Checkmarx On Demand: The New Source Code Review Tool

Checkmarx On Demand: The New Source Code Review Tool

As cyber crimes are increasing manifold and there’s a lot of security incidents to worry about, developers want to build vulnerability-free codes. To help the entire developer community, Checkmarx introduces an On demand tool that provides complete Source Code review in a secure cloud environment.

Checkmarx is a leading provider of code analysis tools, static code analysis, and Compliance & Risk management. With this new offering, all what developers need to do is to simply load code to the scanning engine through a protected gateway or repository, and within minutes they receive a complete security scan with tangible and comprehensive results. Checkmarx On Demand is perfectly designed for safety and accreditation within communities and independent developers.

So, it’s a simple three step process – Load Code > Scan > Review Results.

Checkmarx on Demand comes with an Eclipse Plug-in and has support for all leading languages including Objective C/ iOS. The company is giving a free trial version of the Checkmarx On-Demand web application to businesses. Free account registration for the same can be done right here.

Developers Looking for Security Tools

We’ve already seen a rise in the need for security tools (and vetting before release) that’s been trending into DevOps circles and among developers in general. Recently, DevOpsANGLE spoke with Appthority about how mobile apps are vetted by enterprise IT departments and what developers need to know about their code before unleashing them on the market.

Releasing vulnerable apps into any ecology can spell bad things for the reputation of

Checkmarx’s offering adds to a long line of security-enabling tools for checking code and testing apps before an exploit is noticed by a bad guy in the wild. Include the Eclipse plug-in and it’s well on its way to winning a place in the tool set of the multitude of developers who use it as their go-to development environment.

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