Eric David

Eric David

Eric David is a staff writer for SiliconANGLE, covering the latest trends in social media and gaming. He is an avid gamer and enjoys writing about innovations in the video game industry and gaming culture in general. Eric graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas, receiving major honors for his thesis "A Culture of Heresy: Explaining the Resiliency of Catharism and the Church's Response," which is every bit as exciting as it sounds. Eric lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, dog and gaming PC.

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Facebook says government requests for user data are on the rise

Facebook Inc. today revealed its numbers on government requests for user data for the first half of 2016, and not surprisingly, those requests are on the rise. According to Facebook, the number of government data requests rose by over 27 percent this year, with the United States once again holding the top spot for these requests by a […]

The year of Pokemon Go: Mobile dominated the $91B game industry in 2016

Driven in part by the truly mobile game Pokemon Go, the video game industry brought in over $91 billion in revenue in 2016, nearly half of which came from mobile games. According to a study by the analytics firm SuperData Research Inc., mobile games earned roughly $40.6 billion this year, largely driven by the success […]

EU accuses Facebook of ‘misleading information’ during WhatsApp buy

Facebook Inc. is no stranger to scrutiny in the European Union, and now it looks like the social network may once again be caught in the crosshairs of the European Commission. This week, the regulator accused Facebook of providing “incorrect or misleading information” to EU investigators during its $19 billion purchase of popular chat app […]

Lumus raises $45M to push its augmented reality displays

Things are starting to heat up in augmented reality, and with recent stumbles from juggernauts like Magic Leap, it is still anyone’s race. That is good news for companies like Israel-based AR startup Lumus Ltd., which has just closed an impressive $45 million funding round. Lumus’ Series C funding round is a combination of the $15 […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis AI comes a long way – but still has a long way to go

At the beginning of the year, Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said that one of his goals for 2016 would be to develop a general purpose AI that could run his life “kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man.” Today, he revealed his progress on his Jarvis clone, saying that he has both succeeded and failed […]

Microsoft launches AI network to fight blindness in India

Machine learning may not be able to solve all of our problems just yet, but it is starting to make significant strides in improving healthcare. This week, Microsoft Corp. and India’s L V Prasad Eye Institute launched the Microsoft Intelligent Network for Eyecare, or MINE, a machine learning network that will help doctors in India […]

Facebook says its post metrics were wrong again

Facebook Inc. offers advertisers a wide range of metrics about the users who see and interact with their posts, but this week the company revealed that some of those numbers may have been a bit inaccurate — again. “We’ve uncovered an issue for a small group of Instant Articles publishers that impacts reporting in comScore,” Facebook […]

Move over, Facebook: Reddit has a fake news problem too

Reddit is seemingly one of the most democratic communities on the web, allowing users to vote up good content while voting down bad content and spam. But this week, journalists Phil Harper and Jay McGregor proved just how easily advertisers can game the system. “A couple of weeks ago, we got two made-up stories onto the […]

Europe activates its GPS rival, Galileo

As anyone who got caught up in the Pokemon Go craze this summer can tell you, the Global Positioning Satellite system is still not as accurate as we would like. That’s about to change in Europe thanks to the launch of the new Galileo Global Satellite Navigation System, which went live today. According to the European […]

Researchers teach an AI to compose music like Bach’s

First artificial intelligence conquered board games. Now, it’s going after classical music. In yet another example that no job is safe from automation, Gaetan Hadjeres and Francois Pachet from the Sony Computer Science Laboratories in Paris say they have trained an artificial intelligence agent named “DeepBach,” which can compose songs in the style of 17th-century German […]