Duncan Riley

Duncan Riley

Duncan Riley is a senior writer at SiliconANGLE covering Startups, Bitcoin, and the Internet of Things.

Duncan is a co-founder of VC funded media company B5Media and founder of news site The Inquisitr, and was a senior writer at TechCrunch in its earlier days.

Tips? Press releases? Intersting startup? email: duncan@nichenet.com.au or contact Duncan on Twitter @duncanriley

Latest from Duncan Riley

Hedgy wants to eliminate Bitcoin volatility

One of the hardest aspects for merchants wishing to offer their services or product in Bitcoin is volatility, with the cryptocurrency being notoriously fickle in its exchange rate. Hedgy wants to eliminate that level of volatility. San Mateo, CA-based Hedgy uses “the first principles of derivatives combined with the novelty of the Bitcoin block chain […]

Fail: Uber banned in Delhi, driver previously jailed for rape, Uber facing negligence charge

Things continue to go from bad to worse for Uber Inc. with the Delhi Government banning the service, as it has also been revealed that the driver alleged of raping a passenger had previously been jailed for rape, and the company may be charged with negligence for allowing the rape to occur by failing to follow […]

Uber in trouble again as Indian driver allegedly rapes passenger

Indian police arrested an Uber driver Sunday who allegedly raped a passenger Friday night November 5th. Local media says the driver attacked the 27-year-old woman, who works for a finance company, after she hired the cab in Gurgaon near Delhi. The woman said in her complaint to local police that after getting into the car she fell […]

Sony hack traced to Thailand as company says the attack was unprecedented

The devastating hacking of Sony Corp’s internal systems has taken an interesting turn, with a source of the hacking being tracked to Bangkok, Thailand. The hack, which started late November is reported to have been traced to the 4 1/2 star St. Regis Hotel in Bangkok on December 1st, the dates where the hackers first started leaking hacked documents […]

Report: Instacart raising more than $100 million on $2 billion valuation

Grocery delivery startup Instacart is reported to be in the process of raising more than $100 million in a Series C round of funding on a valuation of $2 billion. The valuation is a big increase from its $400 million valuation when it closed a $44 million Series B round in June 2014. San Francisco based […]

Habitat wants to offer home automation for products you already own

Habitat is a startup that aims to provide a home automation platform that takes products you already own and connect them to the Internet and your mobile devices. The Canadian company is currently looking to launch with four products that aim to make “home automation affordable, useful and enjoyable for everyone” that “don’t require an […]

Missing in action: T-Mobile cancels LTE Nexus 9 launch

T-Mobile has done it again, cancelling the planned launched of the LTE Nexus 9, despite promising availability for “early December.” The company previously delayed the release of the Nexus 6. The news unsurprisingly came via a leaked internal memo picked up by TMONews, which reads: Updated: Google Nexus 9 Launch Postponed (Retail, TPR, TPRi, EDPC) […]

Harvard based XFund closes $100 million second fund

Harvard based Xfund, a venture group that focuses on graduate startups closed its $100 million second fund Thursday. The fund, previously known as the Harvard Experiment Fund, is a joint venture between NEA, Breyer Capital, Accel Partners and Polaris Partners, with advice but not control coming from Harvard University. Xfund focuses on investing in early stage startups that […]

Who said the hardware business was dead? Global server sales up, HP leads the market

International Data Corporation (IDC) has released its quarterly server tracker results, finding that the worldwide server market increased 4.8 percent year on year in the third quarter. The increase brought the market to $12.7 billion, the second consecutive quarter the server market has expanded on a year-over-year basis. Server unit shipments were up 5.7 percent to […]

Laptop, tablet and phone in one: the Dragonfly Futurefon

Ideal Lab Inc. is currently pitching its Dragonfly Futurefon on Indiegogo Inc.’s crowdfunding platform, an all-in-one device that is rather impressive. The Dragonfly combines a laptop, tablet and phone in one device, complete with two screens, a decently sized keyboard, a pop-out trackpad, built-in stylus, built-in tablet stand and USB ports. And it comes in two flavors: […]