Gabriel Pesek

Gabriel Pesek

Gabriel Pesek is a writer for SiliconANGLE Media's roving news desk team theCUBE, covering events and developments in the tech world.Repeated stints as a publication editor in high school, a focus on international language studies in college, and a self-published examination of H.P. Lovecraft's fiction have left him with a deep appreciation of new communications developments.An enthusiastic fan of music, Pesek is a long-time album reviewer for The Burning Beard, which has led to contact with up-and-coming bands around the world, while also maintaining daily reviews of albums from his personal collection.Raised in south Texas, he currently lives in north Louisiana.

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What is the cloud’s role in making big data accessible? | #reInvent

While the many advantages of cloud regarding data management and analysis have received deep examination, one of the advantages brought to data by cloud is the way it simply makes huge stores of data accessible in ways that were unimaginable before it arrived. At the AWS re:Invent 2016 event in Las Vegas, NV, Walter Scott, […]

Is the cloud creating its own ‘data gravity’? A look at the future of the cloud disruption | #reInvent

With cloud services and their applications causing fundamental disruption in a number of industries, the intelligent deployment of those tools to an enterprise’s data stores is steamrolling the volume of utilities offered by a provider to become the real point of determination in success. At the AWS re:Invent 2016 event in Las Vegas, NV, Jonathan […]

Finding the biggest cloud appeal in individual markets | #reInvent

Removing complexities in enterprise cloud solutions only gets trickier when organizations go global. The very definition of private cloud can change with each nation, creating highly differentiated markets for cloud integrators working with Amazon Web Services platform. At this year’s AWS re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, NV, Brad Yun Lee, VP of business development and strategy […]

Integrative partnerships provide clouds with fuller features | #reInvent

As cloud services mature, partnerships are becoming increasingly important for providing customers with exactly the services they want, while also remaining competitive on pricing. SnapLogic and Snowflake Computing are now partnering to simplify and accelerate data integration and analytics in the cloud. The partnership includes technology integration and joint go-to-market activities to help organizations harness all data […]

Bringing cloud security innovations to the enterprise | #reInvent

With innovations in data management and analysis getting to shine as some of the flashier upsides to cloud services, the plumbing side of cloud has been in need of its own star. With notable developments in the security of data in the cloud, that star may finally be here. At this year’s AWS re:Invent conference in Las […]

AWS plans for kid coders, public sector and CIA | #reInvent

While each of the major cloud service providers has their own flagship features designed to draw and hold customer interest, simple brand awareness and maintained momentum are showing themselves to be just impactful in cloud marketing as any other sector. While Amazon Inc. has both in strong force, it is also looking to develop further edges […]

Harnessing the power of the cloud: continuous integration vs. legacy systems | #reInvent

With software integration becoming a key factor in the enterprise’s efforts to bring the capabilities of cloud to a wider audience, ease and expediency in delivering that integration are getting picked out as the big benchmarks in selecting one service over another. At the AWS re:Invent 2016 conference in Las Vegas, NV, Leo Cheng, VP of Strategy and […]

AWS, Logicworks partner to increase agility and security in cloud infrastructure | #reInvent

With cloud providers upping the ante in service distinctions to catch customer interest, showcasing the services offered by partners of those providers may be the next big play in the cloud marketing game. Amazon Web Service LLC is taking advantage of this very premise by forming key market partnerships. Once such partnership it recently formed […]

For the new Amazon-Accenture business, integration is key to future of cloud | #reInvent

While the handling of data and applying analytics insight to business processes are taking much of the spotlight in what software-led services can offer to the enterprise, the potential for innovation in the infrastructural side of business is growing to prominence as well. One partnership aimed at the infrastructure side of things is the recently announced Amazon-Accenture Business Group, […]

Building bridges to connect divergent cloud systems | #reInvent

With the options offered by cloud service providers diversifying as each provider attempts to set itself apart from the rest of the market, the choice of which one to choose is appearing increasingly daunting to customers who want to make sure they won’t lock themselves out of future viability. But those schisms are generating yet […]