Marlene Den Bleyker

Marlene Den Bleyker

Marlene is a staff writer at SiliconANGLE covering live events from SiliconANGLE Media's production hub, theCUBE. Have a news tip? Tweet it to @siliconangle

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AWS Community Hero helps create the next gen of programmers | #reinvent

Those who do – MUST teach. Lynn Langit, who holds distinctions ranging from Microsoft MVP, AWS Community Hero and Google Developer Expert is not only educating the enterprise with her Big Data and Cloud expertise, but she is training the next generation to learn, innovate and engage in technology. Langit, Big Data and Cloud architect at Lynn Langit […]

Industry momentum makes storage and security “sexy” | #reinvent

Storage and security may not be the biggest buzzwords in the industry; however, at the Amazon re:Invent 2015, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) is rapidly creating products in these areas that are making it easier for enterprise to deploy to a cloud environment. Tim Prendergast, founder and CEO of, Inc., spoke with John Furrier […]

Amazon cloud is a “cheetah moving fast” in enterprise, says analyst | #reinvent

Amazon re:Invent 2015 kicked off this evening at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas where hosts John Furrier, Stu Miniman and Brian Gracely of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, joined an estimated crowd of 18,500 people to cover the excitement of the event with the promise of great interviews to come. Announcement anticipation […]

Bringing Big Data analysis to global IT operations | #BigDataNYC

When a veteran Big Data innovator collaborates with a customer solutions analyst and an open-source engineer with a passion for solving difficult scaling and processing problems, the result is Rocana, Inc. Omer Trajman, cofounder and chief executive officer at Rocana, joined John Furrier and George Gilbert, cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, at BigDataNYC […]

IBM and EMC team up: There’s no “I” in open source | #BigDataNYC

Sometimes when you are distracting the signal from the noise, you get an exclusive. Today theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, got the full story on the EMC and IBM partnership to work in an open-source environment to make Hadoop more accessible to the enterprise. Joel Horwitz, VP of Big Data marketing for IBM, and Ryan […]

What happens when Big Data tech goes wrong? | #BigDataNYC

Gartner, Inc. is among the world’s leading information technology research and advisory companies, and it has the pulse on the industry. So what are the trends, the issues and the players in the ever-changing ecosystem? Merv Adrian, vice president of research for Gartner, dropped by to speak with John Furrier and Dave Vellante, cohosts of theCube, […]

Industry is bullish about ability to achieve value from Hadoop, says survey | #BigDataNYC

AtScale, Inc. recently revealed the results of it Maturity Survey about the state of Hadoop. There were over 2,200 participants from across the globe and across industries that provided feedback about their engagement with the data platform. Bruno Aziza, chief marketing officer for AtScale, stopped by theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, to speak with […]

Panel discussion: ODPi vision for the enterprise | #BigDataNYC

When it comes to Hadoop, there are varying opinions about its relevance and compatibility with enterprise systems. SiliconANGLE held a panel at BigDataNYC 2015 to discuss the Open Data Platform initiative (ODPi) from the perspective of the enterprise. The panel, moderated by Dave Vellante, of SiliconANGLE and Wikibon, included Shaun Connolly, vice president of corporate strategy at Hortonworks, […]

Hadoop deployment gets easier with Wandisco | #BigDataNYC

Jim Campigli, chief product officer at WANdisco, caught up with John Furrier and Dave Vellante, hosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, at BigDataNYC 2015 to discuss the reason his company is finding success in helping the enterprise deploy Hadoop. Patented technology WANdisco’s patented active-active replication engine is making all the difference, according to […]

Time for Hadoop to ‘grow up and get real’ | #BigDataNYC

It’s been a neck-and-neck race among providers to harness the power of Hadoop and bring valuable solutions to the enterprise. The industry has presented some good options, but so far a clear leader has yet to emerge. Justin Borgman, vice president and general manager, Teradata Corp.’s Center for Hadoop, joined John Furrier and George Gilbert on […]