Twitter named as best tech company to work for in 2014

Glassdoor, the database that allows people to anonymously dish out the pros and cons of various companies that employ them, as well important factors like salaries, interview questions, and more, has released its sixth annual Employees’ Choice Awards.

The award lists 50 of the best companies to work for, and this year, Twitter took the top spot in the best tech companies category for 2014, consequently dethroning Facebook which reigned as king from 2011-2013.  Facebook actually ended up in third place, with LinkedIn snagging second place, and third in the overall list.  Facebook placed fifth overall.

What makes this year’s awards interesting is that 22 tech companies were rated among the top 50 best places to work in 2014, which means the tech industry is viewed as a much better place to forge a career than other industries.

If you’ve watched The Internship, you’ve probably seen the cool facilities Google has to offer its employees, along with all the free food, vast open spaces for work, nap pods, and a lot of other interesting things that make you want to work at Google.  Aside from that, it pays pretty damn good too, which makes it interesting that it only ranked sixth this year.  Maybe all the fun offered in Googleplex makes it too distracting to get any actual work done?

Apple is even further down the ladder, coming in a distant 16th place in the tech category, and number 35 overall, which is just a notch lower than its rating last year.  Same as last year, Microsoft did not even make the list.

If you’re wondering how the list was created, it’s based on what employees say about their employers.  Employees provide feedback on their job, work environment, and company, then Glassdoor uses a “proprietary algorithm” to determine an overall ranking “based on the quantity, quality and consistency of reviews.”

In other Twitter news, the microblogging service has just released an update for its iOS and Android mobile app, as well as its TweetDeck for Web, Chrome and PC, that focuses on Direct Messages.  The update delivers a direct link to DMs in the tab bar which allows users to send photos inside DMs for the first time.  The app now supports ‘swipeable’ actions which makes it easier to navigate using your touchscreen devices.

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