Kristen Nicole

Named by Forbes as a top influencer in Big Data, Kristen Nicole is currently a Senior Editor at got her start with 606tech, a Chicago blog she dedicated to the social media space, going on to become the lead writer and Field Editor at Mashable.

Kristen Nicole has also contributed to other publications, from TIME Techland to Forbes. Her work has been syndicated across a number of media outlets, including The New York Times, and MSNBC.

Kristen Nicole published her first book, The Twitter Survival Guide, and is currently completing her second book on predictive analytics.

Latest from Kristen Nicole

Do it for me: Smart home’s laziest trend on the rise

In the sea of connected home devices, it can be difficult to choose which products to use; whether to take the do-it-yourself (DIY) route, or have a professional do it for you. In a new industry study released by Icontrol Networks, Inc. today it was revealed that customers are very satisfied with the “Do-it-for-me” (DIFM) approach for […]

Is automation an obstacle to productivity?

From smart cars to robotic surgeons, automation is the blessing and the curse that promises to rid the world of mundaneness while also eliminating nearly every job currently tasked to humans. Yet such norm-shifting promises generate much hype, bringing attention to an inevitable gap between reality and expectations. The Big Data hype cycle is a recent […]

Beyond likes: Can Pandora’s pretty app out-data Spotify?

How do I tell an algorithm how much I love a song? Through data, presumably, and good design. A well designed app can infer the emotion behind user actions, teaching its artificial brain how to better serve humans by being more human. As the consumer web moves beyond the like button, services like Pandora (Pandora Media […]

What makes Vivint different? Smart home service lands $100M

Vivint Smart Home (Vivint, Inc.) announced a $100 million equity investment co-led by lauded tech investor Peter Thiel and investment firm Solamere Capital LLC. As an increasingly familiar name in the smart home space, this strategic investment will help Vivint manage growth and innovate product lines.  Vivint offers a custom platform for home automation and monitoring, […]

Jarvis watch: From Facebook bots to AI butlers

Since its inception, the social web has been out to automate our interactions. Having built a digital repository of human behavior, institutions like Facebook can keep us willfully engaged by doing our social dirty work on our behalf (tagging photos, remembering birthdays). Where Facebook once learned our favorite movies, brands and people through an account […]

The face of self-driving cars: How UI design builds trust for autonomy

Self-driving cars are going mainstream, thanks to manufacturing innovations from the likes of Tesla and futuristic business opportunities from the likes of Uber. But with the plethora of connected car devices now available and more in the works, and the promise of driverless cars (a survey by Gemalto NV revealed that 63 percent of respondents expect driverless […]

When not to connect: 4moms on the art of digital business

At the bleeding edge of technology, scientific miracles solve real problems. Digitization is heralded as the savior in this scenario, the mega trend transforming businesses, products and services across the board. Characterizing the current state of the Big Data market, digitization is leveraging human input for software development to optimize business. It’s a hot topic […]

Forget iPhone SE Night Shift – these glasses save eyes without the yellow tint

Every day I get a headache. And so every evening I have to talk myself off the computer, a regular ritual to turn away from the proverbial cliff of migraines and misery. My iPhone is more onerous still, with never-ending Instagram scrolls and backgammon matches dancing dangerously close to my eyes. Admittedly I’m of the […]

Automating couture: Robots taking fashion jobs isn’t all bad | #SXSW

Automating couture could be among the defining movements for today’s generation, creating on-demand fashion as readily as a Netflix episode. A departure from the mid-century revolution of mass production, mass customization revels in cheap technology scaled for the home. Given the global market for textiles and garments is estimated to be worth some $300 trillion, it’s […]

We’re still in the cave man era of Big Data, say filmmakers behind new documentary

Will my fossilized bones be studied? Will my penned journal survive millenniums? How will today’s tech be remembered? These are the questions that popped into my head after watching The Human Face of Big Data, a book-turned documentary that ponders the analytics age and its impact on humanity. The film debuts on PBS Wednesday, February […]