James Farrell

James Farrell is the former editor-in-chief of Chiang Mai CityNews, where he wrote and managed daily news, features, op-eds and blogs on a diverse range of topics. Prior to this, in the same city of Northern Thailand where he lives, he was the longstanding deputy editor of the monthly magazine Citylife. He has written on culture, politics, travel, tech, business, human rights, for local, national, and international news services and magazines. He has a keen interest in the role technology is playing in the transformation of society, culture and politics, especially in developing nations. This is reflected in his not-so-successful first novel.

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Tech companies unite against creating Trump’s proposed Muslim registry

Tech giants such as Google Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Apple Inc. have expressed that they are opposed to the idea of building a Muslim registry. Just days after many of the big names in tech met with President-elect Donald Trump, a string of tech companies have issued statements regarding their disapproval of building a database […]

Facebook treads thin black line in battle against fake news

In response to a salvo of criticism aimed at Facebook Inc. for disseminating fake news, the social network said Thursday that it has begun working on a series of solutions, including fact-checking by news and other organizations. A few weeks ago, Facebook announced that it planned to use artificial intelligence to flag offensive live videos with an […]

At Donald Trump’s meeting with top tech execs, a conciliatory tone

Despite widespread disdain among many technology executives for Donald Trump before he was elected president, their meeting Wednesday at Trump Tower in New York appeared to produce no fireworks. Indeed, by all reports, both Trump and the executives struck a conciliatory tone, one at odds with some Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and rank-and-file at Valley companies who […]

Google no longer developing a driverless car of its own: Welcome to Waymo

Google Inc.’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., has turned heel regarding its plan to develop its own car without a steering wheel or pedals and instead created a new independent unit to make self-driving car technology available to automakers. At a press event in San Francisco today where Waymo, as the new unit is called, was unveiled, Alphabet said […]

Uber is spying on celebrities, politicians, ex-girlfriends, says fired security employee

A former forensic investigator for Uber Technologies Inc. says that user information at Uber has been used by employees to track celebrities, monitor the movement of high-profile politicians and even keep track of employees’ lovers and spouses. The former investigator, 45-year-old Ward Spangenberg, says he suffered age discrimination at Uber but was also pushed out […]

Top players in tech meet with President-elect Donald Trump today

Donald Trump will hold a roundtable meeting Wednesday at his Trump Tower in New York that will include many of the biggest names in tech – some of whom supported his rival Hillary Clinton. According to a report in USA Today, the arrangement, which surely will be awkward given the varying political views of the […]

A software bot is coming for your job. What will you do now?

One of the overriding concerns about technology today is that artificial intelligence and robots will soon take many of our jobs away. Even technology leaders are stoking those fears. Only a few weeks ago, Tesla Motors Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk talked about the end of the workforce as we know it, alluding that a Marxian […]

With deal done, Microsoft wants LinkedIn to empower the public

Microsoft Corp. has finally closed the deal on its LinkedIn Corp. acquisition, using the occasion to announce lofty intentions to empower a disaffected public. Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella said he was excited and enthusiastic about the $26 billion deal finally coming together after a series of regulatory clearances, and in a blog post he outlined […]

Is Donald Trump the best thing ever to happen to Twitter?

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump’s use of Twitter Inc.’s service has prompted some changes on the platform and responses from the site itself this week. Most recently, Trump’s diplomatic acumen came into question regarding tweets relating to China and Taiwan. Trump’s phone call with Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen and subsequent tweets about the call caused ripples […]

Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Facebook join to battle extremist content

Tech giants Facebook Inc., Google Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Twitter Inc. have pledged to get tough on terrorism in a new effort to cull extremist content from their networks. The idea is that the four companies will create a shared database of “unique digital footprints” that will be known as “hashes.” Hashes refer to content […]