10gen Projects Growth for MongoDB

10gen president Max Schireson sat down and spoke with SiliconAngle founder John Furrier on theCube at Oracle OpenWorld 2012 to talk about MongoDB (full video below).

10gen President Max Schireson on theCube at #OOW

MongoDB is an open source database system developed by 10gen. Max Schireson notes that the company has had rapid growth and progress recently. They went from a team of 25 last year to 175 today. This growth coincides with the customer expansion that has occurred. Initially MongoDB was mainly being utilized by web companies like Craigslist, Foursquare, and Shutterfly. They have now expanded into banks and telcos as well.

When asked about the ease of working with MongoDB, Schireson expressed that the goal behind MongoDB was to build something simple and appealing for developers. They wanted to make it scalable, so they looked at what features from SQL limited scalability. The other important factor was to keep features that would help developers to be productive.

A discussion about Oracle brings out that based on the large usage of Oracle means that MongoDB not only has to be cheaper than Oracle, but also better. Max Schireson feels that the economics of Oracle are outdated due to the cost of the database. He feels that “a database shouldn’t be ten times as expensive as everything else” required in order to operate that database.

The future outlook of MongoDB is more work around security and auditing the system. With the expansion into new customer types, compliance is becoming a more important issue. Their customers want to meet standards of security dealing with sensitive data that they house.

John Furrier brings out that according to the SiliconAngle TrendConnect report, MongoDB is more popular than Hadoop with data scientists, while IT professionals have more buzz about Hadoop. Max Schireson says that Hadoop is a good tool for complex or high end use cases, but that they want MongoDB to range from the simple to the complex in usage. Schireson also mentions that he does not see enterprises having to always choose between database systems by noting that companies like eBay and Foursquare utilize both MongoDB and Hadoop for different things in their system.

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Lastly, Max Schireson expresses his enthusiasm about the future for MongoDB. He projects normalized growth in company size, with the transition to larger enterprises.

See the full interview below.

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