Novetta enhances Entity Analytics tool


Analytics technology provider Novetta has rolled out a new version of its Novetta Entity Analytics data processing and analytics service. Version 2.5 of the tool has been upgraded to make it easier for users to access capabilities and configure visualizations from data entered into it, explained Jim Cushman, president of commercial interests and products at the company.

Since the January release of version 2.0 of Novetta Entity Analytics, the company has built a console for the administrative functions in the service, which can group subsets of customers, correlate location and event data, and refine groupings of data into entity records. The console, available through an online user interface, allows users to “point directly to each catalog and immediately discover all the databases … that they are interested in, using meta-tags that describe what’s in them,” said Cushman in an interview with Waters Technology. These views show grouping workflows that leverage Hadoop big data cluster processing power.

According to Cushman: “From there, you can map those to a canonical definition of the entity—as opposed to working through a command line.”

Cushman said it’s now as simple as a point-and-click exercise, because the configuration console automatically provides users with the ideal matching strategy to be used across all data sources of interest, based on what they have and how their information is profiled. “From that, you can figure out how you might want to revise your algorithm or matching strategy to achieve even better results,” Cushman said.

Cushman said the new interface in version 2.5 will also help to simplify the service’s processes, allowing a much broader set of users to “exploit the data they weren’t getting insight from before,” he says, “helping them achieve results in a fraction of the time.”

The updated service can be more easily integrated with various analytics functions, akin to what a bespoke solution can do, according to Cushman. Users can adjust thresholds and values for profiling data in the service. Other applications and systems can pick up on the output from the Novetta Entity Analytics configuration console in version 2.5.

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