Dell’s Escape Route in the Post-PC Market


The SiliconANGLE and Wikibon team came together in Austin this week to attend what is likely to be our last conference of the year to attend and cover on #theCube: Dell World 2012.

A conference in it’s second year, it was definitely an event that seemed timely for us, since just last week we were in Frankfurt for HP Discover. Many of the offerings trumpeted last week were mirrored in what Michael Dell and the leadership team talked about this week.

It isn’t just the product and services offerings that bear striking similarities between the two giants: many of the consequences over the move away from the desktop are affecting both companies. Dave Floyer broke down the declines for Dell year over year in a report showing a 26% decline in their mobility division, and an 8% decline in their desktop earnings.

Michael Dell spoke to that on #theCube, though, saying that Dell is in the midst of their “modernization.”

“We started out as a product company. Products aren’t enough, though,” said Dell. Today we have 40,000 people in Dell Services. We’ve evolved into a product and services company.”

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Mark 'Rizzn' Hopkins

Mark “Rizzn” Hopkins is the Founding Editor of SiliconANGLE, as well as the creator of and Executive Producer for theCUBE. He’s aBitcoin early adopter, as well as a blogging, podcasting and social media pioneer. Prior the founding of SiliconANGLE, Hopkins worked as Associate Editor at Mashable during its formative years. Prior to his career in startups and media, he worked as a developer for large corporations like Nokia, IBM, Apple and Cox Communications. Hopkins lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and two children.


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