FCC Releases Study on ISP Quality of Service

The Federal Communications Commission released a report on Friday showing that most broadband providers in the United States deliver service at the speeds they advertise.  According to the report, the speeds average around 97% in relation to what ISPs claim during peak hours.

Comcast, Cablevison, and Verizon’s fiber offerings all met or surpassed their advertised claims.  On the flipside, DSL services from companies such as Frontier, Insight, Centurylink, and Qwest all fell short, only averaging about 80%.

Satellite providers, which are mostly used by those consumers who live in remote rural areas with no other option also preformed very well. As per the report, 90% of satellite Internet customers received access 140% of their advertised speeds.

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski issued the following statement:

“Faster broadband has brought untold benefits to millions of Americans — from distance learning to distance healthcare. This is good news for consumers and the economy, but we can’t be satisfied. To unleash innovation and realize broadband’s full potential, we must continue to see increases in broadband speed and capacity.”

Lastly, the FCC also found that users are paying for higher tiers of service. The average tier is now at 15.6 megabits, up from 14.3 last July.

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