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Marlene Den Bleyker

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Where does Google Cloud fit in the ‘Big Three’ enterprise cloud providers?

When it comes to cloud, most industry insiders refer to the “Big Three”: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and the Google Cloud Platform. And as AWS leads the way for enterprise cloud, Google Cloud Executive Vice President Diane Green has made a commitment to put the pedal to the metal and smash some industry perceptions. “The […]

Getting into ‘the cloud game’ without high overhead

When an enterprise or a startup wants to build a cost-effective infrastructure and take advantage of the benefits of scale that the cloud provides, there are a number of factors to consider. The total cost of ownership will surprise you if you do not build correctly for scale and elasticity, according to Pedram Abrari (pictured), […]

Go cloud native or be disrupted, says SolidFire CTO | #GuestOfTheWeek

Hyped as the next generation of mobility during last week’s Mobile World Congress, 5G represents the possibilities for many in the tech industry. But for telcos, the latest mobile technology means figuring out how to power the networks needed to make 5G and the Internet of Things a reality. “For me … the big story […]

Product, planet and people: CTO office drives sustainability stragegy at VMware | #WomenInTech

In a groundbreaking move at VMware Inc., a subsidiary of Dell Technologies, the function of sustainability strategy is now part of the office of the Chief Technology Officer. What makes this move unique is that by using the technology department to drive sustainability throughout the organization, the three pillars of product, planet and people are […]

5G hype: the solution looking for a problem?

The fifth generation of cellular technology is a solution looking for a problem, if you ask Saar Gillai (pictured), startup advisor, angel investor and a Mobile World Congress veteran. Gillai, who led various areas of networking and cloud solutions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., sees a bit of hype and a bit of reality in 5G […]

Huge hype but huge opportunities in 5G networks

As much as Mobile World Congress is a cornerstone event for the mobile industry, the fanfare this year goes well beyond state-of-the-art mobile phones, apps and accessories. Next-generation 5G networks, which promise much faster wireless speeds, are getting a lot of attention this year as potential new applications beyond handsets, such as smart cities, smart stadiums, the […]

Beyond the phones, 5G is the real story at Mobile World Congress

With the whole of the mobile industry showing off the latest devices in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress this week, this year’s event is promising a lot more than the predictable glam and sizzle of new phone handsets. “Mobile World Congress is changing as a show from phone to Internet of Things, artificial intelligence [and] autonomous vehicles,” SiliconANGLE […]

The new era of augmented intelligence includes humans, says IBM engineer | #GuestOfTheWeek

Machine learning first took root in the 1950s and has slowly progressed over six decades through 2010. Since then, IBM and companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook have been integrating and improving the technology at a rapid pace. And now many other companies are joining the bandwagon. On February 23, Apple Inc. announced that it is […]

As identity theft spreads, even your toddler can be a victim | #WomenInTech

Cybercrime is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the nation, costing businesses and consumers billions of dollars each year. And as most security experts will tell you, the bad guys are one step ahead of you. Nowhere is that more apparent than in the rapidly growing problem of identity theft. According to the Federal Trade […]

The cloud-native approach to cognitive tech for data security | #GuestOfTheWeek

Many successful built-in-the-cloud companies are emerging, and they are finding that being cloud-native provides the opportunity for better security. The benefits of the cloud — flexibility, simplicity, scalability and reliability — all extend to securing data in the cloud as well. “Being native-born, understanding how the cloud works and how to secure data in the cloud has […]