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Can an IBM Watson-powered chat tool multiply companies’ best brains?

Seventy-one percent of enterprises now use three or more clouds, according to RightScale’s 2016 State of the Cloud Report. Add SaaS applications and “shadow clouds” to those, and they now have sprawl that can only be reigned in with automation, according to Justin Youngblood (pictured), vice president of hybrid cloud management at IBM Corp. Information technology pros once […]

Next-gen developers need master class in open source, says IBM

The demand for software applications with baked-in cognitive and data science technology is raising expectations of what a developer must bring to the table. Open-source Application Programming Interfaces lower the “concept count” needed, but composing them into next-gen apps will take practice, according to  Angel Diaz (pictured), vice president of cloud architecture and technology at IBM […]

IBM steady in enterprise, but may lose developer market, say analysts

At this week’s IBM InterConnect, the company seared its new business model into attendees’ brains: “Enterprise strong, data first, cognitive to the core.” It’s a great strategy except for one problem, said John Furrier (@furrier) (pictured, left) co-host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile live streaming studio: “I would have done what they’re doing now like three years […]

Can open source and APIs make data governance easy?

Many companies buried under data muck lack a plan to clear a path to monetization. The first step to digging themselves out is through unified governance, according to Seth Dobrin, Ph.D. (pictured), vice president and chief data officer of IBM Analytics. In his work with companies in the past, much time was wasted trying to cut corners […]

IBM’s enterprise readiness may give it an advantage in the cloud market, say analysts

IBM Corp.’s revenue has declined for 19 straight quarters; but in the scheme of things, this is not so dire as it may seem, according to Dave Vellante (@dvellante — pictured, right), co-host of theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s mobile live streaming studio. “HPE’s not growing, Oracle’s not growing, Dell’s not growing, Cisco’s not growing, Microsoft’s not growing,” […]

Can this tiny SQL engine surpass Spark’s data streaming efforts?

Last summer Apache Spark claimed to be the best (or at least easiest) engine for data streaming with its 2.0 release. Now the Chinese company Transwarp Technologies Co. is challenging that with an engine that can stream a single event at a time — something Spark still cannot do. The company’s Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Yuanhao […]

Blockchain will blow Uber-style disruption out of the water, says analyst

Could geeky, nichey blockchain be the sleeper hit of the Digital Age, ushering in a new internet era? Don Tapscott (pictured), chief executive officer of The Tapscott Group, believes blockchain is silently catapulting us from the “internet of information” to the “internet of value” and will shake the foundations of business and culture. “This is the second era […]

BlueChasm attempts to read enterprise minds with cognitive development

Two and a half years ago, IBM Corp. and long-time partner Mark III Systems Inc. started BlueChasm to develop digital solutions for enterprises. Andy Lin (pictured), vice president of strategy at Mark III Systems, said what they’ve learned so far is “the key to differentiating yourself in the digital world is being cognitive.” In an interview at IBM InterConnect […]

Can IBM’s $10M investment fill the cognitive developer shortage?

Among IBM Corp.’s new partnership ventures is a $10 million investment in tech skills education community Galvanize. Willie Tejada (pictured), chief developer advocate at IBM, said the partnership addresses a shortage of cognitive developers that mirrors the dearth of data scientists. “There’s a new set of skillsets that are probably moving faster than we’ve ever seen before,” […]

Could IBM’s off-stage integrator role earn them more revenue in cloud?

On the shelf between the geeky Google Cloud and blockbuster Amazon Web Services is IBM, with a service integration offering that may look comparatively lackluster to businesses shopping for a cloud provider. But Mohammad Farooq (pictured), general manager of brokerage services at IBM Corp., said that in this hyper-fragmented information technology world, enterprises need nothing so much as a single point of contact. […]