Marlene Den Bleyker

Marlene Den Bleyker

Marlene is a staff writer at SiliconANGLE covering live events from SiliconANGLE Media's production hub, theCUBE. Have a news tip? Tweet it to @siliconangle

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Relevant content is king in the Digital Transformation Age | #GuestOfTheWeek

The Mad Men days are over for advertising agencies, and consultants and marketers within organizations are feeling the effects of the Digital Transformation Age too. No longer do marketers target a particular demographic; now they are appealing to an audience of one and messages need to be relevant, timely and effective. During BigDataNYC 2016, Wendi Dunlap, director […]

Beyond the firewall: Why network security must evolve | #WomenInTech

Securing the network is one of the largest concerns for the enterprise today. With a host of malware crawling undetected through networks and highly publicized attacks, security is now a topic of conversation in the C-Suite, as well as the boardroom. Denise Shiffman, senior vice president of product management at Juniper Networks Inc., is in […]

Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavec talks security – and ugly Christmas sweaters

You may know Robert Herjavec, chief executive and founder of the Herjavec Group, as the shark investor on ABC’s Shark Tank. But he began his career in the technology sector, and today his company is one of the largest information security providers in the world. Herjavec and Atif Ghauri, senior vice president at the Herjavec Group, were […]

The database evolution: Changing the way people think about data integration | #BigDataNYC

In the era of Big Data, some may say what was old is new again. When it comes to data, the notion of collecting it has always been around since the old IBM days. Today, with the increase in available data, there is also a wide variety of options available as well. While technologies like […]

First rule of cybersecurity: Know your enemy | #splunkconf16

Splunk, Inc. is redefining how people secure their data with its Adaptive Response Initiative, which uses an end-to-end platform with multi-vendor participation to combat the increasing rate of cyber-attacks. During Splunk.conf 2016 held in Orlando, FL, the company announced that it was expanding the number of companies participating in the program to leverage information and automation to […]

Adaptive Response: Free the data, and better security will follow | #WomeninTech

As the first day of Splunk.conf 2016 was winding down, the conversation turned to security and how opening up data actually keeps it safer. And one of Splunk, Inc.’s  missions is to unify many IT enterprise technologies to enable collaboration while using the data to provide visibility into cyber-threat challenges. To talk about Splunk’s new Adaptive […]

Is GPU technology giving Spark a flame? | #BigDataNYC

Gearing up for three days of coverage of BigDataNYC 2016 at 37 Pillars in New York City, the SiliconANGLE Media team and NVIDIA Corp. hosted The Future: AI-Driven Analytics, An Evening of Deep Learning. This event kicked off the conversation about deriving benefits from Big Data to advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). An event […]

The rise of women in tech: A shifting computer science curriculum | #GuestOfTheWeek

The technology skills gap isn’t a mere gender issue, but an educational challenge as well. Women are racing to fill those positions, seeing the opportunity to catch up to the number of men employed in computer science. Federal data shows that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Dartmouth College awarded over half of their engineering […]

How open source is bringing blockchain to the enterprise | #WomenInTech

During her part of the keynote address at IBM Edge 2016, Donna Dillenberger, IBM fellow, Watson Research Center, at IBM, demonstrated how analytics and transactions work together using The Linux Foundation’s version of blockchain, called Hyperledger. Fresh off the keynote stage, Dillenberger joined Dave Vellante (@dvellante) and Stu Miniman (@stu), cohosts of theCUBE, from the SiliconANGLE […]

Use case-based research offers insight into return on technology investments | #OOW

Nucleus Research, Inc. is a 16-year-old research company founded with the goal of providing a base level of research to vendors that offer technology focused on value. The company has published over 600 Return-On-Investment (ROI) case studies since its inception, and Nucleus Research offers the information about ROI in a way the CFO wants to see […]