Apple Creating New Markets With iWatch? – Breaking Analysis

Don't they look fancy?

Dick Tracy, James Bond, Inspector Gadget and Apple: What do they have in common?  Well apparently, it’s a smart wristwatch!

Yes, you’re reading correctly — Apple is currently in the design stages for a soon to be released “watch-like device” that’s rumored to have a curved glass surface that should “stand apart from competitors based on the company’s understanding of how such glass can curve around the human body,” according to The New York Times.

In addition to having unique design characteristics, The Wall Street Journal has indicated that the likely producer of the device, Foxconn, is also working on full Bluetooth integration with the iPhone, effectively making Apple’s smart-watch an extension of their already successful smart-phone.

For the most part, Apple and Foxconn have been tight-lipped about the development of this project, but a fair deal of circumstantial evidence has indicated that the time is near for Apple to begin treading new waters.  For instance, Tech.163 reported just last year that Apple was working on a watch with Bluetooth and a 1.5-inch display, and The Wall Street Journal has indicated Apple’s hiring department is acquiring employees with experience with the technology.  With Corning’s “Willow Glass” now a reality, bendable glass may have been the last obstacle standing in the way of making the “iWatch” a reality.

“A resounding No-Way,” said Dave Vellante, when discussing if Apple planned to  become a value play stock.  Instead, it appears Apple intends on expanding into new markets, and big markets at that.  The wearable computer is by no means a new idea, but so far this technology is still in its infancy.  The Pebble smart-watch, for example, reached its $100k pledge goal in under two hours on Kickstarter, so there’s no question a huge market exists for these sorts of devices.

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Vellante summed up Apple’s potential well proclaiming, “in classic Apple fashion, they’ll scan the marketplace, research the potential, and then go deep into the industry and try to completely transform it.”  The question is, however, is Apple going to have success where others in the market have struggled to launch?  “Not to say whatever Apple does will succeed, but let’s face it — it has a pretty good track record.”

See the entire segment with Kristin Feledy and Dave Vellante on the Morning NewsDesk Show.

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Andrew Lowe

Andrew Lowe

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Andrew Lowe


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