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Nelson is a beat writer for SiliconANGLE's premier video production team theCUBE. He covers theCUBE events worldwide, spanning expert commentary on the hottest trends in IT.

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Why one healthcare system says it’s in ‘data heaven’

Modern business runs on data. It must be collected, processed, stored and, ultimately, controlled. Collecting data without purpose is an expensive hobby. Throwing data around without security is an invitation for the forces of evil to steal a company’s data assets. Those in the healthcare industry know this all too well. Kaiser Permanente, an end-to-end […]

Chief change agent: Emerging technology defines chief data officer role

Every day, technology offers businesses new possibilities and fresh opportunities. However, a business forged around the technology of five years ago, or even in the distant past of 10 years ago, won’t have the tools or people to take advantage of what today brings. The Chief Data Officer role is an attempt to address this […]

Key strategies to beating cloud migration problems

When it comes to changing the way a business runs its workloads, the journey is not the destination. This is doubly so when it comes to cloud migration. There must be a purpose behind the migration, a business need that can only be served by taking a workload to the cloud, according to Shankar Kalyana (pictured), […]

A roadmap to the new cloud-native enterprise

Enterprise business is founded on big systems, doing big work, for big money. That’s been true because people had to buy those big systems to get the benefits of their big work. Cloud technologies are changing all that. Now, companies can rent what they need, as they need it, and get the big work done […]

One step away from revolution in tech business

Business is going digital, but with every innovation the meaning of “going digital” changes. It used to mean reaching out to new customers or trimming expenses. Now, new digital technologies are changing entire business models and reshaping how companies serve their customers. “Automation in combination with AI [artificial intelligence], machine learning is really going to […]

Real-time data insights requires timely process and decision management

Data is the lifeblood of business because it fuels the engine of innovation. Data can reveal insights, suggest action and illustrate developing trends. The question then becomes, how does a company adapt to take advantage of the insights data provides? Business process and decision management is the art of transforming a company in ways both […]

The trust economy: measuring the market of trust

Historically, business has not been very big on the whole “trust” concept. They didn’t need to worry about it, as the only information customers knew was what the company told them. The internet and social media have changed all that, and a generation is growing up that favors trust over almost all other factors. Now, […]

Breaking the catch-22 of high security and instant availability

Much like money, data now is a lot better than data tomorrow. Getting information into the right hands at speed is vital for modern business, but there’s a catch. Security demands controls and safeguards that slow down data. Both security and availability are vital. How does a business solve that problem? “Data keeps coming and […]

Cloud Foundry connects open-source standards for quicker code development

Technology businesses are discovering a powerful truth: building custom code is no fun. It takes time, it’s a distraction from working on core products and it’s likely someone out there already did it better. The real solution is for a company to integrate mature and tested products into their own systems, but that can be […]

Powering a wireless world with wireless energy

Few things unite people in this modern world like the shared hatred of smartphone battery life. Batteries have fallen far behind the technology they’re meant to power, and while solutions are on the way, perhaps better batteries aren’t really the answer. One interesting angle is wireless power. Radio waves are, after all, just energy. Shouldn’t […]