Kyt Dotson

Kyt Dotson

Kyt Dotson is a Senior Editor at SiliconAngle and works to cover beats surrounding DevOps, security, gaming, and cutting edge technology. Before joining SiliconAngle, Kyt worked as a software engineer starting at Motorola in Q&A to eventually settle at where he helped build a vast database for pet adoption and a lost and found system. Kyt is a published author who writes science fiction and fantasy works that incorporate ideas from modern-day technological innovation and explore the outcome of living with those technologies.

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Hires and Lateral Moves at Google: Robert Kyncl and Craig Walker

This week, Google has had quite a bit of rumbling on the people side. While the information giant usually gets noticed by the media for its appetite for acquisitions, they also invest in people. Over at The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital, Peter Kafka let’s us in on one such hire: [Robert] Kyncl left […]

PayNearMe Changes the Prepaid Model for the Everyday Cash Customer

According to PayNearMe’s own website, over 24% of all households in the United States don’t have credit or debit cards and they intend to exploit this untapped cash-only consumer base. PayNearMe combines a modified cash load network with an application technology platform so that consumers without credit or debit cards — or those who prefer […]

Early Reviews of IE9: It’s Pretty, Very Pretty

Internet Explorer has become the much maligned whipping-child of the Internet browser wars, even if they still hold a majority of the market due to its entanglement with the Windows OS. Their most recent update, IE9, has been turning some heads. Especially for Edward Baig over at USA Today who gives it a glowing review […]

Like + Bing? Microsoft and Facebook Engaged in Search Talks

All Things Digital has exclusive news that Microsoft is in talks with Facebook about deepening their search entanglement. The deal hinges around Microsoft’s access to data acquired from Facebook’s famous Like button. While the deal is not closed and talks could end without result, such information might yield a treasure trove of insight for both […]

Hewlett-Packard’s Eyes on ArcSight Brings Lawsuits and Another Bidding War?

Stock market traders are watching Hewlett-Packard right now, wondering if their current involvement in an auction for the cybersecurity company, ArcSight, will result in a lucrative bidding tug-of-war. This expectation comes right on the heels of HP’s acquisition of 3Par, which did result in a bidding war, inflating 3Par’s stock prices times thrice. Michael Corkery […]

Hadoop World is Coming: Event Agenda

Cloudera, Inc. is announcing the event agenda for Hadoop World, with some exciting presentations listed, Below is listed only a few of the topics these presentations will cover: MapReduce and parallel database systems, Hadoop image processing for disaster relief, Sentiment analysis, Multi-channel behavioral analytics, And Hadoop-related projects such as HBase, Hive, Hue and more. Note […]

Gilt City Launching New “Local Sales” Site

Local markets have long looked for a way to draw in nearby customers through street coupons, inserts in local newspapers, and local mailer campaigns. With social networking and the addition of localization to the Internet, companies like Gilt City are getting in on the trends. By connecting locals to offers produced by nearby spas, restaurants, […]

Crowdsourcing Receives a Giant Boost as uTest Gets $13M Investment

uTest, a crowdsourcing company that does in-the-wild mobile app testing, has just finished a strong series C investment round raking in almost $13M. The round has been lead by their primary investor, Scale Ventures, but past investors also participated – such as Longworth Partners, Egan-Managed Capital and Mesco Ltd. From their blog post on the […]

Verizon’s V CAST Apps Store To Offer Android, Blackberry Apps

Verizon’s new Android app store, V CAST Apps, is set to launch soon and they’re already accepting submissions for Android apps. Developers should be enticed to this particular portal—totally separate from the Google Android Market—as Verizon is trying to create a wilder, more innovative market. According to an article over at Electronista, Verizon is attempting […]

Microsoft, Google Already Testing TV White-Space for Broadband Use

The FCC has only barely set pen to paper on licenses for using TV white-space and already the corporate information sharks are moving in. While the formal white-space license rules are still being finalized, experimental licenses have already been released to various innovators who want a jump start on the new resource. Microsoft and Google […]