“We cannot be out innovated.” Teradata President Discusses Benefits of Partnerships #HadoopSummit

Scott Gnau, President of Teradata Labs for Teradata joins John Furrier and Jeff Kelly in theCUBE for their ongoing coverage of Hadoop Summit 2013. The three discuss benefits of partnering with similar organizations in the Big Data industry.

Furrier asks about Teradata’s value. Gnau suggest that “the technology and the value of what it brings to the table allows us to harness and store new kinds of data in its native format, which gives people the opportunity to catch up on things that they’ve wanted to catch up on over time.”

Gnau notes that a strength of Hadoop is that it allows for a lot of raw material to be refined and analyzed as companies start to identify and analyze relationships and detailed insights from a massive reservoir of data. Furrier refers to Teradata’s offerings as “ modernization of the enterprise.” Gnau belives, “It’s incremental data, incremental subject areas that’s going to come into the environment.” He adds that “there’s actually more upside for traditional data works than anything.”

Kelly inquires about how Teradata helps customer understand new technology concerning applications and work-flows across it’s partnerships. Gnau notes that Teradata provides an integrated roadmap into how our customers can combine different technologies together. He suggests the education and opportunity they provide customers is a compelling value proposition.

Gnau explains that Teradata believe in embracing OpenSource Apache so the technology they currently use does not become obsolete. Moreover, he says, “That means that I think this is the version that will win and this is the version companies will count on to be sustainable.”

Customers can come to Teradata for integrated support of all of their data requirements. He explains they have a great engineering relationship and share a common vision in bringing best of breed providers together with Hortonworks. The companies work together to lay out reference architecture.

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Furrier inquires about Teradata’s next steps. Gnau notes that among other new moves, the company will look to build out value and concentrate on “ease of use.” Kelly quips, “Teradata is not going to be coming out with their own Hadoop distirubition any time soon.” Gnau agrees with Kelly and points to an ideal future situation in which, “we’d have different providers around a similar kernel because that would remove fragmentation around a market.” He thinks this this type of collaboration is important to the market. Gnau concludes, “We cannot be out innovated.”


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