Permabit Reigns in Storage Mobility, Top Trends

Market research firm Data Mobility named Permabit a Top Information Management and Storage Vendor in a recent report.

The paper, which was written last month and recently made available on Permabit’s website, praises the company’s Albireo deduplication solution as a “crash course in cutting-edge data optimization” for the market that “leapfrogged existing data optimization technologies.”

Albireo is fast, and it takes a very unique approach that contradicts what everyone else is doing. The embedded software is geared for use by OEMS and does justice to its description by removing a lot of the dependencies that come with other offerings, which handle read and write operations themselves. Instead Albireo tells the OS it’s running on how to store data, and leaves most write operations and all read operations to that platform.

“Permabit’s significant contribution to the future of data optimization delivers what file, operating and storage system vendors have failed to deliver in the past: optimized storage capacity without unhealthy and unnecessary technology dependencies and processing overhead for read operations,” reads the report.  “Conceptually, Albireo is a brilliant solution and remains one-of-a-kind in the field of data optimization.”

Data Mobility’s report is the latest paper that underscores what users have been saying for a few years now: Permabit’s software is definitely ahead. And the firm is making sure that its management team is staying sharp enough to maintain this momentum.

In June the company appointed Neal Civjan as its new vice president of sales. The executive has a lot of Silicon Valley experience, which encompasses a key role in the development of the Java ecosystem.

Before the high-profile hire, Permabit partnered with storage systems maker StoneFly.

Storage management is a responsibility that is being heavily influenced by trends such as big data. NetApp addressed it with some of the new features that were rolled out with the latest version of StorageGRID earlier this month.