Gabriel Pesek

Gabriel Pesek

Gabriel Pesek is a writer for SiliconANGLE Media's roving news desk team theCUBE, covering events and developments in the tech world.Repeated stints as a publication editor in high school, a focus on international language studies in college, and a self-published examination of H.P. Lovecraft's fiction have left him with a deep appreciation of new communications developments.An enthusiastic fan of music, Pesek is a long-time album reviewer for The Burning Beard, which has led to contact with up-and-coming bands around the world, while also maintaining daily reviews of albums from his personal collection.Raised in south Texas, he currently lives in north Louisiana.

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Hollywood handlers: Evolving film data in the digital age

As the viability of artificial intelligence, the functionality of metadata and the power of distributed computing all advance, their united application is causing big changes in the way that digital distribution of media is being approached and executed. “We want to see companies create differentiated solutions for consumers without having to worry about how the […]

White-hat hackers: Finding security gaps before the bad guys

While many developers and IT security professionals have long been likely to have something of a background in hacking, today’s deeper levels of online connectivity along with the influence and abilities of those connected systems, means white-hat hackers are getting to openly exercise their security testing with less social stigma. “We’re tinkerers and problem-solvers, and […]

Docker ‘explodes’ in the enterprise, expands containers into new applications

As the interest in using containers for applications — a virtualization method for deploying and running software apps — expands across a wide range of businesses and industries, Docker Inc. has been moving into a number of new markets and forming new alliances, while continuing to focus on its core functionality, according to Ben Golub (pictured), […]

Finding the path to expedited container app expansions, updates

As the interest of users and developers continues to grow for virtualized environments to manage containers in application structuring, those who have been working with containers for years now find themselves poised to deliver their experience to those who are just starting. “It strikes me as really odd when people are asking, ‘Are containers ready for […]

As container adoption grows, Linux community champions open source

While much of the recent rise in enthusiasm for containers in applications has users closely associating that functionality with Docker Inc., members of the Linux community have been eager to point out how long their systems have been using containers in applications and to encourage users to look into further Linux utility for their needs. “Containers […]

IBM amps up cloud transition services, commits to hybrid cloud strategy

As cloud becomes increasingly accessible for businesses across the spectrum of industries, helping make smooth cloud transitions is becoming a focus in itself for the companies most engaged in the cloud systems, a particularly tricky effort when underlying information technology architectures are involved. To that end, IBM Corp. is doubling down on its hybrid cloud […]

Key partnerships expand data democratization for IBM and Indiegogo

As various online services provide broader access to users in fields such as video, content creation, guides and start-up capital, the ends to which users are utilizing those means are sparking innovation. As for the companies that provide those services, like Indiegogo Inc., things are proving to be more than a one-way street. “The idea of […]

How companies are taking aim at ever-changing datasets

As big data expands its applicability to more business efficiencies, the dialogues between connected devices are generating their own developments and studies, though the highly automated nature of their processes creates a high volume of filler for analysis. In the work of human-guided analysis, “there’s a balance between how much really is special and how […]

Is big data truly transforming, or is history repeating itself?

While the exploration of possibilities enabled by the continuing sophistication of tools for handling big data has some seeing brave new worlds on the horizon, other analysts and developers are perceiving it as yet another case of history repeating itself. “As smart as humans are, trends repeat themselves,” said Abhishek Mehta (pictured), chief executive officer […]

Bridging legacy and next-gen systems in the big data age

As the methods for collecting, organizing and analyzing colossal amounts of business data continue to diversify, some of the former champions of the big data world have found their glory fading, while fresh challengers are quickly rising in prominence. “I think the industry’s moved past this concept of ‘I’ve invested in Hadoop and I don’t […]