opens up its predictive analytics engine to enterprises

insidesales Inc. is turning its cloud-based lead processing service into a platform with the introduction of a new application programming interface that allows customers to tap the predictive capabilities of the underlying analytics engine in their own software. It’s aimed as much at fellow vendors as everyday organizations.

Neuralytics, as the company dubs its technology, offers salespeople automated suggestions on how to interact with leads in order to maximize their chances of closing a deal. Under the hood are machine learning algorithms developed and perfected over the course of eight years that check each potential customer against an internal database for matches that can shed light on the odds of success. reckons that the repository is the biggest of its kind in the industry, containing profiles on some 150 million online users gleaned from a 80 billion individual interactions. That treasure trove of data has already proven itself as a magnet for other cloud providers, with the company boasting half a dozen integrations on launch.

LogMeIn Inc., a publicly-traded provider of remote desktop access services, has plugged the scoring feature of Neuralytics into its service to provide joint customers with automated assessments of leads, while CloudCraze Inc. is tapping the service to add product recommendations into its e-commerce platform. And another partner, Demandbase Inc., is using Neuralytics to help its users single out high-value customer accounts.

End-customers of, meanwhile, can likewise incorporate the functionality in their own internal applications to provide custom analytics capabilities. That’s an especially appealing prospect for the kind of tech-savvy organizations that the vendor lists among its clients, which already have the talent and processes in place to embark on such a project. Notable names include Groupon Inc. Microsoft Corp., which participated in a $60 million funding round into earlier this year.

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