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Nelson is a beat writer for SiliconANGLE's premier video production team theCUBE. He covers theCUBE events worldwide, spanning expert commentary on the hottest trends in IT.

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Is IT security moving faster than the bad guys?

Evil never sleeps. The hackers and cybercriminals of the world are constantly working on new ways to attack computers. They’re also improving on the classics, like ransomware. To combat those threats, security researchers need to move fast. That means detecting and acting in real-time to contain and shut down any attack, according to Derek Manky (pictured), […]

Companies need to share data to keep hackers at bay

Hackers share information about targets and tools to attack them, giving them a potential edge against individual companies aiming to protect themselves. Meanwhile, persuading a company to share their data on attacks is like pulling teeth. That needs to change, says Ted Julian (pictured), co-founder and vice president of product management at IBM Resilient. “It’s only when […]

Cloud and mobile drive new security tech to combat hackers

Cybersecurity is a team sport. Cloud and mobile technologies have increased the ways hackers can attack a business, and no single vendor can provide a solution for every angle. Because of this, tech vendors are building ecosystems of partners to produce a multilayered approach to security. “We’re expanding our partnerships, trying to build an ecosystem with […]

Mainframe revival: IBM refreshes legacy business with machine learning, Linux | #IBMML

Civilization rests firmly on the mainframe. These massive computers run banking systems, weave the financial webs that hold nations together and control infrastructure at every level. Yet, these beasts must also be modernized. IBM Corp. believes that Linux and Apache Spark are key to linking mainframes with modern big data technology. “We recognized a few […]

How HP is leveraging Spark for software development | #SparkSummit

There are two absolutes in the tech world today. One, businesses must go to the cloud. Two, data is the lifeblood of a company. Adapting to this new reality requires a whole new style of infrastructure, and a wise choice in strategic partners, according to John Landry (pictured), distinguished technologist for personal systems data science at HP Development […]

The challenges of securing data on the move | #SparkSummit

Securing data at rest is already a challenge. So what about data on the move? Without such protections, events like this Steam security flaw can happen to any business. “Security is always a difficult topic. It means so many things to so many people,” said Ion Stoica, executive chairman at Databricks Inc. and professor of computer science at […]

End user input helps evolve data science | #WiDS2017

Data is the fuel of the future, but it’s a fuel that must be refined. Raw data alone is just noise. Curated data can deliver some insights, but picking and choosing leaves out the greater picture. To get the most value from data, businesses are looking to the end user and data science, which is […]

Pymetrics uses neuroscience games and big data to get people hired | #WiDS2017

Hiring in the business world can be a guessing game. On one side, even if a candidate is qualified, there’s no guarantee they’re actually good at the job or will stick to it. The company side is rife with bias and preconceptions that bend the curve toward one type of applicant over another. No one […]

A report on virtualization from the front lines of IT infrastructure | #VTUG

There is a difference in the world of technology between what’s possible with the latest and greatest and what companies actually buy and use. Solutions that don’t fit the budget or won’t work with the local hardware are no solutions at all. Compromise, legacy, and return on investment are the guiding principles of IT departments in […]

Transforming and securing industrial networks adds maintenance value | #ACCELERATE2017

The Internet of Things is about more than just smartphones. Nearly any any machine can be hooked into this growing network. Some of those machines, such as the fearsome beasts used in the oil and gas industry, are extremely large, expensive and hungry for maintenance. Patching these machines into the IoT allows a company to coordinate […]