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Marlene Den Bleyker

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As identity theft spreads, even your toddler can be a victim | #WomenInTech

Cybercrime is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the nation, costing businesses and consumers billions of dollars each year. And as most security experts will tell you, the bad guys are one step ahead of you. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the rapidly growing problem of identity theft. According to the Federal Trade […]

The cloud-native approach to cognitive tech for data security | #GuestOfTheWeek

Many successful built-in-the-cloud companies are emerging, and they are finding that being cloud-native provides the opportunity for better security. The benefits of the cloud — flexibility, simplicity, scalability and reliability — all extend to securing data in the cloud as well. “Being native-born, understanding how the cloud works and how to secure data in the cloud has […]

Geeks with capes: The new cybersecurity superheroes?

As cybersecurity breaches, including new and evolving malware technology such as ransomware, continue to challenge organizations of all types, security professionals continue to battle back. “I actually think that right here, right now, we are in the midst of geeks with capes. These are the new superheroes. My cybersecurity superheroes are right here,” said Tamara McCleary (pictured), chief […]

Using automation and virtualization to protect data in the cloud

The hot topic of security is only getting hotter as the surface for attacks expands due to new applications and data management for enterprise computing. VMware Inc., a subsidiary of Dell Technologies Inc., is a leader in the cloud and virtualization software and services market. The company is seeking to find answers to security problems in […]

Can software cure Uber’s racial bias when humans are to blame?

In 2017, racial discrimination still overshadows our country and weighs us down as a nation. But according to one expert, there may be a cure in combining education with data. As our culture evolves alongside technical advancements, a different kind of bias rears its ugly head in online transactions driving the sharing economy. Recent research into Uber […]

Cybersecurity not just an IT problem anymore: Business leaders step up

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated and more prevalent, with every type of organization needing to not only protect itself from intrusion, but employing intelligence, automation and identity solutions as the cornerstones of their security operations. “Security has become a very relevant and pervasive topic across business leaders, across government leaders around the world,” Akshay Bhargava (pictured), vice president of Oracle […]

How cognitive tech can handle sensitive data in private clouds | #IBMML

Big data and analytics have dominated the technology landscape for years. Now IBM Corp. is bringing transactions and machine learning together to extract data’s real value. By leveraging core Watson technologies, IBM will offer the enterprise machine learning capabilities for data that is on a private cloud. “We are telling clients that you can get the […]

Cleaning up messy data at the intersection of machine learning and healthcare | #WomenInTech

There are two fields with seemingly endless career opportunities: healthcare and computer science. And when medical care intersects with technology, the possibilities are life changing. Machine learning introduces new insights to healthcare professionals through compiling big data to improve the way doctors and clinicians can diagnose, treat and even predict outcomes for their patients, according to Finale Doshi-Velez (pictured), […]

Reshaping the education paradigm with cognitive science | #GuestOfTheWeek

There is a large readiness gap for U.S. high school seniors preparing to go to college. Nearly 70 percent of students entering a community college need to participate in a remediation class for math or English. However, one company is using technology to reshape the one-size-fits-all approach to education. McGraw-Hill Education, the 150-year-old textbook publisher we […]

Igniting chat app capabilities with Spark | #SparkSummit

Texting is so 2009. By 2010 all the cool kids switched to using the mobile chat app Kik to communicate with each other through their smartphones. The Waterloo, Ontario startup hit the market at a time when mobile companies were charging for text messages. “Kik really took off in 2010 when it got 2 million […]