Paul Gillin

Paul Gillin is the Senior Editor for Wikibon’s micro-analysis team. He is the author of five books and more than 300 articles on the topic of social media and digital marketing. Gillin has 23 years experience in tech journalism, including his time as founding editor-in-chief of B2B technology publisher TechTarget as well as editor-in-chief and executive editor of the technology weekly Computerworld. He is a Senior Research Fellow at the Society for New Communications Research and a member of the Procter & Gamble Digital Advisory Board.

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Startup Aviso aims to take the guesswork out of sales forecasting

Silicon Valley startup Aviso, Inc. is applying predictive analytics to a task that has until now stubbornly resisted statistical rigor: sales forecasting. The company yesterday announced Aviso Insights, a cloud-based analytics tool that sucks in data from popular customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and uses it to advise sales managers on […]

Opinion: IoT feeding frenzy beginning to look a lot like dot-com

Remember the dot-com craze of the mid-1990s, when startups like Webvan Group, Inc. raised more than $1 billion for services that barely got off the ground? It’s all about to happen again. The Internet of Things (IoT) is gearing up to inspire an investment craze like we haven’t seen in two decades. All the elements […]

Opinion: When not to use Big Data

The news that Facebook tried to manipulate users’ emotions by fiddling with the content of their news feeds and that dating website OKCupid intentionally matched incompatible people to see how they would interact with each other is unsettling, but at least no lives were affected. What really gives me the creeps is the growing likelihood […]

Our top 10 stories of the first six months of 2014

It isn’t until you sift through hundreds of stories published over a six-month period that you realize how much happens in this industry. We asked our reporters to nominate their own best work of the first half of 2014 and paired that up with the news that leapt out at us. Below are the results: […]

Opinion: Why CIOs should cheer Google’s latest open source move

In 1943, legendary IBM Chairman Thomas Watson Sr. (that’s the dour fellow shown here) is reported to have said “There is a world market for maybe five computers.” Whether Watson actually uttered those words is debated, but the quote was long a lightning rod for ridicule when PCs  were spreading like kudzu. Today, though,  the […]

Americans don’t trust marketers to guard their private data

Amid all the excitement about the revolutionary potential of Big Data, it’s worth remembering that not everyone agrees that micro segmentation and one-to-one marketing are such great things. A pair of new research studies should serve as a warning. A survey of 1,000 U.S. citizens by the German research firm GFK found that nearly two-thirds […]