MicroCloud Private Cloud Released by Codero

MicroCloud Private Cloud Released by Codero

Business of all sizes are always looking for an edge, and cloud computing in general has enabled many to gain significant benefits. There hasn’t always been a lot of choice if a company wanted affordable scale, optimized infrastructure, and ensured privacy with the ability to optimize their computer spend while unifying workloads. Just yesterday Austin-based Codero released a product called MicroCloud that meets those demands and manages to additionally offer a variety of hardware configurations and hypervisors. Moreover, Codero’s MicroCloud deployments are fully dedicated to the customer, with no shared infrastructure. Customers have peace of mind knowing that they have a 100% private cloud.

Other features include full customer management access and control over their MicroCloud. Flexibility is another key feature, with the ability to move, resize, anything to machines in the MicroCloud in real time. In fact, with MicroCloud, issues that could arise from multitenancy are no more. The MicroCloud line is also slated to expand over the next six months, adding more of the industry’s leading hypervisors and orchestration stacks for customers to choose from.

In a press release announcing the product’s availability, Codero SVP of Product Development Chandler Vaughn adds:

“MicroCloud offers customers the flexibility of cloud computing in private, with 100 percent dedicated hardware. No matter how many virtual machines a customer launches on their infrastructure, the MicroCloud will always be at a set monthly price,” said Chandler Vaughn, SVP of Product for Codero Hosting. “Our goal at Codero is to enable customers to leverage the best of both virtualized and dedicated servers so that they can place their workloads on preferred platforms, all with the reliability and exceptional service Codero is known for.”

The product is part of a wave of refreshed and new offerings that Codero is introducing. As clients fill up their clouds they stand to see significant savings, particularly when compared to running on multiple dedicated servers or using other public cloud services. Delivering value, enabling business, outstanding support, and leading features – all of these advantages are part of the MicroCloud product.

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