Maria Deutscher

Maria Deutscher

Maria Deutscher is a staff writer for SiliconANGLE covering all things enterprise and fresh. Her work takes her from the bowels of the corporate network up to the great free ranges of the open-source ecosystem and back on a daily basis, with the occasional pit stop in the world of end-users. She is especially passionate about cloud computing and data analytics, although she also has a soft spot for stories that diverge from the beaten track to provide a more unique perspective on the complexities of the industry.

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Verizon acquires startup Skyward to manage drone fleets

Verizon Communications Inc.’s ambitions for the burgeoning drone market aren’t limited to merely providing operators with access to its wireless network. The carrier also plans to offer value-added tools for easing fleet operations, a plan that was set into motion today following the announcement that it’s acquiring Skyward IO Inc. The Portland-based startup, which has […]

IBM and Visa team up to enable new Internet of Things business models with Watson

In the future, smart cars may not only gain the ability to navigate the roads without human input but also become independent enough to pay automatically after refueling at a gas station. That’s the vision IBM Corp. and Visa Inc. laid out today during the opening event for Big Blue’s new $200 million Watson IoT […]

Radar launches platform to take the hassle out of building location services

Location data is finding use in a growing number of applications ranging from optimizing supply chain operations to cutting travel times for field personnel. But many companies still struggle to take advantage of their information because of the technical challenges involved, a barrier that Radar Inc. wants to remove. The New York-based startup exited stealth […]

IBM opens access to Watson’s core machine learning component

The last few years have seen IBM Corp. apply its Watson artificial intelligence to a wide variety of areas ranging from speech recognition to drug research. But the company can’t address every single use case alone, a limitation that it’s now looking to remove. IBM today unveiled a standalone implementation of the machine learning technology […]

Armed with $10M in new funding, IOVOX moves to unlock the world’s call data

Another promising startup has raised funding to unlock the valuable data lurking in business calls. London-based IOVOX Ltd. today announced that it has received $10 million from Silicon Valley Bank, SF Capital and a British fund called Octopus Ventures. The funding comes a week after Inc. secured an eight-digit investment to help salespeople learn […]

Samanage reels in $20M to change how companies support their users

There are numerous tools out there that promise to help companies streamline their internal support operations, but many of them hail from a time when on-premises software still ruled the workplace. Samanage Inc. has taken it upon itself to bring the industry into the cloud era. The North Carolina-based provider today secured a $20 million […]

DigitalOcean fills gap in its public cloud with new managed load balancing

With its public cloud on the verge of reaching a million users, DigitalOcean Inc. is ramping up feature development to ensure that new bookings keep coming down the pipe. The latest fruit of the provider’s efforts is a new load balancing mechanism designed to help customers distribute work among their virtual machines more easily. Like the […]

HP’s new security software turns every browser tab into an isolated sandbox

HP Inc. may have exited the breach prevention market after splitting from its enterprise technology arm in 2015, but helping customers keep their personal computers secure remains a priority. The technology giant today unveiled a new piece of software called Sure Click that aims to protect users of its business-class EliteBook laptop lineup from online […]

Google launches new gateway for cloud application programming interfaces

As part of its campaign to provide greater freedom of choice in the public cloud, Google Inc. is giving customers a new option for managing the application programming interfaces they use to enable web services to communicate with one another. The search giant today launched a gateway service called Cloud Endpoints that is aimed at making […]

Docker debuts new security mechanism for application containers

One of the reasons behind the rapid adoption of containers is that the applications running inside them can be easily moved across different types of infrastructure, which simplifies a lot of administrative tasks. But this portability often has the opposite effect when it comes to security, an issue that Docker Inc. wants to tackle. The […]