Duncan Riley

Duncan Riley

Duncan Riley is a senior writer at SiliconANGLE covering Startups, Bitcoin, and the Internet of Things.

Duncan is a co-founder of VC funded media company B5Media and founder of news site The Inquisitr, and was a senior writer at TechCrunch in its earlier days.

Tips? Press releases? Intersting startup? email: duncan@nichenet.com.au or contact Duncan on Twitter @duncanriley

Latest from Duncan Riley

Google adds WebVR support to Cardboard and debuts new experiments showcase

Google Inc. has added WebVR support to Google Cardboard and launched a new home for experimental virtual reality experiences. WebVR is an application programming interface launched by Google and the Mozilla Foundation in 2016 that offers a framework to deliver virtual reality experiences in a browser. Added to Google’s Chrome browser in February, the platform allows […]

Google forced to block Burger King after it trolls Home smart speaker

Google Inc. has been forced to make changes to its Google Now service and Home smart speaker after Burger King released an advertisement that intentionally triggered the service on Android-powered devices. The 15-second television ad features someone dressed as a Burger King employee stating that 15 seconds isn’t long enough to explain the “fresh ingredients” […]

To combat money laundering, Russia may legalize bitcoin after all next year

In a backflip worthy of a gold medal in an Olympic diving competition, the Russian government has announced it may legalize bitcoin next year after previously trying to ban it. The news of the potential move to legalize bitcoin came from Russian Deputy Finance Minister Aleksey Moiseev, who said that monitoring cryptocurrencies could be an […]

Computer engineer arrested for stealing securities trading code from employer

A Californian computer engineer has been arrested on an allegation that he stole proprietary stock trading software from his employer. Thirty-one-year-old Zheng Quan Zhang from Santa Clara was arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on one count of theft of trade secrets on the basis that he stole more than 3 million files of confidential data and computer […]

Google denies US allegations that it pays women less than men in similar jobs

Google Inc. has denied allegations by the U.S. Department of Labor that it discriminates against women by paying them less than men. The Department alleged Friday that it had found systemic compensation disparities against women across the entirety of Google’s workforce and that it had “received compelling evidence of very significant discrimination against women in the […]

Microsoft patches Word against ‘Dridex’ hack that targeted Australian users

Microsoft Corp. has issued a patch to its word processing software following the discovery of a new kind of attack that allowed hackers to install malware on a victim’s computer. The exploit, dubbed Dridex when it was discovered by McAfee LLC in late March, is distributed via a phishing email campaign that attempts to trick people into […]

Infamous IoT botnet Mirai has turned its hand to bitcoin mining

The infamous Mirai Internet of Things botnet has changed course with a new version switching to mining bitcoin, at least temporarily. First spotted by researchers at IBM Corp.’s X-Force security arm, the new variant of the ELF Linux/Mirai malware was detected mining bitcoin for a few days in late March, before it then mysterious stopped doing […]

Alleged CIA hacking tools linked to 40 spying operations in 16 countries

Tools revealed by Wikileaks’ Vault 7 release that are claimed to be used by the Central Intelligence Agency to hack computers have been linked to 40 spying operations in 16 countries, according to new research. Security firm Symantec Corp. made the claim based on its own analysis of “Longhorn,” a group that has been active […]

Russian man arrested for running notorious spam-sending Kelihos botnet

A Russian man arrested in Spain Monday on behalf of the United States government stands accused of running the notorious Kelihos botnet. Thirty-six-year-old Peter Yuryevich Levashov, who is also claimed to be using the name Peter Severa, was first thought to have been arrested in relation to the ongoing investigation into alleged hacking during the 2016 […]

Teedoor smart door lock delivers Bluetooth keyless entry and extras

A new Internet of Things startup launched today with what it claims is the world’s smallest, most functional smart lock. Called Teedoor, the device, which can be retrofitted to existing doors, enables hands-free access to door locks without the need to use a key or access a smartphone app to unlock the door. Teedoor does […]