Live Coverage from Intel NAB Show, Today on SiliconAngle.TV

SiliconAngle will be at the Intel NAB Show, which kicks off today, at the event “where content comes to life” to bring you the latest developments in digital media.  Catch the live stream at SiliconAngle.TV, where we’ll be interviewing executives and industry experts for ongoing coverage and analysis. It’s an annual trade show produced by the National Association of Broadcasters, held at the Las Vegas Convention Center this week. It is one of the world’s largest digital media and entertainment events, attended by influential digital media leaders across the globe.

This year NAB will tackle what’s new in 2012 and the content market. It will also hold luncheons, official after parties, and book signings.

There are two categories of registration packages: conference and training. See here to choose the package that’s right for you. And here’s a quick list of conferences you can attend: Broadcast Engineering Conference, Broadcast Management Conference, Cloud Computing Conference, Creative Master Series, Disruptive Media Conference, Military and Government Summit, and Technology Summit on Cinema.

Some of the prominent speakers at NAB this year include Apple co-founder and currentl Fusion-io chief scientist Steve Wozniak, Adobe’s Steve Forde, “Titanic” and “Hugo” visual effect supervisor Rob Legato, NHK’s Keiichi Kubota, and Freakonomics author Stephen Dubner.

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Kristina Farrah

A ninja, a tech enthusiast and a lover of sparkly things. Writing in the tech space has become an important part of my role as an observer and historian. As passionate as I am in what I do, I look forward to telling stories of how technological advancement broke out to unprecedented levels, and that I was right there in the middle of it –watching the world change before my very eyes.


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