James Farrell

James Farrell is the former editor-in-chief of Chiang Mai CityNews, where he wrote and managed daily news, features, op-eds and blogs on a diverse range of topics. Prior to this, in the same city of Northern Thailand where he lives, he was the longstanding deputy editor of the monthly magazine Citylife. He has written on culture, politics, travel, tech, business, human rights, for local, national, and international news services and magazines. He has a keen interest in the role technology is playing in the transformation of society, culture and politics, especially in developing nations. This is reflected in his not-so-successful first novel.

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Instagram explains why it has started censoring ‘sensitive’ content

Facebook Inc.-owned Instagram said Thursday it will take more precautions to protect people from content that has the potential to upset. The company will now start censoring certain images and videos and leave it up to the viewer if they want to see the content in its original form. Instagram will begin blurring content deemed “sensitive,” […]

Apple acquires WorkFlow app, a popular automation tool for iPhone and iPad

Apple Inc. has acquired WorkFlow, a utility app that Apple called the “most innovative” app of 2015, for an undisclosed sum. The app, which had cost $2.99, was made free in the App Store Wednesday. Released in 2014 by Ari Weinstein, Conrad Kramer and Nick Frey, WorkFlow soon gained plaudits as the “Swiss Army Knife of […]

Uber’s female board members say the company is cleaning up its act, but will it be enough?

Bad news seems to be following Uber Technologies Inc. around like a stray puppy these days, but on Tuesday Uber’s female board members turned toward the growing angry mob of Uber critics in an attempt to calm things down. In a conference call, Uber board members Arianna Huffington (pictured), Liane Hornsey and Rachel Holt talked […]

Report: Apple making big bet on augmented reality for iPhone and even smart glasses

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook hasn’t been shy about hinting that augmented reality is going to be the next big thing, the omnipresent consumer technology that we can’t and won’t live without. Now, it’s becoming a little clearer how Cook’s vision may manifest itself in Apple products. A report in Bloomberg Monday provides a glimpse of […]

Amid numerous controversies at Uber, disillusioned President Jeff Jones steps down

After serving less than a year as Uber Technologies Inc.’s president, Jeff Jones is quitting, reportedly deciding the ride-hailing giant’s many problems were worse than he realized. The resignation and the reasons for it were first reported by Recode Sunday afternoon, but later Uber confirmed that Jones had decided to step down. According to Recode’s […]

Leaked documents show Uber’s self-driving car fleet is prone to accidents

Despite all the experiments with autonomous vehicles, most experts think it will be quite a few years before they’re common on the street. Recently leaked documents on Uber Technologies Inc.’s tests of self-driving cars starkly reveal a big reason why. The documents, obtained by Recode, state that while being tested in Pennsylvania, Arizona and California, […]

Google’s DeepMind overcomes the tricky problem of forgetfulness in AI

Researchers at Google Inc.’s DeepMind project report that their artificial intelligence has just become a little more human: It now remembers things. One of the hurdles to overcome in the advancement of AI is the fact that you can train it to complete a task, but memorizing what it has done and being able to […]

Musical cyberattacks? How sound waves can mess with a connected device

New research suggests that hackers could potentially use sound waves to meddle with or take control of a connected device. On Tuesday a group of security researchers at the University of Michigan and the University of South Carolina showed how a connected device can be meddled with, or taken control of, using sound waves. That […]

Facebook says it won’t allow user data to be used for police spying – anymore

Facebook Inc. and its Instagram photo sharing app have bowed to pressure from civil rights activists, creating new policies designed to prohibit developers using the platforms for surveillance purposes. This comes after revelations last year that the social media giants were being plundered for data by law enforcement via spying software in order to target […]

Google’s Waymo asks judge to halt all of Uber’s self-driving car plans

Uber Technologies Inc. is using stolen self-driving car technology in the pursuit of creating its own car, Waymo Inc. said last month when filing a lawsuit. On Friday, Waymo went one step further, asking a federal judge to halt all of Uber’s work on autonomous vehicle technology. Uber has maintained that the complaints made by […]