Kaazing, Dell And TIBCO Team To Deliver Large Data At Faster Speeds

Kaazing, Dell And TIBCO Team To Deliver Large Data At Faster Speeds

For the first time ever, a single Dell server rack can now support up to one million concurrent web-connected users by utilizing the power of Kaazing’s JMS Edition 3.5 platform.  This was possible through the collaboration of Dell, TIBCO Software and Kaazing, the first industry web benchmark that provides real-time interaction, capable of delivering near instant data.

“Dell came to Kaazing to help demonstrate the full power of their rack servers and asked if we could drive one message per second to one million users – and we did just that and then some, achieving 10 messages per second to the same one million users,” said John Donnelly III, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Business Development for Kaazing. “With this achievement we like to say we’ve reached the ‘fastest million,’ being the first to market with an unprecedented capability, enabling Kaazing to deliver a truly interactive experience with real-time information. We work every day to improve our performance and speed so our customers know they can continue to rely on us as their long term provider, and this Dell partnership is another big step forward for the company.”

Kaazing worked with Dell and TIBCO to deliver dynamic data to one million concurrent users at an average speed of 3.5 milliseconds from publisher to client, without sacrificing performance or the need for large amounts of hardware. Kaazing JMS Edition 3.5 platform in conjunction with TIBCO Enterprise Message Service version 6.3, running on Dell PowerEdge R620 12th generation servers in a standard switched environment, can now support a higher number of users than ever before at speeds never before possible.

“Users are demanding instant data from their mobile devices in the workplace and beyond, so we are delighted to work with Kaazing to bring their customers the fastest, most innovative servers available on the market, and to provide this solution in an easy-to-install, appliance form-factor,” said Joyce Mullen, Vice President and General Manager OEM Solutions at Dell. “Kaazing is a great example of how Dell can customize our industry-leading technology with customers’ branding, load their software and support their customers globally.”

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TIBCO provided their industry-leading Enterprise Message Service product for the message broker component in the benchmark tests.

“TIBCO has made its name in the industry by delivering high performance and scalability in our messaging products.  This is why we chose to partner with Kaazing in 2011 to extend Enterprise Message Service to web and mobile users with the TIBCO Web Messaging product,” said Tom Laffey, EVP for Products and Technology at TIBCO. “This benchmark demonstrates TIBCO is well positioned to meet the enormous demands of web scale, allowing our customers to expand delivery of the two-second advantage through seamless access to data and services over the web to any browser or mobile device.”

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