Bev Terrell

Bev Terrell

With more than 20 years of technical writing experience in the information technology business, Bev Terrell is a SiliconANGLE writer covering live news events with theCUBE. She got her start at EDS (now Hewlett Packard) and also worked at ACS (now Xerox Business Services), so it’s fair to say Bev has personally experienced the changing landscape of the outsourcing industry. In addition to a passion for writing, Bev loves to paint portraits and to spoil her large yellow cat, Seamus.
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Learning from surprises in the data: the nuance of marketing | #WiDS2017

Data science, and especially the field of predictive analytics, has become a game changer in the advertising and marketing fields. As advertising has become a playground for data sciences, the company Dstillery was one of the pioneers in that space, looking at what people shared on social data and the surprises that can be uncovered […]

How you can use your private data for your own benefit

Every time we use an app on our smartphone or do an online search, a company somewhere is collecting that data and using it, in combination with the data of a million other users. The companies learn about how we use their apps, where we are located and our ages and interests. In some ways, […]

Expedient finds ‘home field advantage’ in the realm of managed data services | #VTUG

As the Virtualization Technology Users Group Winter Warmer 2017 took place at Gillette Stadium, the home of the New England Patriots, it seems fitting that one of Expedient’s strengths as a managed data provider is an emphasis on its regional (East Coast and Midwest U.S.) network. There is the familiarity aspect of regionalism — companies […]

Assessing a technology’s end game: weighing risks vs. benefits | #VTUG

The landscape of IT is littered with great ideas and technological innovations that did not stand the test of time. Jon Benedict, tech evangelist at Red Hat Inc., says when he approaches new technology, he looks at it and asks himself, “Does this product have an end game?” While a product may look great on […]

Beyond malware: Securing data today means securing endpoints | #ACCELERATE2017

The newest frontier in technology is also the most vulnerable. Within network architecture, endpoint security is the method of protecting the corporate network when accessed via remote devices, such as laptops or smartphones. Each device creates a potential entry point for security threats. Endpoint security works to secure each of those endpoints on the network. […]

Weaving a tight security fabric to block modern cyber criminals | #ACCELERATE2017

For any company today, no matter what its core business or where it is located, data is a most valuable asset. Much like the quote from bank robber Willie Sutton, Jr., when asked why he robbed banks, “That’s where the money is,” cyber criminals work tirelessly to find digital pathways into companies in order to steal […]

Future of Cloud report sees rise in cloud revenues, governance | #theCUBE

Wikibon and North Bridge Growth Equity recently announced the results of its sixth annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey. This survey analyzes trends in cloud computing, adoption, use and challenges on a yearly basis, and it provides one of the broadest and deepest explorations of the cloud industry with 53 leading cloud companies participating as collaborators. […]

Mentoring the high-tech community to strengthen its future | #theCUBE

There can be the perception that everyone in Silicon Valley knew, from the time they were babies, that they wanted to work in the computer field; that they were crafting their first business plan alongside their story for ‘what I did on my summer vacation’ in elementary school. That is a fallacy; there are a […]

Supporting diverse perspectives to make the cloud community better | #theCUBE

Office of the Cloud is a group of leaders from tech organizations who convene to share ideas and learn from each other’s successes and failures with cloud technology. It’s all about “putting companies together to talk to each other and being able to solve problems,” explained Dao Jensen, CEO of Kaizen Technology Partners, as well as the […]

Initiative inspires and finances entrepreneurs around the world | #theCUBE

The Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship initiative, launched by President Obama in 2014, is a collaboration between American entrepreneurs, the White House, the U.S. Department of Commerce and several other federal agencies. The initiative was born out of President Obama’s insight that the way we celebrate and support entrepreneurship in the U.S. is one of the […]