Wreck-It Ralph Digital Download Due a Month Before Blue-ray Debut

Wreck-It Ralph Digital Download Due a Month Before Blue-ray Debut

Disney is taking a very unorthodox approach to monetizing its IP. While other big name studios are attempting to curb Internet freedom in an effort to reduce piracy, the cartoon tycoon is making its latest hit available online to tap into an audience that its peers have left largely ignoring.

Disney is targeting the tech-savvy individuals who are reluctant to invest into a bulky DVD, but are more than willing to pay for an hour and a half of entertainment from the comfort of their laptop.

Engadget reports that Wreck-It Ralph will be available via online content streaming services starting February 12, nearly a month ahead of its launch in stores.

“The four disc Blu-ray 3D combo set is priced at $39.99 and will ship nearly a month later on March 5th, along with the 2-disc Blu-ray ($31.99), DVD and standard def video on-demand versions. Disney hasn’t tipped its hat about any digital efforts itself to replace the Online streaming site it shut down in November, but clearly it’s preparing for a multi-format future..”

Wreck-It Ralph raked in over $277 in the box office to date, a figure that’s bound to go even higher as soon as the film becomes legally available on the web.  Disney may not be able to block piracy, but it can catch up to the rest of the world.

The company’s approach is certainly a lot better than that of Belgium’s top publishers. The newspapers have formed a coalition that, after having forced Google to pay up for their content, is pushing for a standardized platform to track users and optimize online advertisement.

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Maria Deutscher

Maria Deutscher

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