Paul Gillin

Paul Gillin is the Senior Editor for Wikibon’s micro-analysis team. He is the author of five books and more than 300 articles on the topic of social media and digital marketing. Gillin has 23 years experience in tech journalism, including his time as founding editor-in-chief of B2B technology publisher TechTarget as well as editor-in-chief and executive editor of the technology weekly Computerworld. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the Society for New Communications Research and a member of the Procter & Gamble Digital Advisory Board.

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Virtual Instruments expands VM support in performance management platform

Virtual Instruments Corp. is further boosting its infrastructure performance management and application-tuning platform with the addition of support for Microsoft Hyper-V and IBM PowerVM virtual machines. Previously, the software had only supported VMware, Inc.’s vSphere. The firm also enhanced its analytics capabilities and said it will soon introduce a cloud option.  The company also said it […]

Wikibon analysts see merit, peril in EMC re-assimilation of VMware

Could EMC cross up its critics and spin VMware, Inc. back in to the mother ship instead of spinning it out as activist investors have demanded? That’s the scenario being floated by Arik Hesseldahl, senior enterprise editor at Re/code in an article published today. Hesseldahl cites no sources with inside knowledge of EMC’s plans, but notes […]

IONU says it has a better idea about data encryption

IONU Security, Inc. (pronounced “eye on you”) thinks it has a better way to make data encryption viable in the enterprise while plugging one of the persistent holes in the ways in which most organizations implement encryption. The flaw in most current schemes is that data is typically decrypted once it arrives on a host […]

Considering DevOps? This new Puppet Labs report is for you

The manufacturing world embraced lean principles decades ago, so why has the concept struggled to find a foothold in software development? The latest State of DevOps Report from Puppet Labs, Inc. provides compelling evidence that traditional throw-it-over-the-wall approaches to programming make less and less since in the face of DevOps, a lean-like discipline that emphasizes […]

Identity crisis: Will CDO role make CIOs irrelevant? | #MITCDOIQ

The chief information officer (CIO) role seems to go through a crisis about once every decade, from the “career is over” one-liners of the 1990s to Nicholas Carr’s 2003 declaration that “IT Doesn’t Matter.” Its newest challenge may come from the emerging function of the chief data officer (CDO). This week’s MIT Chief Data Officer […]

Wikibon says Server SANs set for explosive growth

The Server SAN market is set for explosive growth that will see this new breed of software-led storage quickly overwhelm traditional spinning disk arrays within the next five years and make up 88 percent of the enterprise and hyper-scale storage markets by 2026, according to a new Wikibon report. Server SAN is built on commodity […]

Google crushes expectations amid signs of fiscal discipline

With Facebook nipping at his heels in video, European regulators pressing for antitrust measures and its search engine market share stagnant, Google has been under a lot of pressure this year. But you wouldn’t know it from the quarterly earnings report released this afternoon. Google reported second-quarter earnings of $6.99 per share on $17.73 billion […]

Business intelligence helps developer get prospects out of the office, onto the golf course

When Jamie Adams (right) joined real estate luxury development company The Cliffs two years ago following a 12-year career at Michelin NA, she quickly discovered that management reporting was anything but luxurious. The Cliffs was in the process of merging its club operations and real estate business units into a master collection of seven luxury […]

Jitterbit rolls out unified API deployment/management platform

Enterprise integration vendor Jitterbit, Inc. today announced a cloud platform for companies to use in quickly designing and managing real-time application program interfaces (APIs), a middleware technology that is fast gaining favor as a quick and relatively secure way for enterprises to integrate applications flexibly. Harmony Live “is a way to connect anything with an […]

MariaDB adds Docker, Chef support in summer release

MariaDB Corp. is focusing on developers in the summer release of its namesake database and related MaxScale proxy server. Founded by the developers of MySQL in the wake of Oracle’s acquisition of that software, MariaDB has seen rapid growth. It has taken over MySQL’s role as the “M” in the LAMP (Linux/Apache/MariaDB/PHP/Python/Perl) open source stacks from […]