Here Comes the Joyent7 – The First Fabric-based Cloud Infrastructure Platform

Here Comes the Joyent7 – The First Fabric-based Cloud Infrastructure Platform

Joyent recently released the Joyent7, the first fabric-based cloud infrastructure platform that will help enterprises and cloud service providers to fulfill their ever increasing cloud management needs. Joyent7 has been designed to deliver the performance required to run solutions for almost endless users, and allow enterprises of any size to become a cloud services provider within their own organization.

Joyent7 comes with a set of features, essential to support the thriving as well as big organizations, such as

• Powerful new Node.js de-bugging and performance tools
• Unified directory services
• Billing and financial management
• Updated cloud operations dashboard and toolkit
• Expanded workflow APIs
• Datacenter local storage

Besides, it comes with openness that is key to the design of critical infrastructures, and delivers cost savings and operational market agility through optimized datacenter resource management and utilization.

“Joyent has maintained a constant focus on being the best in terms of delivering end-user services to our customers, operating our systems with excellence, and always, designing ways to introduce and add new capabilities fast,” said Jason Hoffman, Founder and CTO, Joyent. “With Joyent7, we continue to be the only provider to help companies meet the scale, performance and flexibility requirements of today’s intensive web-based and mobile cloud services.”

The full enterprise version is scheduled to release in early 2013.

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Isha Suri

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