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R. Danes is a staff writer for theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media's premier channel for live event coverage in enterprise IT.
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User feedback flywheel is data’s real value-add, say analysts

Apache Spark claims to be the largest and most active open-source big data project in existence, but is it delivering on the big data promise to businesses in the real world? At the Spark Summit East 2017 conference in Boston, George Gilbert (pictured, left) of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile live streaming studio, argued that Spark has not […]

Arrested development: Spark’s immaturity shows in end-to-end IoT, say analysts | #SparkSummit

Batch, continuous and interactive: Those are the three data ingredients needed to power tomorrow’s analytic and Internet of Things applications. But getting them to harmonize in an end-to-end model is taking Spark and other software developers through their paces. At Spark Summit East 2017 Boston, George Gilbert (@ggilbert41) (pictured at left), Wikibon analyst and co-host […]

Can a data-powered mobile app take the pain out of cramming for exams? | #SparkSummit

Fascinating new data use-case alert: Students’ study data can now be used to make them smarter, help them remember more and get better grades. This is according to Alfred Essa (pictured), VP of analytics and R&D at McGraw-Hill Education, an educational publisher. The old textbook company has gone high tech, now calling itself a “learning science” company, […]

Can Spark break the compute bottleneck holding back big data apps?

Now that businesses have all of this big data, what exactly are they going to do with it? At the Spark Summit East 2017 conference in Boston, Massachusetts, the answer seems to be: Lots. But they need tools that make data more available to applications. To that end, mixing streaming, batch and interactive data for […]

These skills have nothing to do with data, so why do all data scientists need them now? | #WiDS2017

The Stanford Global Women in Data Science Conference 2017 wrapped up last week, leaving attendees clearer on where the young field is maturing and where there is room for improvement. “The softer skills are increasingly even more important for interpretation, evaluating the data — is it good data, bad data, clean data? Maybe it’s too clean,” […]

Feeding the data science famine: AI, social learning in the cloud | #WiDS2017

A forward-thinking keynote from Diane Greene, SVP of Google Cloud, considers a real-world approach to employing those most at risk of losing jobs to machine automation.  At the Stanford Global Women in Data Science Conference, Greene shares two pearls of wisdom to address the data scientist shortage: job security comes with the freedom to take risks in problem-solving, and democratized […]

Passwords are passé, so what can stop privacy disasters in the IoT age?

How does an application know that users are actually whom they say they are? The answer in many cases is still: with a password. But the Internet of Things is exposing new problems with this already inadequate method, as the recent Dyn DDoS hacks demonstrated when they took down large swaths of the Internet for many people last […]

Your data is worth a lot. It’s time to start treating it like money

Business have viewed data as a valuable asset for some time, using it to pitch us more relevant content and ads and even selling it to other businesses. But what about the rest of us? That’s a chief question explored by Michael Kaiser (pictured), executive director at the National Cyber Security Alliance. His group put on a Data […]

Former New England Patriots Super Bowl champ makes predictions, shares Tom Brady story | #VTUG

At the recent Virtualization Technology Users Group 2017 Winter Warmer at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA, discussion covered the future of VMware Inc.’s market dominance, hyper-converged infrastructure and … Super Bowl LI. Stu Miniman (@stu), senior analyst at Wikibon and host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile live streaming studio, spoke to Deion Branch (@deionbranch84), Super Bowl XXXIX Champion/MVP, during […]

Converged infrastructure gets … converged: Companies swallow each other as virtualization spreads | #VTUG

When it comes to virtualization, VMware Inc. isn’t the only game in the town. For years technologies like containers and hyper-converged infrastructure have competed with VMware for customers. According to Chris Harney, CTO of CyberNorth and founder of the Virtualization Technology Users Group, the market for virtualization has never been hotter; so who will come out […]