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Nelson is a beat writer for SiliconANGLE's premier video production team theCUBE. He covers theCUBE events worldwide, spanning expert commentary on the hottest trends in IT.

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A report on virtualization from the front lines of IT infrastructure | #VTUG

There is a difference in the world of technology between what’s possible with the latest and greatest and what companies actually buy and use. Solutions that don’t fit the budget or won’t work with the local hardware are no solutions at all. Compromise, legacy, and return on investment are the guiding principles of IT departments in […]

Transforming and securing industrial networks adds maintenance value | #ACCELERATE2017

The Internet of Things is about more than just smartphones. Nearly any any machine can be hooked into this growing network. Some of those machines, such as the fearsome beasts used in the oil and gas industry, are extremely large, expensive and hungry for maintenance. Patching these machines into the IoT allows a company to coordinate […]

What’s in store for the future for HPE and The Machine? | #HPEDiscover

The tech industry knows that computing is set to be transformed in the age of big data and the cloud, as existing computing resources are being stretched to their limits and beyond. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. has seen this clearly. It has been trying to set some new standards for computing, developing new tools for […]

Upgrading business analytics to a real-time standard | #HPEDiscover

The business that moves first, wins. When it comes to customers, most businesses only interact at a transaction. The customer does what they came to do and moves on. This is a very narrow window for a company to earn the customer’s trust and satisfaction. Real-time analytics at the point of transaction let a company […]

Creating relevance out of technology: What tech do you really need? | #HPEDiscover

The most powerful technology in the world is useless if a business doesn’t know what to do with it. The digital transformation that is changing the tech world offers a huge array of options, services and stacks, but in the end, what does a company really need? Technology that doesn’t drive business outcomes is an […]

Amazon Web Services sales team “in the thousands,” CEO Andy Jassy reveals

One could say Amazon Web Services has a spring in its step, unleashing a bevy of new services for today’s hottest computing trends at this week’s re:Invent conference, from machine learning to the Internet of Things. Now in its 10th year, AWS has been an undeniably disruptive force in enterprise IT, ushering in a new way of doing business, […]

What will the new HPE look like for infrastructure and the Internet of Things? | #HPEDiscover

When you don’t own the operating system, the chipset or the software, what’s left for an IT service provider? For the freshly split off Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co., infrastructure is nearly all that remains of its product portfolio. Under the guidance of Chief Executive Meg Whitman, HPE has scaled back operating costs and sold off […]

Expanding access by bringing the cloud to wide-area networks | #reInvent

Business runs on data. In the modern world, that data has to move, and move fast. If the right people don’t have access to the right data at the right time, a company’s tech infrastructure is just expensive junk. Networking is the key to moving data, and as the information needs of business have grown, […]

Policy-defined security protects networks from the Internet of Things | #HPEDiscover

Networks are going mobile. The old system of terminals and servers is fading away to make room for smartphones, tablets and wireless devices of all kinds. This is great for users, but remains a security nightmare for IT administrators. Any of those devices could be compromised and ready to launch an attack against the network. […]

All the right moves: HPE battles industry giants, analysts weigh in | #HPEDiscover

In the tech world, there is seldom a calm before the storm. However, where Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. is concerned, people are waiting to see what they’ll do next. The international tech company faces a massive shift in business from the physical world to the cloud. Likewise, it faces serious competition from other industry giants. […]