Bev Terrell

Bev Terrell

With more than 20 years of technical writing experience in the information technology business, Bev Terrell is a SiliconANGLE writer covering live news events with theCUBE. She got her start at EDS (now Hewlett Packard) and also worked at ACS (now Xerox Business Services), so it’s fair to say Bev has personally experienced the changing landscape of the outsourcing industry. In addition to a passion for writing, Bev loves to paint portraits and to spoil her large yellow cat, Seamus.
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Uncovering the ‘real hybrid architecture’ with AWS-VMware mashup | #theCUBE

To bring clients the hybrid solution they’ve been asking for, VMware Inc. and Amazon recently announced a strategic partnership, bringing VMware’s enterprise-class data center software to the Amazon Web Services cloud. This will enable customers to run any application across vSphere and VMware Cloud Foundation-based private, public and hybrid cloud environments. This jointly architected service […]

VMware aims to simplify cross-cloud challenges | #theCUBE

Clients have a huge set of challenges when they move to the cloud; the average company, today, has its data sitting in 4.5 clouds, according to Guido Appenzeller, chief technology strategy officer, network/security business unit, at VMware Inc. A client may well have data in the AWS, Azure, Google and IBM public clouds, as well […]

Open source needs social freedoms for business to thrive | #theCUBE

When open source was first introduced in 1991 with Linux, it was considered a novelty in the industry, a new toy for developers to play with. Today, it’s a fundamental driver of technology innovation across all software companies, according to Dirk Hohndel, VP and chief open source officer at VMware Inc. “Open source is more than […]

Meshing the high-performance compute power of SGI with HPE’s strong portfolio | #HPEDiscover

The recent acquisition of SGI gives HPE a view into high-end, specialized supercomputing markets. While it has been in the High-Performance Compute space before, with Apollo, SGI gives HPE a big boost into the arena, according to Bill Mannel, VP and GM, high-performance computing and big data, at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. Mannel and Eng Lim Goh, PhD, […]

The IoT explosion: How IoT helps palm trees grow in Malaysia | #HPEDiscover

Your car has software, your smart watch has software and your cell phone has software. All of these devices and the data that they use and process are part of the Internet of Things, one of the fastest growth areas in IT, according to Dave Sliter, vice president and general manager for communications and media solutions […]

Simplifying hybrid IT: How HPE helps the enterprise navigate the hybrid cloud world | #HPEDiscover

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.’s cloud business strategy has recently undergone many changes as the company seeks new and inventive ways to grow the business. The play has been for HPE, rather than operating its own public cloud, to work with AWS, Azure, Google and other public cloud providers to develop hybrid cloud environments for enterprises. […]

HPE’s big data solutions add machine learning and natural language into the mix | #HPEDiscover

It’s been a very big year for big data, and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. is helping enterprises get a handle on organizing and analyzing their data with tools that analyze in place and offer machine learning and cognitive capabilities, according to Jeff Veis, VP of marketing, big data platform, at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. Veis spoke to Dave […]

HPE-Aruba mandate centers on IoT, intelligence at the edge | #HPEDiscover

The huge amount of IoT devices that are now connecting to enterprise networks makes it critical to identify, connect and protect all unknown mobile and IoT devices at the edge, according to Chris Kozup, VP of marketing at Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. However, it’s not just enough to capture data from these IoT […]

Can HPE win the hybrid cloud marketplace with it’s ‘open approach’? | #HPEDiscover

The latest “great debate” about cloud is which is better: public cloud, like those provided by Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, or a private, on-prem cloud. What seems to be working best for most companies right now is a hybrid cloud, able to run some workloads in the public cloud and keep some on-prem in the […]

HPE-GE partner to marry the best of OT and IT | #HPEDiscover

If you ask the average person on the street what they think of when you say, “GE,” most people would probably say, “light bulbs” or maybe “turbines and jet engines.” As one of the oldest and most venerable industrial institutions in the US, we all think we know what GE is and what it sells. […]