ActiveState Acquires Appsecute for Social DevOps in the Cloud

ActiveState Acquires Appsecute for Social DevOps in the Cloud

Today ActiveState announced that the company has acquired Appsecute, a leader in social DevOps application management technology. Based in New Zealand, Appsecute spearheaded the idea of “Social DevOps”” with its Connector APIs and cloud application management technology, providing a real-time social stream for DevOps to see across multiple services used for application management.

ActiveState’s software enables developers and enterprises to innovate from code to cloud, and its cutting-edge solutions give developers and enterprises the power and flexibility to develop in Java, Ruby, Python, Perl, Node.js, PHP, Tcl, and more. With ActiveState’s Stackato, a leader in private PaaS, and Appsecute together, development teams now have a powerful self-service platform to simplify pre-deployment processes and easily achieve post-deployment analysis and tracking.

“We’re excited to join the ActiveState family. We founded Appsecute to create the next generation of social application management tools for DevOps. ActiveState shares our commitment to innovation and joining this great team opens up tremendous possibilities for the future,” says Appsecute CEO Mark Cox.

“Appsecute pioneered the concept of ‘Social DevOps’ engineering with its Connector APIs and cloud application management technology. ActiveState’s Stackato—now at v2.10—has been a PaaS market leader since its launch a year and a half ago. While competing PaaS providers strive to deliver v1.0 technology, we continue to innovate. Adding the Appsecute feature set to Stackato raises the bar for enterprise PaaS, producing an integrated social DevOps solution to accelerate the fast flow of work through the agile enterprise,” says ActiveState CEO Bart Copeland.

Appsecute certainly has an early mover and innovation advantage as it provides a real-time, single-pane-of-glass view for enterprise cloud management. Its social stream displays events from services like GitHub, Zendesk, or PagerDuty and enables IT stakeholders to comment and coordinate work directly on the stream itself, much like with a Facebook-style timeline. Basically, Appsecute’s technology will complement Stackato features to offer the best-in-class post-deployment analysis and tracking.

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Terms of the deal have not been disclosed yet. But yes, Appsecute’s Christchurch-based headquarters will now become the ActiveState New Zealand office, adding to ActiveState headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and field offices in Silicon Valley, Seattle, and Europe.

While this deal is actually a big DEAL for DevOps people as so much buzz is going around the marriage of Development and Operations functions. Apparently, everyone in IT industry is talking about it, with some even saying that DevOps will change the world. Okay, I’m not going to criticize DevOps here as I’m also a fan of DevOps practices. On an interesting note, Toph Whitmore who leads the ActiveState marketing team recently shared some fun thoughts and facts about DevOps, especially if an organization is leaning toward a DevOps future with all its cross-team effectiveness nonsense. Check it out here.

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