Vuzix unveils revolutionary smartglasses to take on Google Glass

Move over Google Glass, there’s a new smartglass in town, and it looks a mighty fine one indeed.

The reason is that Vuzix, a company that specializes in video eyewear and personal display devices, has announced a major optical breakthrough that will dramatically improve glasses-based wearable devices.

The Vuzix M2000AR HMD uses a technology pioneered by Nokia, which the company has licensed and integrated it with its own Waveguide optics that allow it to fit into standard glasses frames.

Waveguide optics are a revolutionary new way of moving light within smartglasses. They are a fraction of the size and weight of conventional prism-based optics used in other smartglasses, yet they deliver a much wider field of view for the wearer.  Waveguide Optics uses a 1.4 millimeter window with a tiny input pupil, similar to a fiber optic cable, that is expanded using a hologram in front of the eye. Light isn’t bent through bulk material as with conventional optics, and so there’s no more straining your eyes trying to look at a tiny screen.

The Vuzix M2000AR HMD is a monocle directed for industrial purposes and features a 720p display, 1080p camera, HDMI Interface, electronic sunglass “tint”, 30° FOV, daylight usable with up to 8,000 Nits of brightness, integrated head tracking, integrated compass, anodized aluminum alloy enclosure, and rechargeable lithium ion battery.

Vuzix also announced the M100 monocle for commercial use in enterprise, industrial, medical, business-to-business, and professional applications.  And in about a year, the company aims to release a successor to the M100 directed for everyday consumers.

“These smart glasses today all look like they came out of a science-fiction movie. These optics are going to change that,” said Vuzix chief executive Paul Travers in an interview with VentureBeat. “By the time we get to the standard glasses version, it will be for the regular consumer.”

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