Duncan Riley

Duncan Riley

Duncan Riley is a senior writer at SiliconANGLE covering Startups, Bitcoin, and the Internet of Things.

Duncan is a co-founder of VC funded media company B5Media and founder of news site The Inquisitr, and was a senior writer at TechCrunch in its earlier days.

Tips? Press releases? Intersting startup? email: duncan@nichenet.com.au or contact Duncan on Twitter @duncanriley

Latest from Duncan Riley

Nvidia teams with Paccar to power self-driving trucks

Nvidia Corp.’s efforts to bring its self-driving technology to more vehicles has taken another step forward as the chip maker announced a new deal with truck maker Paccar Inc. on Thursday. Paccar, the manufacturer of Kenworth, Peterbilt and DAF trucks, has developed a proof-of-self-driving truck with SAE Level 4, or completely autonomous, capability built on Nvidia’s Drive PX2 platform that […]

Popular teen quiz app Wishbone hacked, exposing 2.2 million email addresses

Wishbone, a quiz app popular with teenagers, has been hacked, exposing the details of 2.2 million email addresses and some 287,000 mobile phone numbers being stolen. Created by Science Mobile LLC, Wishbone has been downloaded between 1 million and 5 million times from the Google Play store. It allows users to “compare anything [that their] heart desires!” including […]

Two Russian agents, two others indicted in massive 2014 Yahoo hack

The U.S. Department of Justice has indicted four people, two of whom are alleged to work for the Russian FSB intelligence agency, over the 2014 hack of Yahoo Inc. In its indictment filing, the DOJ alleged that Russian intelligence agents Igor Suschin and Dmitry Dokuchaev hired fellow Russian Alexsey Belan and Canadian citizen Karim Baratov to hack Yahoo’s servers so […]

Snapcard will close its bitcoin services to pursue blockchain payments platform

Bitcoin exchange and wallet provider Snapcard Inc. is leaving the bitcoin business to focus on an alternative blockchain-based payments service. Snapcard operated as a bitcoin-focused exchange and wallet provider from its launch in 2013, catering to customers in both the United States and Brazil. It then launched Masspay, an enterprise-level application programming interface that allowed companies […]

Evrythng raises $22.4M to pursue the rapidly growing IoT management market

Evrythng Inc. on Tuesday said it has raised a $24.8 million round to push its Internet of Things smart products platform ahead. Founded in 2011, Evrythng offers an enterprise-focused IoT platform for managing intelligent software identities in the cloud and digital lifecycle applications for product manufacturers. The company’s platform connects consumer products to the web and […]

Internet-connected vibrator maker settles data privacy lawsuit

A sex toy company has agreed to pay its customers up to $10,000 each in compensation after it was revealed that its Internet-connected vibrators were collecting highly sensitive information without their consent. If you’re not up to scratch with the latest in these particular Internet of Things devices, We-Vibe launched the vibrator in 2014 (marginally NSFW) that […]

Israeli enterprise logistics startup Bringg raises $10M in new round

Israeli enterprise logistics startup Bringg Delivery Technologies Ltd. on Tuesday said it has raised a $10 million funding round. Founded in 2013, Bringg offers a Software-as-a-Service enterprise supply-chain and delivery technology platform that allows companies to manage on-demand and last-mile deliveries. The company claims that its platform helps companies streamline their entire delivery ecosystem, from the […]

Biggest bitcoin miner unexpectedly backs Bitcoin Unlimited software fork

The fight for the next generation of the bitcoin platform just took an unexpected twist: Antpool, the world’s largest bitcoin miner, has backed Bitcoin Unlimited’s proposal along with a number of other high-profile miners. Bitcoin Unlimited, first proposed by Roger “Bitcoin Jesus” Ver, is a bitcoin fork proposal that would remove the blocksize limit on […]

Rand finds that unknown ‘zero-day’ flaws hang around a long time

New research has found that zero-day flaws — that is, holes in software that are unknown to suppliers and can be exploited by hackers — live a long time. The flaws have an average life expectancy of 6.9 years, according to a new study of more than 200 zero-day flaws obtained from a vulnerability research […]

Prosecutors in Norway demand online drug dealers pay penalty in bitcoin

Prosecutors in Norway have demanded that a number of criminals charged with selling drugs pay part of their penalty in bitcoin, the first time that a country in Scandinavia and possibly all of Europe has demanded compensation using the cryptocurrency. The case involved three men arrested in June 2015 who were alleged to have been […]