Kanban Hackers Extend Rally ALM Tool at Hackathon

This week agile application lifecycle management vendor Rally held a hackathon in Boulder, CO to celebrate the new version of the company’s App SDK, which gives developers full access to all artifacts and can take you back to older states, and the launch of its Analytics API.

First place was a tie between Kanban Time Machine, a tool that let’s you browse through a virtual Kanban board’s history, and Plan Plan Palatable, a tool that adds hierarchal structures to Rally’s Portfolio Items feature. Third place went to a project that makes it easier to see a burn-up chart for an item. The first place winners took home new iPads.

The winners will have the option of adding their apps to Rally’s app catalog, which will make them available to any Rally customer. Rally also announced that it is putting its entire app catalog (90+ apps) on Github, though it won’t be open sourcing its core product.

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