Microsoft’s executive shakeup: Tony Bates & Tami Reller out the door

microsoft-logoHas the appointment of Satya Nadella as Microsoft’s new CEO created some animosity between colleagues?

According to a report from Recode, two executives who’re directly reporting to Nadella will be leaving the company soon. Sources claim that EVP of business development and evangelism Tony Bates, and EVP of marketing Tami Reller, will both be heading for the exit soon.

If you remember, Bates was rumored to be one of the candidates for the CEO position, and now it looks like Microsoft’s decision to place a home-grown exec in the top spot is not sitting well with Bates.

Bates was the CEO of Skype when Microsoft acquired the company, and he stayed as head of the division even after the acquisition. Now, Re/code’s sources claim that Bates is to leave the company imminently, though they have no idea about what he plans after his departure from Microsoft.

As for Tami Reller, her departure is not that surprising considering the fact that her role in the company was made redundant when then CEO Steve Ballmer appointed EVP of advertising and strategy Mark Penn.

Reller has been at Microsoft ever since its 2001 acquisition of Great Plains Software, which she had been a part of since 1984. At Microsoft, Reller played various roles including CMO and CFO for its flagship Windows unit. She will not be leaving immediately however, and instead will help smooth over the transition period.

With Bates’ and Reller’s departure, the positions they’ll be vacating will be filled up by EVP of advanced strategy Eric Rudder and longtime Microsoft marketing exec Chris Capossela, respectively.

Capossela will be given more duties in advertising, leaving Penn to deal with company strategy, hence he is expected to be named as the company’s Chief Strategy Officer. Penn will also remain on the Senior Leadership Team at Microsoft and will report directly to Nadella.

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Another person getting a new role is Julie Larson-Green, the current EVP of devices and studios. She’s all set to assume the role of EVP of applications, while Nokia exec Stephen Elop will be taking over the SLT unit when he finally arrives.

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