Eric David

Eric David

Eric David is a staff writer for SiliconANGLE, covering the latest trends in social media and gaming. He is an avid gamer and enjoys writing about innovations in the video game industry and gaming culture in general. Eric graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas, receiving major honors for his thesis "A Culture of Heresy: Explaining the Resiliency of Catharism and the Church's Response," which is every bit as exciting as it sounds. Eric lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, dog and gaming PC.

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Facebook breaks into the drone business – for charity?

Facebook Inc. is rapidly increasing its Connectivity Lab project by adding over a dozen new jobs for aeronautical and thermal engineers, as well as other technicians and specialists. The purpose of the new hires? Drone development. The new drone team will be divided between Facebook Inc.’s Menlo Park, California, headquarters and its office in London, England. The […]

World of Warcraft back on top – 10 million subscribers for first time in two years

Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft has been the juggernaut of Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) gaming for nearly 10 years, and with the subscription numbers released on Wednesday, it does not look like it is going anywhere anytime soon. The game’s latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor, has brought the MMO’s subscribed user base up to over 10 million people, […]

Facebook bus drivers have had enough, vote to unionize

Drivers of Facebook Inc.’s Silicon Valley shuttle service told the company they had enough of long hours and low wages. On Wednesday they voted 43-28 in favor of joining the local chapter of the Teamsters union. The drivers work for Loop Transportation, a shuttle-bus service that drives Facebook’s employees from San Francisco and surrounding areas to the company’s Menlo […]

Far Cry 4 pirates accidentally out themselves by complaining about missing FOV slider

Ubisoft Entertainment is not known for taking video game piracy lightly, but with the recent release of Far Cry 4, the Montreal-based developers took a subtler approach than usual to root out pirates. Ubisoft left Field of View (FOV), a standard graphics option, out of the base PC version of the game. The option was […]

Facebook Groups 101: New app with separate feeds

Continuing its trend of breaking off core features into their own specialized apps, Facebook Inc. has announced the launch of Facebook Groups. The new app is designed to make it easier for people to keep up with their customized “groups,” which allow users to create small communities within Facebook that are separate from their news feeds. For example, students […]

Warlords of Draenor: Quickstart guide for garrison beginners

One of the most anticipated features in Blizzard Entertainment’s Warlords of Draenor is the introduction of player housing in the form of garrisons. Garrisons take the upgrade over time aspect of the Halfhill farm from Mists of Pandaria and greatly expand upon it, allowing players to choose from various different buildings that can be added to […]

StepOne’s “CT scan for customer service” leverages Big Data

Austin-based technology company StepOne, Inc. has announced the launch of its new service: Care Profiler, a data analytics tool that acts as “the first CT scan for customer service.” When most people hear the words “customer service,” they imagine long hold times and bouncing around different departments while looking for a simple answer. Given the chance, most would prefer self-service options to calling […]

Playing it safe: 3 big game releases today, all sequels

November has traditionally been one of the busiest months in terms of big-name video game releases, and with good reason: publishers want to put out their guaranteed big sellers right before the holiday shopping season. This year is no different, with three AAA games releasing today, all of which are sequels to massively popular games. […]

GOP allegedly using Twitter to bypass campaign finance law

Republicans and “outside groups” have been using Twitter Inc. to skirt laws governing what information can be shared between politicians and the people and organizations who donate money to their campaigns, according to a recent CNN report. An anonymous Twitter account was found to be sharing internal polling information about House races in the form of […]

Elite: Dangerous no longer plans to offer a fully offline mode

Crowdfunding success story Elite: Dangerous has generated a fair amount of hype since it surpassed its original goal of £1.25 million (approximately $1.95 million), but it looks like the game may no longer offer one of the features initially promised during the Kickstarter campaign: an offline mode. Elite: Dangerous is meant to be the newest entry […]