replacement for project management, it’s a way of visualizing projects.
  • Don’t try to make a lot of decisions based on Kanban until you have some data. “You’re not going to be able to do anything until you see some patterns,” John Willis says.
  • The visibility of Kanban can help generate more empathy within an organization – when there’s visibility into the backlog, people can be more understanding about project delays.
  • The best advise for getting started with Kanban? Just start doing it, don’t overthink or overplan it. Just try it.
  • (hat tip Dev2Ops)

    (Photo by Dennis Hamilton)

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