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Marlene Den Bleyker

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The real gateway to edge-to-cloud | #GuestOfTheWeek

General Electric Co. has been on a decades-long journey to the next industrial revolution. Initially it built automated machinery to increase the output and lifecycle of its assets. As the digital transformation flourished, the company expanded the concept with its GE Predix platform as a service. The goal for GE Digital is to optimize the platform […]

Pushing the limits of telemedicine | #WomenInTech

The digital transformation is sweeping all industries, healthcare being among the most anxious to adopt advanced technologies. With an aging population and the rapid development of analytics and edge device technology, growth projections for the telemedicine industry expect to reach a $34-billion-dollar industry by 2020. Taking advantage of the telemedicine boom is Dr. Sophia Yen, MD, MPH […]

What’s GE’s silver bullet for the energy sector? | #GuestOfTheWeek

General Electric Co. is not your grandfather’s power company any longer. The 124-year-old company is now an innovator in the digital transformation, developing software-defined machines and connected, responsive and predictive solutions. To that end, GE Power & Water hired its first Chief Digital Officer Ganesh Bell to be the architect of this digital transformation and drive business […]

Nuclear plant spawns a digital twin: GE Predix use case | #WomenInTech

Nuclear power plants operate in many of the 50 U.S. states, and these facilities are responsible for approximately 20 percent of our nation’s electricity. There are many concerns about nuclear energy, and government regulation safeguards the industry. With a national set of objectives to ensure the safety of the 3 million people living near nuclear […]

The right to choose: hybrid cloud efficiencies and the application layer | #GuestOfTheWeek

Private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud? This question has been plaguing the enterprise for several years now, but with the rapid digital transformation underway, sheer necessity is motivating organizations to adopt a hybrid solution that enables the business to be more efficient. This week, while at the Nutanix 2016 .NEXT Europe event in Vienna, Austria, Christian […]

Diversity in the Digital Age: Spread risk, own your biases | #WomenInTech

Increasing diversity in technology can have two meanings. First, there is the need to hire and retain a diverse workforce that can improve company growth and revenue. Secondly, there is a need to diversify skillsets to adjust in the Digital Age. Kate Russell, journalist, author and BBC and ITV contributor, spoke to Stu Miniman (@stu), […]

Bringing back JFK style: Can NASA’s mission to Mars inspire more women in tech? | #GuestOfTheWeek

In December, a movie called Hidden Figures will be hitting the theaters. The story is about an unknown team of three African-American women who were actively working at NASA to support the Friendship 7 mission in 1962 with critical mathematical calculations that launched America’s first person, John Glenn into orbit. This movie is coming out 55 […]

We’re ‘not immune’ to the digital transformation, says IBM | #WomenInTech

As the enterprise moves to digital, IBM Corp. is internally making the change to be more agile in an on-demand business world. The company is rebooting senior leadership, and Michelle Peluso, chief marketing officer at IBM, is among the latest additions to the team. Peluso has an impressive resume in the digital marketing world, serving as […]

Malcolm Gladwell calls robot takeover a ‘complicated mix’ of personal interactions | #GuestOfTheWeek

Five-time New York Times best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell (@Gladwell) recently published a book titled “David and Goliath,” in which where he examines how the weak can overpower the strong. Gladwell, a popular author, journalist and global thinker, stopped by theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE Media team, this week to discuss the new, successful entrepreneur and took a look at a […]

IBM’s internal transformation: A data-first philosophy | #ibmwow

As businesses transform to the digital world, what are the most important conversations to have with business partners? Technology, services and products are no doubt important to the conversation; but should data also be discussed? As a 20-year industry veteran, Jeff Spicer, a newly appointed vice president of Marketing for IBM Analytics, is an expert in digital […]