Duncan Riley

Duncan Riley

Duncan Riley is a senior writer at SiliconANGLE covering Startups, Bitcoin, and the Internet of Things.

Duncan is a co-founder of VC funded media company B5Media and founder of news site The Inquisitr, and was a senior writer at TechCrunch in its earlier days.

Tips? Press releases? Intersting startup? email: duncan@nichenet.com.au or contact Duncan on Twitter @duncanriley

Latest from Duncan Riley

Brewie: the Internet of things comes to beer brewing

Craft beer brewing is big business in 2015, and the success of these beers in the commercial space has seen a rising interest in home brewing. If you’ve ever tried brewing beer before you know how fussy it can be; you need to get your measurements right, watch the temperatures, and try to time the […]

Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust ETF files to list 1 million shares on NASDAQ

The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust exchange traded fund (ETF) is going public following a final filing Wednesday to have the trust listed on the NASDAQ. The offering will see one million shares listed under the stock symbol COIN with an IPO price of $20.09 per share, not 20.1 million shares as incorrectly reported by other outlets. According to the prospectus, […]

Palm brand could be resurrected with Chinese made mobile devices

The once mighty smartphone and PDA brand Palm could be returning in the new year in the form of Chinese made mobile devices. The speculation comes from news that the Palm.com page, which had previously redirected to hpwebos.com, now redirects to mynewpalm.com. The page includes the Palm logo and the words “coming soon” and “smart move.” Of note […]

Snapchat celebrates the New Year with $485.6 million Series D round

Snapchat Inc. has some extra reasons to celebrate the new year with news that they have raised $485.6 million in a Series D round supported by 23 undisclosed investors. The new round brings total funding for the startup to a total of $611 million reported Circa. Previous investors include Benchmark Capital, Kleiner Perkins, General Catalyst Partners, Lightspeed […]

LG brings LINE to internet enabled fridges, ovens, washing machines and more

LG Corp. is bringing LINE Corp.’s popular messaging platform to your smart fridge, oven and even air conditioner in 2015 with an update to its HomeChat virtual assistant service. The functionality will allow users to communicate, control, monitor and share content through text and voice messages from the LINE messenger app on their mobile devices. LG notes […]

Piracy geostats show Sony is even more stupid than you think

Hail Mary some may say with news that The Interview has grossed over $15 million via VOD, but what others will miss is that the figure should actually have been far higher. Here’s the word of the day to describe why Sony is even more stupid than you think: georetardation, noun: artificially crippling the distribution of a digital […]

Grocery delivery startup Instacart raises $210 million Series C on possible $2 billion valuation

Grocery delivery startup Instacart Inc. has raised $210 million Series C in a round led by Kleiner Perkins. The round, first reported by Re/code but confirmed via regulatory filings by the Wall Street Journal follows rumors of a $100 million round we reported on December 5th. There are some reports that the round was on a company valuation of […]

Ghost Drone maker Ehang raises $10M following successful Indiegogo campaign

Ehang Inc., the maker of the Ghost Drone, has raised $10 million Series A in a round led by GGV Capital that included PreAngel Partners, Xu Xiaoping and Nick Yang. The first round for the China-based company follows the successful raising of $645,000 on Indiegogo, a campaign that at the time of writing is still […]

NFC + Bluetooth tracker + memory: Meet the Aviador wallet

The Internet of Things is slowly creeping its way through every aspect of our lives, so why not your wallet as well? Meet the Aviador wallet from Aviador Co., a minimalist smart wallet with a number of interesting features. The minimalist wallet trend has seen a push away from a standard sized wallet into more slender and […]

Hacker shows how a fingerprint can be obtained from photographs

A hacker in Germany has demonstrated how to obtain a fingerprint from a photograph to overcome biometric security. In a presentation made at the Chaos Computer Club, biometrics specialist Jan Krisller explained how he’d taken a variety of photographs of German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen at a press briefing in October, then used commercial fingerprint software […]